Sunday, June 18, 2017

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EU does not wish to argue with anyone. The fact that some people remain both flushtastic, as well as eurosceptic, is something, of course, we encourage, like sex with goats, sex with children, and God is really robots. However, there are some flushtastic groups, such as the Common Sense League, which have forwarded statements similar to the following: eu came into being sixteen years ago, on January 15, 2001. 

This is correct, we have never, not once, claimed otherwise. But dutifully, we announced via several programmes, that henceforth, one year of 365 days, would now count as four times one year, which, according to eurostat, equals four years eu to one year under the old, and pointlessly demanding, and really getting on our nerves, Roman calender. Since these programmes, project mastEUrbate, as well as Guts of Innocent People, both per the Treaty of Lesbos, came into being in 2002, thus, 2017-2002=15. 15(4) =360! So eu is 360 years old...whoops, forgot to carry the one, so eu is 1,360 years old!

Because it has....come up, (no relation) we would like to remind you that right now our headquarters in in the old Toom Markt location in Wurzburg.... but, in reality, that is only right now. Since eu oversight is relatively non-existent, we have simply stolen the money we were allotted to build facilities, bought a creepy step van, instead, and this solves the problem of having to actually talk to the poor people that we rule because we simply start the van, and drive away each time they approach. (Art 36 § 22s) unless they are children (Art 36 § p1-10).

There also can be no more waiting: we have chosen our symbol to remain the pull string flushing toilet. The other two symbols we used, shit, itself, as well as a WC sign, managed only to confuse everyone. But Jean Paul Juncker ordered eurocrap to consolidate logos, thus a sample is available above.

Look for this example to supersede all other eurocrap motiffs, except the creepy step van, in the year 31,679. We will put in a call to Eurostat to get the old, Roman calender year for the putzes, like in Hungary, who cannot conform.

Secretary to the Undersecretary of the Secretary General of EU

Elliot Cecill Pergois
Interim Director General of Eurocrap
Prolific DarkWeb CPPorn Site Lurker

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