Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Anarchy In The EU Stays In The EU

In 1215 AD, and in a moment of time which would echo throughout the centuries, King John signed the Magna Charta, which would become the lodestone for civilizations around the world.

Michael Barnier may be exhausted...

However, prior to the existence of eu, and in an evolving process occurring after eu which finally wrested all British law from existence, the UK traded her sovereignty for inclusion in the now-failed European Union. The law of the land became the Courts in Luxembourg, and the realities of economic disadvantage were always present.

If you had asked any political science major in the late nineties, "does EU exist?" their answer would contradict everything available on Google about this subject. What they would have said is, "Right now, eleven nations wish to form a meta-state, and they need more economic power than their collective possesses, unless UK actually joins..."

The facts, at least as they were, then, were that eu did not exist.

And, without the British Pound, it would never have existed. Yet, sticking points for UK referenda included, "Should we give up the Pound?" and if you listen to fakenews, they would say, "yes, they accepted the Eurozone.". But, no, UK's contribution to eu's paper avalanche was the fact that the Eurozone was destroyed by the Maastricht Treaty.

One article on Google admits, "The British joined in 1953, but 1998 is when the Maastricht Treaty resolved the Pound or Euro argument, and that entry took effect on January 15, 2001." [WikiPedia]

Which, of course, couldn't actually be further from the truth unless it shot those lies into a whole different parallel universe, and even then: it will still make them laugh.

The facts about the stupidity of the half-baked plans causing the economic disasters to those nations unlucky enough to have bought into the Euro only Eurozone, (which means they gave up their currency) are even harder to find. But, the Maastricht Treaty, which permitted nations to keep their money, also begins a drunken stumble by the UK via the Treaty of Lisbon, which is the eu name for a series of treaties affecting changes over eu, into a process which ultimately became Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon: the exit eu portion.

Although worded very generally, it dictates the founding of a nation's exit committee, in which all the terms are hashed out then. There are no legal precedents, and the entire meta-state has a questionable legal existence for a number of reasons. So, when the chief UK negotiator showed this week that the air on the continent must be tainted with a substance which causes delusional thinking, and demanded UK give fifteen years of eu high court rule in addition to the sixteen, in which that same court has nearly destroyed Europe in its own delusion, this prompted outrage across the board. (Eu High Court and sister court EU court of human rights caused the refugee crisis)

The Spanish claim over Gibraltar, for instance, is being driven by Brussels, as were the massive loans effectively sparing Spanish banks from the horrors that have ruined Greek banks, and are now threatening Belgian and Italian banks. But what was Michael Barnier really saying in this preposterous assertion? He was saying that he, personally, sees the coming misfortunes. And, that at least as far as Luxembourg, Brussels, and Strasbourg are concerned, the UK is at fault for the banking realities which even they infer as, "The sensible plot to cease the eu."

The lack of attendance by EU Parliamentarians is at an alltime high. The promises of CETA and TTIP have linked Austrian and Italian "exit:now" groups and become very highly questioned as a panacea upon social media in Rome, and Vienna, especially Vienna.

The cohesive force of the meta state is a series of true lies complete with charm resembling the NAZI paper-work habit of referring to genocide victims as, "chord wood". It hasn't got the legal authority to determine anything. But the very fact that the meta state's weathermen have suceeded in their Crocodile tears with Michael Barnier, well, to quote the Eagles, "It's time to change the batter...", or, in English, "...the batsman."

Remember, my good, good, people: the longer a member state remains in eu, the greater the likelihood of crippling and irrevocable financial consequences.

  • The UK will not allow Irish sovereignty issues, which are most-likely going to be resolved in court, to be heard by the eu high court.
  • The participation in Target 2 requires no special address other than the current system. The current system informs UK officials of any intent by eu to change the Target 2 systems. EU High Court doesn't have legal authority now, nor should an ugly precedent be made in which the court could evolve its role in the future as being able to hear suits from eu which may be biased against UK, such as the Gibraltar issue.
  • The UK participation in the Prop 15 (the paper parents of the refugee crisis) serves against the best interests of UK, thus the EUHC, and her sister court, have already established a traditional rejection of the needs of the people of UK.
  • The notion that any eu authority professing defense of eu citizenry is necessary in UK, and vice-versa, is the refrain of a ridiculous notion asserting that, somehow, Great Britain is going to drive itself to another continent. 

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