Monday, July 24, 2017

Getting Real About Islam

The effort by the US government to define terrorists and not use the word Muslim is almost an insult. It focuses on Muslims, and ignores Zionism. What follows is a comprehensive list of terror-attacks in which the victims were American citizens:

In order to be contemporary, we are going to set a start date of 1980. These are the numbers of Americans slain by Muslims:
1983: Beirut: the US Embassy complex
          17 Americans killed
1983: US Marine Barracks 
          Beirut: 241 Americans killed *even the Reagan Administration suspected Mossad of this, thus, the militarization of the Near East failed, when, enraged, Reagan abandoned IDF and Mossad.
1984: Awkar, Lebanon
            2 Americans killed 
1985: In flight, 1 US Naval diver 
1985: Mediterranean Sea, Wheelchair 
           bound American murdered a
          aboard the Achille Lauro, 1 dead
1986: TWA Flight 840 
           4 Americans killed 
1986: Gaza, Palestine
           2 Americans killed 
1988: Lockerbie, Scotland, (in-air,                        aboard jet), no survivors
           259 killed 
1993: Langley, Va, CIA HQ, 
          3 Americans killed 
1996: Khobar Towers
           19 Americans killed
1998: US Embassy Complex
           12 Americans killed
2000: USS Cole, Gulf of Yemen
           12 Americans killed
2002: Bali bombing 
           7 Americans killed
2003: Gaza, Palestine
            3 Americans killed 
2004-2010: Iraq
                    11 Americans killed 
2004: Saudi Arabia, Yanbu
           2 Americans killed 
2009: Ft Hood Tx. 
          13 Americans killed
2012: Libya, US Embassy
          4 Americans killed 
           First time a US Ambassador 
           Ever died in line of duty
2013: US 
          3 Americans killed 
2014: San Bernadino, California 
          14 Americans killed
2016: Miami
          49 Americans killed

For A Grand Total Of: 660 Americans slain by Muslims in the name of Allah

Note: both of the World Trade Center attacks, 1993, and 2001, are excluded

And now, the same span of time, these are terror attacks by non-Muslims against Americans 

1984: Colorado, 
          White Supremacists attacked
           A DJ
           1 American killed
1988: Naples, Italy
           Japanese Communists 
           1 American killed
1995: Oklahoma City, Ok
           168 Americans killed
1999: Columbine, Colorado 
           13 Americans killed 
2011: Arizona
           Attempted assasination of 
           Gabrielle Gifford
           6 Americans killed 
2012: Minnesota 
           White Supremacists attack 
            Sikh mosque 
           6 Americans killed 
2015: Charleston, SC
           Church shooting 
           9 Americans killed, inc
           State Sen Clementa Pinckney
2015: Chatanooga Tennessee 
          Recruiting Station Attack
          4 Americans killed 

For A Grand Total of: 208 Americans killed by non Muslim terrorists

If you are keeping up, excluding the nearly 3000 killed on 9-11, the deaths of Americans by Muslims is three times greater than deaths of Americans by non Muslims. These acts are in reprisal for the sickness of Zionism. The United States has no business being used by Zionist scum in the way that it has, but not saying "Muslims, and Jews pose threats to us", we aren't facing facts!

It is inexcusable that, in the name of ReBush's personal relationships, the entire nation is less safe, as it remains tempted to cannibalize the rights of its citizens via law enforcement trying to get around that simple fact uniting a clear majority of terrorists to damn near exclusion. Most of the dead by non Muslims, the 168 in Oklahoma City, were killed because of government abuses. The reality is, Muslims must kill us, or they are bad Muslims. It is their Word. It came from the same conniving Judaism has.

I don't call it hate, I call these numbers.

Muslims hate me for not embracing their views...and that is all.

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