Wednesday, July 5, 2017

eu operation surrender is the only victory

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Language Bottlobisch
(Art 36, prot 451)

eurocrap the decentralised eu agency for crap related matters

The actions of Austria's Interior Ministry are simply outrageous, these actions are war-like, and outrageous, in fact, they are outrageous. We, here at eu, cannot win wars (art 36, WW2/Cold War) thus, we have decided to flee to America, and convince those whom shall remain, holding the bag, that it would be far more intelligent to be conquered. 

However, eurocrap has been asked by Brussels (Berlin, Art 1-36) to find a way to encrypt these orders, so they will not be leaked to the public. But eu wishes to hypnotize Europeans to believe they are gay, expendable, and now, they have added, afraid to defend themselves to the list of things for eurocrap to hypnotize the European people into believing. 

At our semi-annual bi weekly meeting to decide whether or not we should discuss having a meeting about more than simply planning meetings, eurocrap determined the following facts:

  1. Europeans believe that being gay and weak is already admirable.
  2. The secrecy demanded can simply be provided by any of the huge, and unecessarily expensive and redundant eu on line this one, or eurostat, or eurofound, etc. To prove nobody reads these things, we will declare in the papers that there are 63 genders, but eurocrap will post online that anyone whom believed that is stupid. Because nobody reads these things, nobody will know they are stupid.
  3. Thus, giving in to the many murderous and felonious refugees is the only way to win.

These things now come into effect, while eu is actually packing up, using monies stolen via Panama Papers initiatives, and fleeing Europe. But, the hypnotized and idiotic public shall still believe eu exists.

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