Thursday, June 22, 2017


If you missed my article from this blog, which was entitled, "Hypothesis, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, and An Old World Order", I will put a link to it below.


It seems increasingly likely that the mainstream media is losing the American Public to a vehemence expressed by what was, at first, complaint. But, as the recent Democrat loss in Georgia demonstrates, the Mainstream Media has lost the once vice-like mind-control hold over the electorate in the United States. 

Once very effective due to the fact that the hosts of these shows demonstrated a fallible honesty, the South African fellow on the Daily Show, as well as his pop-reference laden incorrect sermons disguised as "comedy", and his contrived predictability, may be the turning point that is signalling the termination of the mind-control over the Millennial generation. As I said, what made people like John Stuart so wonderfully entertaining was his right to his views not insulting mine, nor my views, as well as his diligence at locating common ground. Thus he seemed believable because it is American to not have to agree. But it is not American to conceal Pizzagate and then try to create Russiahacked. 

That makes me suspicious that the Bilderbergers want a new Cold War. But having differing views and not having hostility is American. The Daily Show with John Stuart, and the views he fought to convey, are both American, and full of tact. 

The  rage we all shared with political bricks like ReBush, and his unending, soul-eating and pointless acts of violence, like Pizzagate, knows no party. It is just wrong. 

It would appear that the producers of The Daily Show have lost their essential neutrality, and gravely insinuated a series of self revealing statements in terms of what they must have believed about our support, and what that belief must have admonished. Our alliance must have incurred other-than accurate analysis, and then the pursuit of the focus of that analysis has lost our patronship for many, many reasons. 

Russiahacked is not real.
Pizzagate is.
John Stuart would not flinch from that fact, as dishonesty is the sound of journalism dying. But making "jokes" presuming that: 
  1. a)anyone whom disagrees with The Daily Show is an idiot, then 
  2. b) supporting Russiahacked as real despite the lack of any evidence,   
  3. c) their defense by ridiculing Pizzagate, or ignoring the subject entirely, isn't so wrong that it is a game-loser. It is, in fact, so blatantly biased that it is akin to being forced to use crayons at the behest of a kindergarten teacher threatening to publicly upbraid you if you color outside of the lines. That is essentially the problem: this host of The Daily Show is nothing short of a paid-for actor pedantically spoon feeding the Millennial Gen its daily dose of Globalist rhetoric. 

 That isn't the problem.

The problem is that no one is watching, and instead of correcting their glaring mistake, and ceasing the insult of the American Electorate's collective intelligence, they continue hammering-home these non-points, believing that either Trump, or Hillary, was a "adequate" choice. There is all kinds of comedy in the facts. But the facts have no residence at Comedy Central.

There is nothing funny about watching the one show that got me through the idiocy of the ReBush Admin, and its blood soaked bombast, sinking in flames as a "human shield" for the "serious" journalistic bombast of the everyday mainstream media. They are losing their power, and killing The Daily Show as its experimental guinea pig! 

Hillary certainly would have started a war.

Trump didn't have to, but stupidly chose to. 

Either way, this nation is finished.

Do you mind while we who knew that tried to prevent it via electing Trump, since Hillary indeed, both would have started the war, and is up to her ears in a pedophilia scandal for which we, the American People, demand that she, as well as anyone whom is implicated with her, be held accountable? Do you mind if we ignore you while you and your biased and ignorant assertions in place of what The Daily Show used to be finish the administered suicide of the motif?  

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