Thursday, June 15, 2017

eurocrap the european union decentralised agency for crap 
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Eurocrap is pleased to announce that we will be leading the effort to house each poor, stupid refugee with a brand new set of legal entitlements which come under the umbrella of EU Art 36, Prot: 36, § a-r. We are recieving poor, wandering British people too afraid to think for themselves, and allowing them to flee the Brexit, which curse them for that. Also, as well as advancing the frontiers of Euroasylum not simply to the Mediterranean Sea, but under it, as well, drowning now qualifies corpses with Europeness! Even Chinamen, whether or not they are heterosexual, or good at mathematics! We are excited about this program, and pleased to form it under the EU's official program title giver organisationater, eurostab, which deliberated both long, and hard. Then they gave this entitlement the name, Rear Entry.

We are understandably excited about Rear Entry, as we get the best of both worlds: Eurocrap, as well as new Europeans. We understand that we can reach new worlds via Rear Entry, and expand the narrow minds of even Christians whom hate Rear Entry, but will be forced to accept Rear Entry, just for being European. 

As great as it shall be to force Christians to accept Rear Entry, we are giddy about giving it to dead and stupid Africans and Chinamen. Rear Entry shall free them of their stupid condition, and replace their gods with the love for their fellow Europeans, and the world, as long as they are dead. This should include that killing anyone, anywhere, is killing Europeans, as this is the goal of Rear Entry. Best of all, Rear Entry assures EU candidacies in nations like those a hole Visegrad people, whom are less likely to recieve Rear Entry, no matter how much lip service we give, Rear Entry shall cause this breaking away and exiting EU to cease. Because, now the dead people's votes are no longer illegal. And people who vote against EU are dead. So, even if they were alive, Rear Entry will cause their votes to be legally removed.

So, if they are dead, now, under this entitlement, unless it can be proven that the corpse did not drown, then his vote automatically supports the loving hands which beckoned him here, but once he was here, could not give two Eurocraps about him: we, your evil masters, EU!

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