Friday, July 14, 2017

Changes Across The Board

It would appear that Time Warner has summoned its fakenews-writing editorial staff, and informed them of changes that shall now regulate the potential for employees of that corporation to embarass it by being caught with its pants down. How do I know....?

Analysis tells me...

If the media wished to escape the permanent ramifications of having lied so very often, fanning the flames of potential future credibility issues being cited like so much case law by anyone that organization may actually have the goods on, changes must accompany that desire...

  • James Clapper did say that seventeen intelligence organizations claimed to have evidence of Russiahacked.
  • So many media sources were pulled in due to this reason.
  • The supposedly "leaked NSA documents" proving collusion seem to have come from someone in his his office.
  • These papers revealed nothing that proved that the Trump campaign, or any officials within the structure, tried to hire Russia to hack the election. What they tried to do was prove Mike Flynn had done consulting work for Russia. This was a red herring, as it is not illegal for him to do so.
  • The Russiahacked Media has been subdued to near silence. 
  • Changes have to be made. Terminations may still result at CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, and others. Time Warner owns CNN. The same person who runs Google owns the New York Times. Together with MSNBC, The Huffington Post, CNN, TNYT, Google, and TWP are simply not believable. The AP's retraction was also very childish. 
When James Clapper attempted to retro-change his story, it is then that the media should have apologized to the nation. Because he was lying, he did allege to have proof that Russiahacked was real. 

Thus, with the first firings of CNN employees, these are some changes which must now affect the editorial staff.
  1. No more out-going, nor imminently to-be-replaced personnel should be quoted when he or she is potentially using the press as a means to express partisan, and/or personal contempt. More witnesses, than just those of his subordinates, must be sourced.
  2. From now on, sources in public office whom refuse to be contacted for verification cannot be quoted anonymously. Anonymous sources shall be resourced by the editorial staff, and there will be corroboration officially, or the anonymous source will speak directly to corporate attorneys. 
  3. In a presidential scandal there will be corporate staff held directly accountable for actionable libel or slander. 
  4. Only after attorneys sign off on hard copy evidence shall any further development of those leads occur. 
This story appears now to be dying. The latest gasp, attempting to connect the DNC hack to Russia, appears to have been born without legs. The DNC hack, which proved Pizzagate, as well as its connections to pedophile James Alefantis, and the Podesta bros, is being attributed to Russia, and this is drawing scorn across the board. Gallup polls show the US does not trust the media at all. This is, however, nothing has been the result since last October, when the Brazille case proved CNN helped Clinton cheat. But the poll also mandates change. And the networks and publications need to heed them, as well.

But, now the attempt has become Russia hacked the DNC, in a pointless effort to save face.
The attempt to connect the DNC hack to Russia is not without hurdles.
"Obama claimed in December that the DNC "hack" had been traced to Russia. No names, no names of hacker groups, no proof other than his saying so. This is why I do not believe he is lying, I believe James Clapper lied to him..."
Among this sourced data were reams of evidence outlining how the DNC engaged in a conspiracy to oust Bernie Sanders, as well as colluded with CNN to "fix" a debate. 
Donna Brazille, CNN debate host, admitted to the veracity of the DNC email hack revealing that she did, in fact, forward debate questions to the Clinton campaign ahead of the scheduled townhall meeting, as well as the debate, itself, She later resigned from CNN.

These hacks outline an organized crime against children, and connect the despicable Clinton family with a lot of criminal activity. So, Americans do not care who made the allegation: they have opened up our eyes, and we see. This person should be thanked.
Craig Murray, (L), Julian Assange, (R)
Both claim that the leak was done in-person, not via hacking. 
However: there are credible sources, which can be found on Google, that claimed the DNC emails were leaked by a Democrat Party employee, presumably, Seth Rich, whom was killed for having done so. Whether or not Rich is the official, a WikiLeaks employee who is also a former British diplomat, Craig Murray, former ambassador to Uzbekistan, claims he received the documents from "a disgruntled DNC employee, whom may have been outraged by the Clinton ousting of Bernie Sanders." Julian Assange has verified that this is the story he had as to the source of the package.
Seth Rich's parents are being paid-off to deny this claim. But his cousin, with whom he shared a close relationship, alleged that Rich had told him all about the horrific details of the leak. The family's private detective, and Rich's own attorney, have confirmed that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leak.
This cannot be ruled-out. But if Russia did, indeed, leak those emails, this didn't hack any election. Most Americans were not aware of the impact those leaked emails had, even though the Brazille case would later play out in the press. But that leak explains Trump's famous quote: "If I win, I am going to put you (H Clinton) in jail. Cos that's where you belong!"

Either way, we missed a bullet on that one.
Podesta and notable liar, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, attempt to deny the allegory set into motion by the DNC leak. Already the pair conspire to blame Podesta's pedophilia on Russia.
There are several of these. Before you can deny PizzaGate, you must be able to explain all of these "coincidences", and pictures, and the coded Podesta emails...(btw: one may wish to turn off the sound on this one...)

Worth the fifteen minutes...


  1. With all things considered, the furtherance of this now to Trump, JR certainly guarantees we, the voters, will express our contempt by supporting non Globalist candidates any time we can. Especially in 2020 for Trump.

  2. Trump Jr
    Red herring a la Mike Flynn


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