Monday, June 5, 2017

The First Article Ever About the Upcoming 2020 Election

  • 1852, Benjamin Franklin Pierce becomes the last president ever to lose his party's nomination for the White House
  • The Bush clan, though finished forever, will likely pretend that they are not. Jeb, career in national politics ruined by his brother's destructive and corrupt administration, probably will put the rest of the Republican pack on ice as he attempts, futilely, to unseat Trump. 
  • Hillary will be thoroughly trounced by everybody.
  • Bernie Sanders will not run. 
  • Due to his perceived adversaries in EU's failures to deal with, and prevent, terrorism, financial ruin, as well as a failing Euro, Trump will be hard to criticize
  •  the advancement of the manufacture and mining industries putting money in pockets, as well as relative calm, Trump shall win a second term.
  • Thursday, Nov 3, 2020 will most likely see another Trump landslide, not just win. This time, against Joe Lieberman. 

The Democratic Party has even less talent to choose from than the Republican party for a 2020 White House run. Biden is getting too old, and is too controversial to even consider as a serious contender, while former 2004 VP D candidate, Joe Lieberman, is relatively free of it, as well as widely liked on both sides of the aisle.

It will take years to undo the damage the Democrats did to the nation. But it shall take miracles to undo the damage the Bush family has done to the nation, as well as the world.

The coup de grace awaits the Globalist sector dominating both parties until there is almost no difference. The divisions about fossil fuels, the abortion debate: these are staged acts of performance art that were effective until the arrival of Donald Trump, and the American public bears a very clear majority which despises EU, despises the policies of inviting and coddling Muslims, as well as bearing an incredulous regard for those whose beliefs in the Greenhouse Effect nearly destroyed the very industries which won both world wars, and preserved the peace avoiding a third one.

Democratic consultants are greatly inflating the numbers of vegan transsexual victims of delusions which were conceived jointly in EU and the headquarters of both parties here, at home. Not quite as stupid as they think we are, nor nearly as right as they believe themselves to be, the off-season and shaky alliance between the Bush Republicans, as well as the Democrats, shall spin no slander in a sufficient amount as to cause the American people to let go of the one candidate whom is standing up to, and is killing, Globalism. 

The science dept of the unaccountable public media, cable news, and the rags of mind control have all failed to produce one scientist to explain how pulling out of The Paris Accords is going to destroy anything, except Globalism. 

The very idea that the US, whom invented National Parks, emissions laws, environmental conservation regulation standards which apply to industry, would need to play an expensive game of house with the Europeans is laughable.

The Europeans' very first laws to protect their environments are almost twenty years old...and still beneath the standards of the current laws which protect the US. 

Not one scientist has said that. Not one. In fact, catalytic converters were unheard of in Europe....and if your car had one, it was simply removed, or you were forced to buy unleaded gas on an American installation.

But look for the Lieberman camp to unify its minority of the electorate, the stupid, the immoral, and the pseudo intellectual Spock fans whose love for a fictional character upstages any literal fact to counter their imagined world views.

2020: Trump by a landslide. 
Nate Silver will not be a daily source of reinforcement for the immoral and the pseudo-intellectual whereby shock accompanies their defeat which is written in stone. 

No Democrat, nor Globalist Republican shall hold office for the next five presidential elections.

Death to Globalism. 
Death to EU.
Death to the Rothschilds fractional reserve system.

Victory, or war.


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