Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Reality Factor: The Suicide of EU

The showdown between the Visegrad Four, and the EU High Court, is exactly the type of case to attempt EU's pompous validations of the tradition of overreach, and an unchecked expansion of powers that each of these two EU judicial bodies represents. The European High Court,(EUHC) and The European Court of Human Rights, (EUCHR) each have vigorously damaged Europe, and the world, while engaged-in an ambitious pursuit of an ever increasing profile. The fact is, these courts are not in any way prepared to endure the re-assertion of sovereignty which the Visegrad Four is both owed, and cannot be coerced to retract, nor does this court risk anything except the peace of the world, and the annihilation of Europe in a pretext for power which is based upon the lies and the baseless rhetoric which describes EVERYTHING in EU. And EU, itself, might be tempting larger concepts of power than their own convenience in pursuing this case. It shall not injure, nor shall it divide, the Visegrad Four. In fact, the pretext of punitive conceptual projection cannot extend into Hungary, Poland, nor the Czech Republic without fast-tracking the loss of Eastern Europe for both EU, and NATO 

The European Union Courts, while claiming to exist since 1952, have only heard cases since 1979 in any carnation which could be arguably described as part and parcel to the EU, as it stands today. It is the intention of EU to loosen this choir of hot wind upon the Visegrad Four. The fact is, that this court was a collectivization of conceptually European legal traditions, and bears the hallmarks of the gaping inconsistencies riddled throughout EU's autobiographical data. It began functioning in its current form as the go-to legal body for the expression of EU Commission's indignities only after 2001. Prior to that year, the skeleton crew of EU's composition, the EU11 nations, excluding Britain, for instance, began pretending that the broad assertion of Globalism would both work, and work sensibly. 

  • Art 15 of the EUCHR states a general declaration of the human rights of Europeans. It arrives on scene in 1952, and basically is a promise to accept the 1948 UN Dec of Human Rights, meant to ensure that such things as NAZI genocide could be more easily prosecuted. It has ZERO to do with the way it is currently being abused by EU.
  • Amendment 15 of the EUCHR allows for the distinct needs of all asylum seekers to enjoy their rights as Europeans, even while their status is yet to be determined. Amm 15, among other things which even the refugees call "stupid", allows for "free movement", a passportless trek throughout Europe.
  • Protocol 15 of the EUCHR redefines Europeans via a complex, and hard to follow paper trail, as first, anyone in Europe, then, in yet another update, anyone who may become European. This broad definition includes refugees in the water, or on land, and bound for Europe. And this protocol defines the time member states shall determine the legality of their statuses in their country as four months. 
  • The usage of the term "protocol" arrives due to EU having worn-out the terms article, verdict, and amendment. Each article's excessive alterations represent stark departures from the old council's intentions. And each update has the word, "amendment, protocol", etc, in front of the old council's original 1952 document, and the Article(s) thereof, which Frau Merkel seeks to screw all up. Thus, Article 13 updates are first called Ammendment, then Protocol, and now Verdict is being used to describe changes to protocols.

Proof of the questionable existence of EUHC prior to 2001.

The blame for the refugee crisis falls squarely upon the type of bombastic hubris which is mitochondrial DNA for EU in general: The European Court of Human Rights' sole article of any note, the Protocol 15 (aka verdict 15), of Article 15, which inspires all the world to judge Europeans as fools, has been ruthlessly and diabolically abused by EU. The fact is, this article 15's citation also could be forced against Russia, as Russia is a member of the old Conseil De L'Europa, so if we are to participate in the thick, pictureless book of fake history upon which EU is about to gamble away its existence, why are charges not filed against Russia, as well? Simple: EU's entire paradigm is all lies.

This article 15 is the villain that empowers Angele Merkel's identity in EU to be above and beyond that of most nations. And she is seen as the face of the controversy. However, the confluence of Rebush's fake case for war against Iraq in 2003, which caused the crisis, and the conflicting interests of unpaid NATO membership dues, (among many other similarly counter posed areas of interest), cannot force these agendas upon a sovereign state regardless of its membership to EU. The notion that EU can enforce a national compromising of security upon a member-state is elitist, and preposterous, but it is also all that is EU. The same EU which gave EUCHR (The European Court for Human Rights) its powers, in the first place.
Jackyl Theatre. Both of these courts trace their parentage to the old council, of course, it is very tricky how this is done. They are also both located in Luxembourg.

The type of broad expansion and unhealthy swelling of these courts' own powers not only fails Europeans, but the over reach which they represent cannot actually be of service to anyone: because the instruments that forged the refugee crisis, all of the crisis's causes, and its insane process via the court, are not based in facts. They are  based in lies, and a quest for power that presents itself via complicated legal gymnastics, but they all share very simple, yet unlearned lessons. The Emperor's New Clothes comes to mind....

Europeans shall one day see that as clearly as the citizens of the United States when they realized that they had been tricked, and turned against Bush, Rebush, Brother of Rebush, and indeed, the Republican Party in America, because Americans are unforgiving of liars, and murderers, and that is what the Bush family is. However, EU's duplicitous and self serving attempts at validating Rebush's murders and terrors internationally are as preposterous as Rebush, himself. Americans voted Trump as a foil to Globalism because that evil has consumed and criminalized both parties, timely enough, he stated that he would resist it. He lied, though.

The American public learned the hard way what academics and Europeans have always known: Globalism entitled the banking elite, which made this monster, with the right to lie to, to deceive, to delude, and then to delineate and erode, the freewill of a people. Globalism did not found the UN, interest in averting a third world war did. UN's right to define human rights is also not without controversy.

Nor did the forty seven members of the Conseil De L'Europa attempt to expound upon and protect those ideals via legally scripting them, and then betray Europeans by turning its interests to non-Europeans, and by so doing, create a theater in which a nation could be held hostage in ransom for the defense of non Europeans. Such vanity!

The claim that the old Conseil De L'Europa created these courts, and thereby created a theatre in which legal grievances could be heard which held those rights of NON EUROPEANS, still in Africa, in the rightful, and high place of European people is an outrage.


This arrives upon the scene in know, like EU itself, did.

It is the abuse of this power that is recklessly engaged in an attempt to redefine Europe, to redefine Europeans, and to rewrite history by a large body of paperwork which is really nothing more than pretense.

Thus, when EU Articles 1-35 are cited as precedence to blackmail the compromise of a member state's security, and to force the people of a member state into harm's way, EU still lacks the power to corrupt these inalienable facts: so the clock begins ticking on EU's existence whenever it should force the issue.

EU's lies begin with the connection to the old council, which is as powerless as EUCHR itself is. EUCHR-15, in many ways, created the bogus attitudes of Europeans, EU luminaries, and the EU's vast array of overlapping and contradicting agency bodies. This Verdict 15 which drives all of the disaster was employed politically to preserve NATO. But Rebush made the crisis. There is absolutely no connection to the implementation of the Refugee Crisis, as it stands today, and the old council's view on human rights for Europeans.

And the truth is present in sufficient amount as to finally, and definitively, force the identity of Angele Merkel back underneath the waters of irrelevance from which she came.

And there can be little doubt: this showdown shall end two political existences: Angele Merkel's, as well as the hissing pile of invention which empowered EU's sixteen year existence in the first place.

In order to define the court's power to ultimately subvert a nation's security, there would first needs be clear statements to that effect. Those statements would need to be clearly defined. The article would need provisions to empower, and to charge EU with the task of defining the imported and invasive refugee as European. Otherwise, it is flawed as it pertains to UN, whose scope of intervention is nominal.

This unprecedented assault against sovereignty is an assault against the entire continent. And appears to be conspiratorial, as well as aimed directly at the destruction of Europe.
Derogation: relief from the EU article(s) which a nation will not, nor cannot guarantee, is granted by the court in the court's act of derogation. 
The problems arise as you trace the court's case history. It has heard two cases in its old functionary status during the years 1997, and 1999. The rest are after 2005, when it became Angele Merkel's personal validator.

The fact that courts support illegitimate regime level assertions has a precedent in Germany, infamous Nazi judge Roland Freisler. Later executed for warcrimes, the fact he is one individual does nothing to alleviate the twenty eight judges whom are in locked step with Globalism's greed, and abuse of the working class.

My heroes, and quite possibly, the first light and last crack in the Merkel led assault on common-sense....the Visegrad Four!


Derogation is the process which was added after 2001 in order to check abuse of such powers. It is the process by which a nation seeks remedy from the determinations of either of the EU Courts' rulings, deemed overreach, and which that member-state considers hostile to its existence. What it is supposed to do is provide a flexibility for conflict resolution. EU clearly recognized the dictatorial stance which lay potentially within the strata of unchecked influence, and when these two courts actually came into existence, derogation became the only defense which a member-state has.

Derogation meant that a nation has the right to defend its interests whenever it sees fit, derogation is the whole of the law. But the newly minted EUHC began to rule in favor of the madness which it has visited Europe with consistently. EUHC has never given any honest consideration for its consequentially unerring expression of loyalty to the devious Angele Merkel, whom has corrupted the court via globalism's copious secret cabals and secret societies.

It is Angele Merkel's bombastitude which asserts that killing if but one of her nation's citizens in pursuit of a view of mankind, Islam, and of power that is so unrealistic that even the courts know this, well that court has no further business being her toolbox of legal tools.

But it has ruled in her favor consistently, thus Fiesler-like show trials are best ignored. Visegrad Four should demand their verdict without the show, and they should simply tell EU to skip the trial, and do something about this. That something, which it has no power to enforce, shall at long last bring EU and Merkel crashing and unravelling from the high assertions and thrones of real power.

EUHC has a rude awakening coming. In fact, something needed to be done prior to this childishly clever usurpation of sovereignty, sanity, and common-sense was ever permitted to compromise the general security of Europe, in the first place.

Pursuing Merkel's extremely poor judgment represents the courts' singular indentity as sharing her personal lack of morale values, as well as demonstrates the impeachment of the High Court's integrity as a judicial body. The machinery of the refugee crisis reflects Angele Merkel, and it does so while emanating continuously towards the destruction of both EU, and the population of real Europeans; who are living with the consequences of true and incomprehensible naivety.

It is not a court serving Europeans, and I think it has only done so in rare cases since 2007. But it is a court whose self-styled expansion resembles a star that is in the process of supernova.

EUHC has no way to bestow EU with the rights to act against the usage of sound and rational cannot inspire the submission of the Visegrad Four to determine that Art 15 applies to those not yet European, and are beyond the scope of any serious protection of the Human Rights of Europeans. They are in no way linked.

Thus EUHC (European High Court) has also engaged in overreach. EU is attempting to hold the citizens of Visegrad Four hostage, while simultaneously trying to designate this tyranny to appear to have a legal and legitimate charm to it.

It has neither.

There exist no powers to force this issue, nor can the EUHC flex any enforcement as to resolve this showdown with any sort of magnitude. For this attempt shall ultimately embarrass itself, and its panel of twenty- eight judges.

All that this process can do results in the loss of Visegrad Four, as well as the NATO points eastward, for EU. Verily, this may result in war. But it shall accomplish the dissolution of the EU, and this pursuit of an agenda which its sister court created, and this alone, shall it accomplish. And the world owes the Visegrad Four the respect due for the courage it is demonstrating. The worst thing that could happen is EU wakes up, and sides with V4!

The historic unity with Merkel's mad invasion of Europe immediately presents this court as nothing less than the gallery of Globalist Oligarchy demagogues which it is, and this demagoguery is the function of the Merkel influence upon the court, from which it was supposed to protect member states.

There is no greater cause to dissolve EU than this consistent pursuit of unrealistic policies, as well as the susceptibility to Merkel's image which has placed Europe into the highest form of danger in adherence to this influence, which defines the European High Court.




Where is Slovakia? 
The fact that no charges have been filed to date against Slovakia has a latent inspiration behind it, that it divides the articles uniting the four, and a manifest cause, well more of an excuse, really: since Slovakia pledged to take refugees in, but did not, they at least LIED about it. Lying is so prevalent in all EU does that EU decided to omit Slovakia from the writs and charges as reward for sharing the love of lies. And that should be seen as nothing more than an attempt to divide the four.

Slovakia is sending a delegation to be represented in this affair, as Slovakians are rightly sick of Angele Merkel's hold over their country, and her communist and delusional attributions in regards for humanity.

Those attributions, while seeming noble, are nothing of the sort in practice, and the fact is that they placed no value on spiritual concepts, like what it is to be European, and instead, sought to free workers from the political limitations that nationality implies. This is a very senseless belief, and communism fell, in part, to its outright being incorrect. Looks like history is about to repeat itself.

That the effort has failed to divide and conquer is victory number one.

Victory number two will be fast tracking the case to seat as soon as possible, before EU has any visits fron the Angel of Common Sense.

Because EVERYBODY knows that the UN put its declaration of human rights up onto the EU website network way back in 1948. I knew that.

Obviously the refugee influx of 2012 began the crisis in its current form, with Morrocans, and Syrians. So, early in 2013, under notorious dumbass Angele Merkel's direction, rather than manage the crisis, they flung open the doors with a series of ammendments to the UN definitions called PROTOCOLS. The protocols are distinctly European, and were used to accomplish the update tearing common sense right out of the purpose of defending European Human Rights.
In the above, a refugees status determination is moved up in pace from six to four months. Once granted, though he or she cannot speak the language, they become a voting European five years from the date stamped upon their id package, ensuring the usurpation of Europe via the democratic process. Angele Merkel and EU must cease. By hook or crook.


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