Saturday, June 24, 2017

For Whom The Bell Tolls, Again

It is obvious, now, that Israel was behind the false-flag Syrian gas attack of April 7 of this year. With the destruction of the US-Tri-Russo, Syrian, and Iranian alliance, which was destroyed by Donald Trump's pure stupidity, the arming of IS (aka Isil) now pays-off by the Antichrist's Netanyahu's forces assaulting the Syrians over the Golan Heights.

This was why Netanyahu started the war by first planning, then carrying out the op which piggy-backed Al Quaida on 9-11, this war getting started was what he wanted. And, while deceived Americans continue referring to them as "God's Chosen People", the strength of Israel shall not serve them: the United States has entered a war the scale of which it has never seen. And all because of Donald Trump's pure and heretical babbling idiocy...

Israel has been arming IS for years. So did The Obama and Cameron Admins of the US and UK, respectively. But for Israel to use the deployment of the very arms they sold the IS as a pretext for war against Syria is just perfectly normal wicked jewery piss ant douche-baggery; which we have grown used to. Especially after 9-11. The dividing party dialogues of Democrat and Republican Party dogma both only converge on pro-Israel Globalist dogma. And ALL Globalism is pro-Israel.

Yet the inconceivable pile of stink Israel is now selling downrange, that Assad's forces are, "Starting Their Old Tricks..." is typical human tragedy-causing rhetoric that spews like sulphur from the ugly lying mouths of jewish scum all to often. 

This time, though, they shall be in for a surprise. 

When Netanyahu tricked Trump into sucking him off publicly via the April 7 lie fest, he only weakened the US. Trump sought, and failed to acquire alliances with anyone else. And as it turns out, God shall not grant to wicked nations the blood of honest men unless they live volunteering that blood to the wicked: in Israel or under US Command. Delusion is the manifestation of the confirmed belief that these two honestly think that they cannot lose, and nothing they do is morally wrong.

The Xi-Trump Summit concluded in April of 2017 with Trump trying to produce distraction over Syria by exacerbating the N Korea issue. This ended with Trump frustrated, and China, via Foreign Minister Xi, referring to Trump as, "desperate, clueless, and seeking to save face, but failing as far as China was concerened." The Chinese have a series of treaties with Russia called, "The Treaty of Good Intent And Good Neighborliness." Mutual-defence, as per this treaty between Russia and China, proscribes any US/Sino alliance. And, indeed, Russian/US, and Sino/US tensions have grown increasingly hostile ever since the April 7 ass-to-mouth Trump, mouth, Netanyahu, ass.

History and God both tend to be cruel to those whom do not learn from the past.

But to Israel, which mistakes His silence for consent, seven suns shall scorch each and every one of you, even as God's servant, Daniel, called you, 'The robbers of the Jewish people.." whom God calls Christians, now. Unless they keep saying that their robbers are chosen before Americans, almost to the last man, do...

The rubber hits the road versus Russia for both of you. And the world will be free of the sickness that lives in both of you, as well as the Israeli's role in the travesty on 9-11. The pigeons are coming home to, here is the refugee crisis of Europe, and the Words of God finished in Earth: for the destruction of Israel is all that can happen.

So, in conclusion, all I want to say is: thank you to the Russians and Chinese whom shall wind up avenging those slain on 9-11. Do you see why God has finished this country?

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