Thursday, June 15, 2017

Slow News Day


but this will be very short: 

For the belief in the retarded mainstream media's veracity: if you believe a) Russiahacked is real, and b) there will actually be sanctions aside from the Magnitsky Act of 2012, which disproves collusion as impossible, and c) pizzagate isn't real: please find and inbox me on messenger. I have some three legged chairs that I promise you, will not tump you out of them....and I promise you, I will let um go CHEAP!

Stupid Democrat. There can be no sanctions without proof of wrongdoing. Face it, instead of proof, all you have is a bogus confidence rush. 

Nobody, from Comey, all the way to soon-to-be fired Meuller, not one has found a shred of evidence because it simply doesn't exist! And pretending to have it (98-2) is the US Senate LAUGHIING AT YOU. Because you are believing they can a) do what they cannot, and b) will see this through. 

Sanctions must be signed by the president, stupid Democrat. And it dies in committee, along with Hillary.

No, she died on election day.

Q: If one hundred US Senators voted that shit was actually shinola, would you put it in your pocket, and eat it later?

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