Friday, June 9, 2017

Post UK Election Analysis

There is no reason to ignore the result of the election as a statement that the people of the UK have made. However, there is a method to the madness that eludes the mainstream media, and otherwise suspends their conclusions as those of newspaper salesmen. Which is what they in fact are. The conclusions I draw are based neither in religion, nor in the pseudo science governing those conclusions drawn by the agenda- pursuing mainstream press outlets. They are:

  1. The people of the UK are anxious about the outcome of the Brexit referendum.
  2. The millennial/imported citizen Macroning peaked during this election.
  3. The votes of Generation X, while favoring Brexit, were driven to the Labor Party by a successful media campaign.
  4. The likelihood of any change in the current parliament is slim.
Arlene Foster, leader of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)


While that is true that a very large percentile of Pro Brexit voters remain sceptical as to the intentions of the May led house, the only logical conclusion in regards to Brexit which should be drawn from the lack of confidence expressed against both Labor and Tories, is that the British people would prefer a more favorable relationship to EU, as well as more transparency in the ongoing article 50 committee negotiations.

Due to the dunce-level 100 bullshit storm from the US sector of Bilderberger controlled media story telling, and their darker intentions which would seem to desire Americans to associate this result with their ugly and Zionist agenda: there is no expression to be concluded about the implications of Brexit and the results of this election. Brexit cannot be undone.

Also, I am not sure that the British people should have been consulted in this issue while EU remains in effect in the UK. Perhaps Theresa May simply asked the wrong question. She may do better to reset, and ask simpler questions, such as, "Do you like taxes being raised to accommodate EU demands, even though EU owes UK money at the end of the day?"
While I am certain this is the type of question May believed was implied by the snap election, the EU poured money into the LP, as well as its opposition platform. EU, however, was, and continues to be beating a dead horse, and was wiping egg off its face when Corbyn's now infamous manifesto leaked to the media.
Jeremy Corbyn, labor party (LP) leader. His party's manifesto leaked to the press a month ago, and in it, he dismisses the efforts of EU to renegotiate Brexit.

The Brexit referendum (June 23, 2016) was not the sure victory that EU had hoped that it would be. EU based this upon Eurostat numbers which placed a very large refugee/immigrant population on British soil which were supposed to have voted know, out of gratitude. This issue, the large Millennial reactionary vote, and the addition of Macronned foreign-born EU made free-movers, while playing no such role in Brexit, did, however, express doubts in either of the two party's ability to lead the country.

Eurostat's numbers could not account for the feelings that immigrants, as well as refugees Macronned to vote, would have in regards to feeling the pressure of constantly in-processing outsiders with whom they are expected to share the already short-in-supply job and housing markets. One reason Brexit succeeded is the ridiculous presumption by pro EU camps that ALL who benefited from the EU's refugee and immigration politic would be so grateful as to show this gratitude at the ballot box. Frankly, this is a freshman mistake, and should cause the brow to furrow at 100% of what EU says and believes of itself.

Thus, the millennial, generation X, and the Macronned voters were targeted by an ad campaign which quantified the British people's fears of antiGlobalism, as well as Conservative core values. One example of this campaign's successes was accusing the Tories of secretly intending to sell the NHS (National Health System). Under EU regulation, this would be a regulatory issue requiring the EU Comm to approve. In spite of the fact that no such plan exists, it is easy to tell who planted the fears and why....


Any private or EU sanctioned monies which were poured into the media campaign do not bear a status of illegality, however, it is certainly a waste of money. EU continues to make daily efforts to invite UK back into membership in EU, and that, if it were attempted, would be illegal.

But the effectiveness of the negative ads accusing the Tories of selling short their national health care system, funding ISIL, and many, many other outright lies and half truths, will compose a list of Globalist-agenda who's who as far as individuals whose "donations" were used to lodge these accusations: Soros, Rockerfeller, Shroeder, etc.

Never mind that they are currently engaged in the IDENTICAL effort to accuse Trump of selling out the millions of Medicaid and Medicare recipients to the section of the population which a) carried Trump, and b) are on these programs, which is the baby boomer generation, as well as the older members of Gen X.

This is alarming because it is simply lies designed to accomplish a victory for Globalism, which actually over saw the funding of ISIL, as well as advocates cutting the health care for millions of people, in favor of a more socially-funded system which takes the patient out of the loop of decision-making entirely. EU is currently introducing just such a system.

This media campaign simply reversed the accountability onto people whom are trying to get rid of the giant and functionless EU in UK, and Obamacare in the US. Voters' ignorance of these factors should be heeded upon both sides of the Atlantic, and measures taken to prevent the confidences of voters from being eroded by subterfuge.

Conspiracy theories about Theresa May's deal with DUP already are beginning the press rounds in UK. Since such political orders do not exist in US, look for the Bilderberger controlled media to try and accomplish scepticism in May's government by alleging criminal charges. They probably already have that bullshit printed up for slow release this summer.....

The election of 2017 is not a game changer. It is a collection of usable issues which need to be addressed comprehensively by the Tories in coming weeks. But the alarms raised by EU philes trying to punish Britain while being based on lies, demonstrate the real places in the public's imaginations which were successfully usurped by the pro EU and anti Tory combine in the British media.

While it reveals where changes should be applied in terms of the media campaign, as well as where public confidence needs to be restored, this election is neither a mandate for governmental change, like the retarded US media wants you to believe, nor is it a call for May to resign. It is a brochure for how the Tories need to approach issues, as well as whom they should address the messages to.

It simply is astonishing that US fakenews outlets honestly believe that Corbyn's 262 seats could lead, while simultaneously trusting pro EU publications in UK whom think May should resign while holding 318 seats. It is unreal.


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