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Chad Chig Martin, Independent

Chad Chig Martin, Gubernatorial Candidate in the State of Alabama. A new and independent view of old political traditions...

This country is hissing in a state of political partisanship which frankly is calling upon this generation to act in every way as innovative, and as responsibly, as the unprecedented risks undertaken by our founding fathers. The pathways to functional government are encumbered on every level by a ritualistic two-party view limiting both the aspects of what people believe politicians are, or at least, should be, as well as deadlocking real progress, with unmet needs of Alabamians underneath this deadlock's wheels.

It is not often that someone enters the political arena from outside established pathways, but it is essentially un-American to rely upon pathways which indicate a less-than-transparent ascension to power. A good and well intended soul can be caught-up easily in the money and boost which national parties, even other than the two established parties, and their affiliate special interest lobbies, can offer anyone who throws his hat into the very demanding arena of public service.....or his entire hat company...
To be fair, Chad Chig Martin's bid for the governorship of Alabama will most likely not cost him his hat company. But he does own one. He has operated it, as well as a couple of other companies out of the Wiregrass region of Alabama, and has for a number of years. 

But this is not all, he is a man with boundless energy and unflappable drive. But, like the name of his band implies, he is staunchly independent of any sort of the affiliations that have stigmatized as well as brought down the administrations of Alabama governors since the very public unravelling and fall of the Guy Hunt Administration. Time and time again we have elected, impeached, then sentenced our governors in this state. Alabama has become something of a pariah, and cautionary tale in terms of power, and those whom seek to use it. 

"I would like to put the financial problems of this state in the rear view mirror." he states. But unlike the well-worn paths to zero shared by the two major political parties in the state, Chad's plans both exist, and are entirely plausible. He basically seeks an update to the long-suppressed areas of a statewide lottery, casino gambling, and he believes strongly in the oversight and accountability as to where these monies will come from, and how they shall not be stolen by any concentration of power, or special interests. 
"I learned very quickly that if I accepted the advances of special interests, that it would significantly increase my budget. And, for that reason, I refused their pitch." Chad remarked on a recent Facebook post. He had been preparing to speak at a function when the group, which he doesn't identify, approached his campaign. This pretty much quantifies his view of Alabama political crisis in the state, and represents the largest comprehensive political obstruction afflicting the quest for solutions in the state, as well as serving to maintain a counter-productive tradition.

Chad and I became friends on Facebook awhile back, as he is a touring musician whom actually can afford better than motels. My experiences have not been very fun, and include busting on the Destin trail with the Death Metal band "Inferno", and sleeping in the off-season cold of a Florida state park while we waited for a loan. Chad's band has been like his other businesses, very successful. And it is not at all defiant to his character for me to have heard, then seen for myself, that he is going to make a run for the Governor's mansion in Montgomery, on November 6, 2018.

A Call To Action

The budgetary crisis worldwide has been relatively unnoticed in Alabama, at least it was, until the 2009 bankruptcy filing by Jefferson County. This is, in fact, not the most strapped-for-cash county in the State of Alabama, but it served to remind Alabamians that we are not above desperation.

The financial problems called-for within the state represent the urgent need for a rethinking of priorities in Montgomery, and within each household in Alabama. These problems are largely symptoms of the type of combative atmosphere plaguing the state's two largest political parties as they vie for new, but not necessarily common ground in terms of pursuing a platform which, to be frank, has basically betrayed the citizens of the state. The types of budgetary problems, for instance, were born directly from a state version of each of the national party's divisive agenda pursuits, and they manage to struggle, gaining and losing ground, but accomplishing very little.

But, they have succeeded in losing the interests of Alabamians long before now. It seems that solving the financial problems in the state exists on neither of those two party's laundry lists of stuff to do before we go broke. And the path to prison leading right through a stint as the state's governor has become all too predictable.

Enter the new and independent thinker: Mr Martin strongly supports allowing the people of Alabama to determine for themselves the viability of medicinal marijuana, and other safe drugs, and also believes that the regulation and sale of these drugs could serve the dual purpose of alleviating the anxieties recently increased by what some publications assert as a Trump-backed plan to infringe upon Medicaid and health care for the elderly and the poor, as well as creating a public windfall of cash which would accompany those revenues collected by his other propositions.

But, unlike all of our governors, with the notable exception of Don Seigelman, Chad Chig Martin is a confirmed believer in public referenda, and their potential role as an instrument to both engage the electorate, as well as restore function and faith to Montgomery. He might not support statewide casino gambling, nor a lottery. But he does support the introduction of referenda to determine these, and other issues pressing the state. Referenda will free the deadlock and prevent these kinds of issues from remaining stuck on the House floor in Montgomery. This represents a determination to reconceive the political landscape, and to include a more direct involvement which shall enable the public to chime in.

Historically, only California uses referenda on the scale Chad Martin has suggested, and the reasoning shared by those whom oppose this view of access to decision-making on the part of the public do so by citing that we have direct access to our leaders. C'mon. Do you really need me to tell you that this could not be further from the truth? 

Mr Martin And the Second Amendment 

Among his other propositions, Chad seeks to relieve the state and local courts of the quagmire stemming from Second Amendment cases. "I also would like to change the way that cases involving weapons are handled in the state. This would be by streamlining both the inquiry, and fast tracking all such cases where weapons were discharged to defend either family, or property. This would alleviate the courts of a large number of these cases, and free them from that clutter."

This issue has been debated by the two major parties, and has divided Americans since at least the first approaches to reconceiving the Second Amendment of the Constitution took place in the sixties. This is something of a conservative value, and if one had to quantify his views on this subject, they would be typically conservative. Yet his other views, particularly about introducing referenda, definitively alter the normal discourse of what is meant by the term "conservative".

It is both observing the need for great change, and a direct and unflinching attempt at realizing it, that has impressed me the most. Alabama has problems whose existences are part and parcel to the quagmire in Montgomery. Solving those problems represents an affront to established party agenda. And it is exactly what Montgomery needs: confrontation with the facts that these partisan tugs of war are killing our spirit. Innovation and courage, this is what Chad Chig Martin brings to the table.

"No more shall education, nor educators, be forgotten. No more should teachers be left to purchase classroom materials for themselves." This is Chad's view of the budgetary crisis's most unseen and unheard line item of sacrificial lambs.

The fact that this continues to occur, and that it is also occurring along a gradient defined by any given school-district's pupil's familial per-capita income is an outrage. Yet, under the two party system, the Alabama electorate has seated more than a few governors whose promises were cut down by the partisanship machinery. This has gone on, while quietly, and in other rooms, we have failed both the teachers and the students of the state because of our collective fear to think outside of the box on this. This is one of those problems that just cannot be permitted to exist....yet...they continue to.

Not this alone, but how many times have you noticed the brave volunteer firefighters soliciting for donations so that they, and all first responders, can save you when you need them most? This, too, is a victim of budget priorities in the well-worn political traditions at work in the state. And you can be sure, this will only continue if we continue to buy into that model of thinking.

How the money gets allocated:
Chad has outlined a plan that gives a broad per-capita needs-based income to attend the kinds of reforms which need to be initiated so that our roads and bridges do not collapse, our law enforcement officials can do their jobs, and the basic needs for Medicaid funding are met in Montgomery well-before new ground at the federal level threatens the program any further. Medicaid is a state program, and has operated without a budget in the state for nearly a year.

The program he is outlining awards the proceeds from the many budget incentives which he has put forth in terms of population, and considers populations above 50,000 under a different set of guidelines than those with populations under 50,000. But those counties, townships, and cities whom qualify will receive the money, and the allocations will address education, law enforcement and first responders, as well as the condition of our state's infrastructure.

"I love the people and the area of northern Alabama, and I feel that protecting their interests, especially the wealth of natural resources, is something upon which I will focus my efforts." Chad said, in a group email I read. I like this one, and it is clear that we cannot invest anymore convictions that the two party system, which is vulnerable to this deadlock, without it severely hurting Medicaid, and cutting education to the point of disaster.

This is a guy that you can actually call your friend, and he is a guy whom you can believe. 
But mostly, he is a guy outside of the law of averages in political tradition. He is an outlaw...especially if you had to see him come crashing your senatorial party deadlock in Montgomery.

Biographical Information 

  • Chad Chig Martin was born and raised in Enterprise, Alabama.
  • He attended university at the University of Tennessee in Chatanooga on a full athletic scholarship (for football)
  • Chad supports the inclusion of the electorate via referenda to determine the issues of lottery, casino gambling, and the regulation and sale of marijuana, and other safe substances.
  • He has owned and operated Thunder Industrial for twelve years, as well as his entertainment company, Chig Daddi Entertainment, LLC, and he is the namesake for Chad Chig Martin's hats, a line of hats sold worldwide.
  • Chad is a National Ambassador for American Made Matters, a group that promotes the solicitation of American made products, goods, and services.
  • Chad is a touring recording artist, and performer in the Country and Western genre of music, his band, Chad Chig Martin and the Alabama Outlaws, recently released the video for his hit, "Dime A Dozen."

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