Friday, June 9, 2017

The UK Election: Jews, You Are Wrong

May, 2010: the near identical results of this election saw Cameron win in spite of a hung parliament. The result has been seen before, in fact, May herself heads a government born as a legacy to the 2010 election... 



If you should happen to hear the Huffington Post's retarded statement: "Theresa May Shocked By Stunning Defeat", remember all that I have written about fake news...Huffington post is yet another fake news mainstream media outlet trying to write the news, not report it. They are written by idiots whom obviously know less about how to count than they do about British politics....



May did not lose anything. Her party lost an inconsequential twelve seats! Globalists should not be allowed to write the news. If I showed you the historic examples of when this has happened before, stupid Globalist, you, and your extra chromosome toting agenda would be all, "But they didn't know that..." meaning you, reader!

I wish each fakenews outlet would have to take a lash for every misleading thing that it published, because they are so disappointed about the Comey testimony that they have decided to try to make the loss of twelve seats a defeat! These idiots think she will resign!!

No, stupid Globalist. Number one, you're not a political scientist, nor British, so kindly put on the dunce cap while I undo the damage that your fake news publications have (not) accomplished. 



  1. Theresa May's party holds 318 seats! The nearest competitor holds 261! Can you jews count?
  2. Now the Tories will go into coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party, for a grand total, (you're jews, so I know you own calculators) 328 seats in Parliament. The rest of the parties will be seen to also coalesce, the problem is that there are very real divisive issues that prevent the entire remaining group from doing so. But, for the idiots in Huff Post and others: that would leave a 328 May led Parliament against a 319 other coalitions. Party defections showing among the Green party, for instance, also make a perfect shadow govt unlikeley at the present time.
  3. This is about BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS, NOT BREXIT! There is no historical precedent demanding the PM, who was given her role by the outgoing Dave Cameron, to resign or this is a hung Parliament. It is not a hung Parliament. There was not enough rally to the Labor cause. But there are times when hung Parliaments resulted in resignation, but each of those times were internal crises, like the Great Depression, in 1931 and 32, as well as the long-simmering Labor Conservative animosities which finally saw the Labor party take over after a snap election over a ten plus year dogfight between the two from 1961-74. Brexit is an international crisis being resolved by a national government. For the current Parliament to have been unseated, and May to resign, there would have had to be a swap.
  4. The current composition of Parliament is misleading, since fakenews has chosen to side with the proGlobalist UK papers, let me say this: if the people of UK wanted the Conservative party out, then this result would not have been the Parliamentary composition we would expect to see. Instead, what we see is the failure of the Labor party, which has sat on its hands since 2001 while Brussels parceled-out British labor regulation, to gain enough momentum to unseat the current negotiation priorities which are underway as a result of article fifty having been triggered. What this election tells us also is that the mainstream media is probably done in America. But the issue of hung Parliament was completely avoided by this result, as Corbyn and the LP have both accepted Brexit, and also do not have a majority.
  5. Previously in UK history, the type of result necessary to unseat a party or PM, did so decisively. This is not the first surprise nor is it the first hung Parliament. But it is the only example of a result that was this poorly interpreted on a fake news assault like this. In the exact same coalition, May leads both the house, and her party. Go home jewish proof that computers will be your downfall. Learn before you accept a left leaning UK paper is enough proof upon which you can base your incorrect view of British history.
  6. Labor has a no confidence vote. In UK, no confidence landing on both Labor and Conservative favors the party who called snap elections. You don't play sports, jews, but you are familiar with "the tie goes to the runner?"
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