Monday, June 26, 2017

Where Is Black Lives Matter, Now?

It isn't even arguable, Black Lives Matters almost single-handedly gave the 2016 Election to Trump. And the sour grapes, including Hillary's and Bill's Russiahacked scandal, had zero effect. 

But the typically Democratic favoring press, including, in regards to Russiahacked, can only empty long, meandering, and ultimately pointless soliloquies, but not one single shred of evidence verifying the veracity of the slander. The media simply does not wish to face facts; because the facts illustrate a fundamental conflict of interest: they wanted ratings, so the fakery surrounding all but two Black Lives Riots was pumped up to the point they were unbelievable, and evoked little sympathy. It cost their side the election.

All this fervor served to accomplish was the defections of both the baby boomers, and older gen x voters that were traditionally democrat voters, whom were shaken by the vividly illustrated violence which threatened the nation, and held it for ransom. The fact that Hillary could not offer more than lip service to Black Lives Matters had she won didn't immediately seem the case. So these disaffected Democrats, and spurned Sanders supporters, were suddenly concerned. 

Overnight, they awoke to find themselves having to choose between supporting a candidacy whose victory would either betray Black Lives Matter, or the law and order which is requiem to society. So, this is where Clinton 2016 lost. 

And it did not come from Moscow. 


The Black Lives Matter movement, as ill-conceived as it was, as damaging to the media which granted the "movement" its Faustian covenant as it was, has pretty much least, as it was. 

What once devastated entire states, and portrayed thugs as victims, was also as damaging to the media that served it as it was to Black Awareness and social issues in America. Where once Attorneys General were instant stars on fake news outlets nationwide, shaking up entire sections of the US, Black Lives Matters recently made less-than headlines for two protesters stupidly supporting this drunken view of rights and government while protesting a civic pride parade in Minnesota....Minnesota! Wow. The slippage has become...

What lies hidden and under the surface of what appears to be quiet withdraw is actually something that began the same exact way that many of these cases which were ultimately swallowed whole by Blacksploitation news outlets began: the cries, "Racism, racism!"

This fatal blow to BLM began disguised as yet another cry for justice in early 2016. A cry which many people never would never have heard about, nor how fake it was, except for the way it inverted the polarity of the slanderous assertions constantly streaming in MSM outlets. It was primed to be a death-less media cause celebre. If not for the loud momentum already in the press for other, more violent cases, it would not have caught anybody's attention. But, by Jan of 2016, fake news central was simply going through the same motions it had so many times before, and threw this case in like a virus infested blanket settlers gave to the Iriquois. It would have died on a back page somewhere were it not for the momentum already at play in the media.

Otherwise, many people, like the Clinton campaign, and its hopeful Hillary, would not still be wiping the egg from thier collective faces.

And it goes a little something like this, three young black college students reported that they had been the victims of hate crimes and racially motivated attacks. 

Had the bus they were on, the bus upon which this attack allegedly played-out, had this bus not been equipped with security cams, well, they would have gotten away with it.

But nobody knew about that part, not yet, anyway. And it gathered the normal press service, until the hot-winded political fakatudes had been delivered, and the odd and eerie dance committed by Clinton, whom yet again donned her "Negro Pastor" voice à la circa 1968, and committed what was to many, the unpardonable sin of yet, again, backing Black Lives Matters. 
If you catch the video of the odd dance and negro voice she used (only about Albany) please tell me where it is. I wonder, but I cannot locate it...

Betrayal was coming for her, or her Black Lives voters sooner or later, but in Jan of 2016, no one yet could have known that the allegations by three students attending the University of New York at Albany would be a kind of pre-emptive revenge.

Hillary's support of BLM was never seen as anything except bullshit. The problem was that the media told her to support, and unquestioningly, she obeyed. The reason that BLM has fallen, the Albany Case being the coup de gras, is due to the fact that the very same media, whom kept rolling tape for each and every scene of the spoiled child temper tantrums displayed by BLM, has quietly winced and died when reality caught up with them. 

Although they would...they hushed the Albany case so totally down that it remains unknown, or underwhelmingly understood, in order to avoid the louder indictment which the Albany case brings forth against the MainStreamMedia. Fake news, such as this, has never before stood so nakedly fake, nor so unashamed of it. 
The three were expelled, and convicted. Two received hate crime convictions, while all three were convicted of filing false reports.

So nobody really noticed when, earlier this month, the three were convicted for their crimes, and fined extensively. They, of course, lied about the attacks. And the media has just been like, "whoops..." 

Nobody noticed due to the odd belief, that "we, the media, have learned our lessons, now roll credits, so let's just all forget about it"...but that media bears most of the blame. Blame like the kind they should be accountable for bringing about, for uncounted dead cops, destroyed cities, and two convictions of police officers of the scores of cases they tried, and failed, to bring to violence on the televisions of the world. The media has taken itself back out of the stories....can we forgive, really? 

Wherever the BLM stars are today, I hope that the advancement of racial equality has not been injured by their crap in such a way as to create the "giant leap backwards" in relations it was predicted by some to do. And I hope the nation heals.

But mostly, I hope you know: good people and bad people alike make mistakes. They come in every color, and every walk of life. But good people don't shoot an unarmed man in the back, and good people do not waste nor destroy a city. 
If you thought differently, now you know.

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