Friday, June 30, 2017

Josh Moon Is A Liar

There is no limit on corporate donations to political candidates within a state election. 

There are very few limitations on how much individuals can contribute to any candidate which is overseen by the FEC. (Federal Election Commission)

Josh Moon is a slanderer. Anyone beating this drum is. The fact is, the American people are vomiting, and fakenews is what is coming up.

When we claim, as Josh Moon, to have, "emailed Strange, but he refused to answer." is it not patently obvious why that might have happened? What about now...? And, now?

Since we get to determine the legality of things, and not point the other barrels of this bias at anyone else, think Josh Moon's party's base will survive.... sans contributions? I mean, they're either illegal, or only certain people can make's that, exactly? 

One party, one rule, huh, Mr Moon?

I ask you, Alabama: when a slanderer, whose publication is so low that we cannot call its lies, "Libel", calls himself a "political writer", and yet he delivers a partisan attack with the identical enertias which are destroying this nation, should we not actually want him to be "politically educated", ie, instead of this cess-pool of innuendo and connotation tossed like so much copper at magnets? He knows how to lie, and manipulate: but he has no education in this field.

Forget that he has accused someone whom is passed on, and cannot defend his actions, do you understand how fake news publications operate, now?

At the end of this article, Mr Moon is not accusing my family. He is trying to insinuate that the American way is not to his liking, but he also insinuates that there are limits on monies that corporations can donate to candidates in Alabama. Guess what?  

2014? State. 2010? State. Need I continue?

This is the same smoke and mirrors act Jason Chaffetz and Eli Cummings made to ruin Mike Flynn's career.

Mr Moon states that, "Drummond gave $75,000..."
Thing is: There is nothing illegal about these contributions. Mr Moon is a liar. There is something illegal about that. Slander and libel are both against the law, and negligence is not a defence.

The claim made at the end of this toilet paper sold used, states, "...and Drummond gave him $5000 ....for Strange's Senate campaign..."

Insinuating that the company bearing my last name is owned by people whom are not individuals. 

The FEC currently has zero limits on an individual's campaign contributions.

It was really hard to write this.

What I am trying not to say....that dude should be....

At any rate....nobody will sue them because the entity for whom he bangs out partisan-angled big government vernacular would not withstand it...

But, we have a saying, around here: this ain't baseball, once for mercy. Twice for sin. Even then the Drummond Corp will not sue. Nor will Sen Strange.

But it shall put Trump into his second term. And the fallout from this type of fakenews is only beginning. The D loss in Georgia is directly due to the American public's disgust with fakenews. And all of it has been like this slanderous dissertation by fakenews writer, Josh Moon, lately....

Which is worse? A "political writer" whom is ignorant of campaign contribution regulations? Or a political writer whom is well-versed in them, but lies, anyway?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Increasing Unreliability Of Modern Political Polls, And Their Systems



The reliance on polls, and polling firms, themselves, has been affected by the advent of differing technologies until their accuracy must now seriously be called into question. The 2016 election saw the greatest number of polling firms in any US election, almost entirely predicting a Clinton landslide, while only political scientists knew this to be inaccurate.

  1. The advent of caller ID has affected a linear model clearly depicting a decrease in poll accuracy
  2. The mysterious and unproven claims of 538 were used as a baseline to confirm the results of polls run by the major networks in the US, or in partnerships between the major networks and less-than-scientific Democratic Party-funded polling firms, as if it were an authority. 
  3. Only one polling firm, the oldest one still up and running in the US, the Gallup Poll, reflected with any accuracy that Trump would win.

Caller ID

Caller ID was first fielded by Bellsouth in Floridian markets as early as the late eighties. From there, the technology proliferated, improved, and was in daily use in the Southern United States by 1996. 

The technology ended a lot of criminal, as well as hilarious behavior, and snuffed it for good. The Jerky Boys, a comedy duo who rose to fame as the first test markets in Florida were underway, pretty much lost their career because of caller-ID. Their act, which consisted of hilariously real prank calls in which the duo would work in-tandem, was forever changed by the technology. As were harassing and threatening phone calls which plagued people such as those cruelly harassed by what appeared to be the people whom kidnapped and murdered their loved ones.

Old episodes of television shows, and old movies, will invariably one day provoke the inevitable questions of young people who are watching, "What does, trace a phone call mean?"

But never before has the technology, nor its effect upon especially older Americans, so profoundly been overlooked by polling firms. Either that, or they were using numbers that they knew were tainted in some sort of "we are the elite media, and we said, "Vote Clinton" dark, and conspiratorial fashion.

Either way, there is no excuse. 

How many older people, (45-90) do you personally know that do not examine the caller-ID readout before they pick up? How many people of all ages do you know who do not use the feature as a means of screening their calls? Therefore, does it take a genius to figure out that there are only two kinds of people who do answer unrecognized numbers, and that those people are those without the feature, who probably are very few in number, and people whom are curious as to why this strange number is on their caller-ID?

And, of those, every single one of them past forty is going to hang up when they find out that, after waiting several minutes, sometimes, that they are on hold for a poll! The only people whom shall remain on the line are people whom are very young. And, of those, maybe one eighth of them vote Republican. 

The numbers that wrecked the media's credibility, as well as the associated "polling firms" which they partnered with, were based, 90% of them, upon these types of phone calls. Phone calls which 100% of older Americans refer to as, "annoying".
Nate Silver's June 29, 2016 declaration seems funny, now. What is funnier is, who is he, why did people believe him, and what do his numbers say about stealing chickens from the same village twice?

I have been in political science for a long time, and neither I, nor any one of my professors, nor any fellow graduates, have ever heard the name, Nate Silver. This person, whom may be honestly claiming to be a statistician, however, is not an honest statistician.

His firm, 538, named for the number of electoral votes available for a candidate to win, was providing numbers so false that it bears true investigation as to where he came from, and how he managed to fool so many people. I couldn't break the spell, even with people I know, people I went to high school with, since 1981! 

They bought his backstory, however, and they bought it completely: hook, line, and sinker. So, in 2016, when Silver, via his 538 website, fielded numbers never heard before in the HISTORY OF AMERICAN POLITICAL DISCOURSE, numbers like, "Hillary has an almost 93% chance of beating Trump!"(Nate Silver, after the first televised debate between Trump and Clinton) alarm bells were sounding on our side of the University. 

Strangely absent it is, and continues to remain, that any critical examination of Silver, as well as his bombastic, and "ready for fake news" claims like, "Hillary is Still Ahead! 80% chance of winning!"(Election Day, 8:00am EST, 538 Website) has yet to be undertaken. And this seems to indicate more of it in 2020. But in 2016, all we could do is wait for the reality to come home to roost. Political scientists pretty much do that for a living. But had I known, I still love people enough to ask them, "Now, why did you believe 538, again?"

Noting their answers, normally not based in fact, but in suspicions that Trump, somehow, stole the election. Hmmm...I seem to recall yet another Clinton lie, "If I win, he (Trump) will not accept the result. But if he wins, I will be surprised, but I shall not question the result because I trust the American people." (HClinton, Second Round of the Second Televised Clinton, Trump Debate)
When 2020 comes, and we see this cycle repeat, will you believe us, then?

Nate Silver, as well as his 538 Organization, were effective at smoke and mirrors, and at using biased statistical information to find "trends" that didn't truly exist, and pushing his agenda based on this flawed analysis criteria, but they could not conjure victory despite all the phony effort. 

(They were inventing trends, like, who wins the first debate wins the election...the debate was not won by Clinton, this was an assertion pushed by the media. And the qualifying statement, "debate winners also win elections" is just plain horse-hooey. Either that, or Trump won the debate! Which one is it? That is a quantification of yet more reading-into numbers that which 538 wanted to see in political history!)

Silver, and his firm, should both be investigated. Maybe not for being the only causes of the media sensation, but for their part in attempting to subvert the electorate. The journalistic atom bomb of pro Hillary data and media obsession, which the media should be investigated for, was only so much white noise which drowned-out reason. 

But media hype is not victory in an election. It is this man, as well as the journalists whom failed to fact check, and check this man out thoroughly, at whom the Clintons, as well as their supporters, should be directing their incredulity.

The seeds of Russiahacked: Black Lives Matter, Loretta Lynch, Obama dogma which nearly destroyed coal mining in America, and the transfer to the Clinton campaign of a general underestimation, and/or apathy, as to how much this injured a huge and unconsulted group of Americans, the Emailgate Scandal, as well: these are the actual reasons Americans disposed themselves of the Clinton brand of controversy/mea culpa laden, and diabolical leadership, which is also ineffective leadership. 


The Rise of the Dot.Com Poll Firms, And the Proliferation of Bias To Replace Actual Numbers...

The use of dotcom polling firms, which often appeared in a digitally-targeting effort, automatically means that any results are disposable. However, these biased results, which were only baptized by the confirmation of 538, and that company's authoritative role in confirming results, didn't yield bad numbers....because it is true: if you targeted those people whose on-line activities included long periods of time on Black Lives Matters' official web-site, then it should be that the result of that poll holds Clinton 90% to Trump 10%. But what went wrong was less of a mistake, and far more sinister in-nature. 

I took one statistics class, at one of the most difficult junior colleges in the nation, and I learned a lot. Mostly, I acquired the sort of horse-sense, or, you can call it what you will, my dad would say I was full of something else that was once inside of a horse...anyway, I acquired the knowledge that any organization using polls, knows how to honestly interpret the numbers, as well as to dishonestly manipulate the numbers. Wolf Blitzer, I am looking at you.....
I find it very hard to believe that the MSM doesn't have ten guys like me on staff saying, "But....why? Wolf? Whyyy?!"

But they not only did it. They also got away with it. And the Russiahacked crap will one day be revealed to be the curtain that it was, concealing the rats and the true enemies of free thought as they attempted to distract the attentions of people away from they, whom caused all this rage by having lied to Hillary voters for over a year. I am a political scientist, I do not have a dog in that fight, so to speak. Both candidates, to me, represent the demolishing of democracy, and the huge offense Globalism really is. But Trump beat the pants off of Clinton. And, for us, over to the political science side of the building, it was a year long last laugh which only a real dick would bring up Nov 09, 2016. 

How Right Was ANYBODY?

This is the rub, isn't it? Who both got the numbers right, and published an unbiased number? Well, that leaves everybody out. But certainly an honorable mention goes to the long standing and venerable polling firm, Gallup. And it is that they predicted, consistently, that Trump was AHEAD. The firm never published a winner's name, because they are the first, and the last name in polling in America. 

Right off the bat, their practices must include a multi disciplined approach, careful to cross section the population based on accurate and available population demographics, and most of all, and for this the firm should be praised: they were the only ones that published any facts and figures upon which the public could rely. 

But, because those facts and numbers were placed into a field rampant with bogus numerically interpreted results, they polarized the field and pissed everyone off. But, if history teaches us anything, it is that Americans despise the truth. 

And the polling firms of 2016's election provide zero exceptions to that rule. I bet the inboxes at Gallup were full of the vicious poisoned pen emails from the very rich, and famous, to the poorest members of American society. I bet they also got their fair share of angry R emails laughing at the merely slight lead Trump had, according to Gallup, not that I know personally....cos I do not.

But, again, that is what you get anymore for telling the truth, it is kinda the proverbial price of doing business...

The Legacy of Election 2016

The aftertaste lingering upon the palette following Election: 2016 blends saccharin with burnt pasta: you know, with other stuff which you shouldn't put into your mouth. But it is a lesson to probably be repeated by the android mentality of media mind control, as it plays this same song with the same results, to the same crowds who will someday recall that the media SELLS information, and rarely gets caught. But when they do, the American public has no other loving master to indicate how afraid, or how angry they should be, and the media pretends you chose it, but a little digging reveals that, no, the media is lying, disgusting, and laughably stupid. None of them are reliable. All of them are controlled by the Bilderberger Group. Were it not for the love of money, we would all paint them green, and throw rocks at them. But, they are going to soldier slanderously on, while the lies such as CNN's huge "Proof Russiahacked Is Real!" caused the termination of jobs this week. CNN got caught...again.

But until you, the people, turn it off, then this is the endless cycle. And, occasionally, the ghosts of Election: 2016 shall be conjured by more slander, and the people who were most hurt by it will continue to ignore who the real suckers are. 

Btw: once you have been proven to be a sucker, only by admitting it shall you ever again, know what it is to not be a sucker.

But that is a whole other article.

And, if I die before 2020, do what I would do: think for yourself, and confirm it with Gallup. 



Monday, June 26, 2017

Where Is Black Lives Matter, Now?

It isn't even arguable, Black Lives Matters almost single-handedly gave the 2016 Election to Trump. And the sour grapes, including Hillary's and Bill's Russiahacked scandal, had zero effect. 

But the typically Democratic favoring press, including, in regards to Russiahacked, can only empty long, meandering, and ultimately pointless soliloquies, but not one single shred of evidence verifying the veracity of the slander. The media simply does not wish to face facts; because the facts illustrate a fundamental conflict of interest: they wanted ratings, so the fakery surrounding all but two Black Lives Riots was pumped up to the point they were unbelievable, and evoked little sympathy. It cost their side the election.

All this fervor served to accomplish was the defections of both the baby boomers, and older gen x voters that were traditionally democrat voters, whom were shaken by the vividly illustrated violence which threatened the nation, and held it for ransom. The fact that Hillary could not offer more than lip service to Black Lives Matters had she won didn't immediately seem the case. So these disaffected Democrats, and spurned Sanders supporters, were suddenly concerned. 

Overnight, they awoke to find themselves having to choose between supporting a candidacy whose victory would either betray Black Lives Matter, or the law and order which is requiem to society. So, this is where Clinton 2016 lost. 

And it did not come from Moscow. 


The Black Lives Matter movement, as ill-conceived as it was, as damaging to the media which granted the "movement" its Faustian covenant as it was, has pretty much least, as it was. 

What once devastated entire states, and portrayed thugs as victims, was also as damaging to the media that served it as it was to Black Awareness and social issues in America. Where once Attorneys General were instant stars on fake news outlets nationwide, shaking up entire sections of the US, Black Lives Matters recently made less-than headlines for two protesters stupidly supporting this drunken view of rights and government while protesting a civic pride parade in Minnesota....Minnesota! Wow. The slippage has become...

What lies hidden and under the surface of what appears to be quiet withdraw is actually something that began the same exact way that many of these cases which were ultimately swallowed whole by Blacksploitation news outlets began: the cries, "Racism, racism!"

This fatal blow to BLM began disguised as yet another cry for justice in early 2016. A cry which many people never would never have heard about, nor how fake it was, except for the way it inverted the polarity of the slanderous assertions constantly streaming in MSM outlets. It was primed to be a death-less media cause celebre. If not for the loud momentum already in the press for other, more violent cases, it would not have caught anybody's attention. But, by Jan of 2016, fake news central was simply going through the same motions it had so many times before, and threw this case in like a virus infested blanket settlers gave to the Iriquois. It would have died on a back page somewhere were it not for the momentum already at play in the media.

Otherwise, many people, like the Clinton campaign, and its hopeful Hillary, would not still be wiping the egg from thier collective faces.

And it goes a little something like this, three young black college students reported that they had been the victims of hate crimes and racially motivated attacks. 

Had the bus they were on, the bus upon which this attack allegedly played-out, had this bus not been equipped with security cams, well, they would have gotten away with it.

But nobody knew about that part, not yet, anyway. And it gathered the normal press service, until the hot-winded political fakatudes had been delivered, and the odd and eerie dance committed by Clinton, whom yet again donned her "Negro Pastor" voice à la circa 1968, and committed what was to many, the unpardonable sin of yet, again, backing Black Lives Matters. 
If you catch the video of the odd dance and negro voice she used (only about Albany) please tell me where it is. I wonder, but I cannot locate it...

Betrayal was coming for her, or her Black Lives voters sooner or later, but in Jan of 2016, no one yet could have known that the allegations by three students attending the University of New York at Albany would be a kind of pre-emptive revenge.

Hillary's support of BLM was never seen as anything except bullshit. The problem was that the media told her to support, and unquestioningly, she obeyed. The reason that BLM has fallen, the Albany Case being the coup de gras, is due to the fact that the very same media, whom kept rolling tape for each and every scene of the spoiled child temper tantrums displayed by BLM, has quietly winced and died when reality caught up with them. 

Although they would...they hushed the Albany case so totally down that it remains unknown, or underwhelmingly understood, in order to avoid the louder indictment which the Albany case brings forth against the MainStreamMedia. Fake news, such as this, has never before stood so nakedly fake, nor so unashamed of it. 
The three were expelled, and convicted. Two received hate crime convictions, while all three were convicted of filing false reports.

So nobody really noticed when, earlier this month, the three were convicted for their crimes, and fined extensively. They, of course, lied about the attacks. And the media has just been like, "whoops..." 

Nobody noticed due to the odd belief, that "we, the media, have learned our lessons, now roll credits, so let's just all forget about it"...but that media bears most of the blame. Blame like the kind they should be accountable for bringing about, for uncounted dead cops, destroyed cities, and two convictions of police officers of the scores of cases they tried, and failed, to bring to violence on the televisions of the world. The media has taken itself back out of the stories....can we forgive, really? 

Wherever the BLM stars are today, I hope that the advancement of racial equality has not been injured by their crap in such a way as to create the "giant leap backwards" in relations it was predicted by some to do. And I hope the nation heals.

But mostly, I hope you know: good people and bad people alike make mistakes. They come in every color, and every walk of life. But good people don't shoot an unarmed man in the back, and good people do not waste nor destroy a city. 
If you thought differently, now you know.


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eurocrap the decentralised eu agency for crap related matters
The urgent need to pretend Britain was never a part of EU, which all of us know it never the four hundred plus years of eu, not once was the thirty year old nation of UK a part of either Europe, nor is it anything but laughable that it ever was part of eu. This language we are currently using, Bottlobisch, was invented by Vikings to control their slaves, and the only language that makes less sense is possibly Pig Latin, or the languages which birth-injured twins speak to one another, which only they can understand.

Therefore, the usage of Bottlobisch is in accordance with Article 36 Protocol 451, which states:
" is (therefore) to remain in the strictest of secrecy, along with how old eu actually is, and that we steal a LOT of money, as individuals, which then eu makes excuses for, that all references to "English" or "Brexit" be referred-to, respectively, as "Bottlobisch", and, "That Time Leon Shagged Martin's Mother". (Art 36, Prot 451)
Do Not Ever, Ever, Ever Mention Art 36, Prot 451, EVER Again. Even at family reunions!!! (Art 36, Prot 451) Oh, eu CAN cite Art 36, Prot 451 anytime eu wants to...especially at family reunions! What are you going to do, try to repeat that time Leon shagged Martin's mother? Because, it won't work! Because we have pictures of you, no matter who you are....and don't make us tell you, again, understand Bottlobisch, don't you?
Which reminds eurocrap....

The Google Facebook Antitrust Violations:

Possibly the only thing eu does that anybody likes, is identify the violations of antitrust which google and facebook bring to eu. Let's face it, if they paid us, we would let them destroy competing businesses. As we are communinofascist, one government rule of industry and workers is our goal. Eurocrap exists, in part, because there is a lot of crap to be made between where eu is now, and where we want to be. So we are proud to announce a two-pronged legislative effort at resisting fb and google called A Real Woman. Because that is one thing neither Google nor FB have ever touched: A Real Woman.

A Real Woman shall be expected to act in the best interests of eu, even if A Real Woman has a penis....unfortunately, for reasons we, here, at eu cannot yet comprehend, some real women are born with penises. And only eu and eu agencies, and their employees, get to check to see if the real woman that they are plugged into and using, has one now, or was born with, a penis. (Art 36, Amm 36, Prot 36, §a-r)

The end result is nobody except those we govern should be allowed access to morality, and then forsake said morality due to the pedophilia we have to engage in or the devils at the bank will blackball us. (Art 1-36)
And nobody, but nobody, should be forced to embrace and plug in to the Real EU Woman System only to find out, and to their shock, that this isn't A Real Woman at all...but merely claimed to be, and was using FB or Google to arrange her linkings...

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Credit...To The Universe!


In the UK, Universal Credit is the name given to a system of entitlements and benefits affecting relief for the poor, the unemployed, the impoverished, all of which were once assigned to six separate entities. The resulting attempt at streamlining costs, as well as consolidating and simplifying services, has come under fire in Britain for any number of reasons. Both the old programs, and Universal Credit, all come under the Department of Wages and Pensions (DWP).

The Old Programs

  1. Job Seeker's Allowance: this benefit granted entitlement for an allowance of cash for job-seekers, and was formed as a part of the social security program in the UK.
  2. Housing Benefit: this was an allowance of cash provided on a needs based eligibility, which means the amount of cash could vary, depending upon the applicant's needs.
  3. Working Tax Credit: not a rebate, this is a low-income needs-based entitlement which is meant to supplement the income of working people.
  4. Child Tax Credit: similar to the Working Tax Credit, eligibility for the Child Tax Credit may be part and parcel to those eligible for the Working Tax Credit, as it applies to those with low incomes responsible for one or more children.
  5. Employment Support Allowance: Illness and/or disability were handled under this the ESA. It was granted with an emphasis on employment rehabilitation for worker retraining.
  6. Income Support: a wide base of entitlements came under Income Support, which also determined eligibility for Housing Benefit, and Child Tax Allowance, among others. This was a program which functioned in very general catch-all type categories, and is likely the area most impacted by Universal Credit.
The implementation of Universal Credit began in 2016, and is expected to be fully implemented by 2021. The most hopeful estimates suggest that the implementation of Universal Credit (UC) shall be in-effect at the end of 2017, at the earliest.
UC represents a trend in British Governance emphasizing welfare reform, and consolidating those reforms under the applicant's awareness that Universal Credit will eventually be tapered-off, and the entitlement, cease.

Universal Credit has several problems, from the no-confidence vote given its internal Information Technologies, and the 90% of the IT employees of Universal Credit whom voted this way, to the evolution of paperwork which applies to what was once a more specialized approach. Each of these had an architect, and a forum to anticipate, as well as prevent, foreseeable problems. But what they did not anticipate has the program preying on the anxieties of British people...

The Architects

Lord David Freud

Lord David Freud, British welfare reform chief, and chief regime-architect for the Universal Credit program, is also the great grandson of Sigmund Freud. Although he retired in December of 2016, and in some people's views, "before his catastrophe could reach critical mass", his presence as the chief of welfare reform bears little hints at connotation, such as the occasion when he remarked, "Disabled workers are not worth minimum wage!" This elitism seems to be essential DNA to the program, echoing throughout the problems implementing it, to the questionable eligibility criteria shifting now and again. He is the behind the scenes, and silent partner to this program.

Iain Duncan Smith 


Iain Duncan Smith, former Sec of State for Workers and Pensions, is the Conservative politician whom worked closely with Lord Freud to consolidate the six previous, or legacy benefits, has retired from political life as of the Summer of 2016. His 2010 annunciation about the Universal Credit program was well-received among his fellow Conservative Party members. He was pretty much the public face of the program. A staunch Eurosceptic, he seems to have accomplished a pile of what might have once been called, "Impossible Dreams."

June 14, 2017: the Greenfell Towers tragedy, to many, quantifies the lingering and copious problems faced by the poor, and the injured in the UK. The fact that the facility was cited precisely to prevent this type of a tragedy serves to ease no concerns about what many in Britain feel is yet further encroachment in the quality-of-life faced by one, and all, as they participate in the perfunctory Universal Credit program.


Nowadays in Britain, the consolidation of qualifying circumstances for one to seek assistance from the government simply lumps everyone together, and handles the unique needs of injured workers right alongside those seeking assistance due to their status as retirees. The Universal Credit program does more than this: it lumps no less than six formerly independent offices of public assistance into one, giant, jumbled, confused, and in some reports, ineffective system.

The relief which individuals seek, as well as the relief sought by families, as well as the job-seeking younger people and the older ones, as well, have been sacrificed in this generation like sheep, while they work their ways through a perfunctory and an unproven system. They have become the guinea pigs, the first and originally wounded, the forced participants bound to discover the bugs, and either work them out, or far worse, they will find out that the bugs within this new system can never hope to be worked out.

All for a system which was promised to be better, cheaper, which meant a more efficient system, and overall, a system of greater effectiveness. But the year which has passed since the program began to be implemented has been wrought with increasing hardships, incredulity, and in the end, some analysts have concluded that Universal Credit has already proven to be far more expensive than the program the British people were originally sold.

The Change Has Come....Right?

The reception from the Conservative Party for Smith's bold annunciation of Universal Credit in 2010 was understandably optimistic. Smith had long-been a welfare-reform advocate during his ascension from soldier of the eighties, where he had served in Rhodesia and Northern Ireland, to his inability to clinch a berth in 2003 as PM due to what some had perceived as his ardent Catholicism. 

But the blessing of Margaret Thatcher did grant him a term as the head of the Department of Wages and Pensions, with the Cameron administration. A term which combined his advocacy for welfare reform with the opportunity to make it so. His view of the system as it was then, and in his words, "expensive and complicated, and unfair", was that it wasted manpower and exposed the system to potential fraud due to a lack of oversight in the thinly stretched apparatus, which could only catch fraud after it happens. 

In spite of the cheerful inaugural speeches of 2010, the system has done little to please the people whom it most affected: the recipients, themselves. 

Everyone from Occupational Psychologists to the advocacy group Citizen's Advice has lodged a growing list of concerns with UC. These complaints include a new bureaucratic expectation of the citizens of Britain to perform the implausible 42-90 day waits after being approved for housing and food assistance, to the observation that combining systems into one pathway will accomplish exactly the opposite of consolidation, and the costs of operations shall inflate annually, accordingly.
But one thing that nobody wants is a new system. 

The New Old System

Those whose cases are still being assessed under the old program, so-called, "legacy recipients", are the most troubled by potential reassessments per the criteria of Universal Credit. For example, families assessed for entitlements under the old system shall now lose €2400 annually if they have one child, and as much as €2600 for those with three, or more. To a struggling family, this is a substantial loss-of-income which has been described as, "a back to work incentive" when, in fact, eligibility would be under entirely different criteria for non-employed recipients. 

And it gets worse, as receipt of entitlements are threatened by hours being increased, for example, prompting some recipients to avoid the conflict by finding it cheaper not to work, as the wage is less.

Some people wait 60 days from approval dates, some wait less: but after being approved. This idiosyncratic fact has the UC advising families that are waiting that they should try their luck at food banks.

The Result

That people are anxious is an understatement. But UC authorities having to be forced by UK courts to admit that internally, problems which should have delayed the program, or cancelled it altogether, were both known to its planners, and routinely ignored, seems conspiratorial to recipients. The results are that the problems with the UC's Information Technologies networks, for example, are magnified to the point of seeming to be so impairing that they have had an impact in terms of human tragedy. The consolidation should have been mostly in this area. But, as it turns out, the area where most of their efforts went, to the on line application process, is relatively wasted as poor people don't have WiFi, or computers, for that matter. This is a prime example of ineffective rationale plaguing the program, currently. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

The fact is suffering is going to happen, and under the best of conditions, institutionalizing relief will be somewhat dehumanizing. But trying to conceal the stunted view of impoverished life, in its bombastitude, and its bias, and in the internal documents which UC still refused to relinquish only serves to feed public anxieties even more. And the troubling fact is that any person anywhere may someday be forced to rely on public trusts like these in order to live. 

But the very unyielding circumstance which places a person at the mercies of these programs should be eased by these programs, not constantly reminded that he or she has a very little bit of time to enjoy the little bit of money that they are eligible for. And, on the other hand, people's fearful compliance ought not be for sale, nor should they be penalized for working an extra hour. 

The reality is that fractional reserve banking has wasted an entire generation of people. Now, the answer isn't Universal Credit, the answer is options. Education, livelihoods, professions, and compassion. But not confusing the needs of a paraplegic with those of a needy family. And this is the least harmful thing UC, in jumbling them all into one house, shall do.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

For Whom The Bell Tolls, Again

It is obvious, now, that Israel was behind the false-flag Syrian gas attack of April 7 of this year. With the destruction of the US-Tri-Russo, Syrian, and Iranian alliance, which was destroyed by Donald Trump's pure stupidity, the arming of IS (aka Isil) now pays-off by the Antichrist's Netanyahu's forces assaulting the Syrians over the Golan Heights.

This was why Netanyahu started the war by first planning, then carrying out the op which piggy-backed Al Quaida on 9-11, this war getting started was what he wanted. And, while deceived Americans continue referring to them as "God's Chosen People", the strength of Israel shall not serve them: the United States has entered a war the scale of which it has never seen. And all because of Donald Trump's pure and heretical babbling idiocy...

Israel has been arming IS for years. So did The Obama and Cameron Admins of the US and UK, respectively. But for Israel to use the deployment of the very arms they sold the IS as a pretext for war against Syria is just perfectly normal wicked jewery piss ant douche-baggery; which we have grown used to. Especially after 9-11. The dividing party dialogues of Democrat and Republican Party dogma both only converge on pro-Israel Globalist dogma. And ALL Globalism is pro-Israel.

Yet the inconceivable pile of stink Israel is now selling downrange, that Assad's forces are, "Starting Their Old Tricks..." is typical human tragedy-causing rhetoric that spews like sulphur from the ugly lying mouths of jewish scum all to often. 

This time, though, they shall be in for a surprise. 

When Netanyahu tricked Trump into sucking him off publicly via the April 7 lie fest, he only weakened the US. Trump sought, and failed to acquire alliances with anyone else. And as it turns out, God shall not grant to wicked nations the blood of honest men unless they live volunteering that blood to the wicked: in Israel or under US Command. Delusion is the manifestation of the confirmed belief that these two honestly think that they cannot lose, and nothing they do is morally wrong.

The Xi-Trump Summit concluded in April of 2017 with Trump trying to produce distraction over Syria by exacerbating the N Korea issue. This ended with Trump frustrated, and China, via Foreign Minister Xi, referring to Trump as, "desperate, clueless, and seeking to save face, but failing as far as China was concerened." The Chinese have a series of treaties with Russia called, "The Treaty of Good Intent And Good Neighborliness." Mutual-defence, as per this treaty between Russia and China, proscribes any US/Sino alliance. And, indeed, Russian/US, and Sino/US tensions have grown increasingly hostile ever since the April 7 ass-to-mouth Trump, mouth, Netanyahu, ass.

History and God both tend to be cruel to those whom do not learn from the past.

But to Israel, which mistakes His silence for consent, seven suns shall scorch each and every one of you, even as God's servant, Daniel, called you, 'The robbers of the Jewish people.." whom God calls Christians, now. Unless they keep saying that their robbers are chosen before Americans, almost to the last man, do...

The rubber hits the road versus Russia for both of you. And the world will be free of the sickness that lives in both of you, as well as the Israeli's role in the travesty on 9-11. The pigeons are coming home to, here is the refugee crisis of Europe, and the Words of God finished in Earth: for the destruction of Israel is all that can happen.

So, in conclusion, all I want to say is: thank you to the Russians and Chinese whom shall wind up avenging those slain on 9-11. Do you see why God has finished this country?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Five Eyes Alliance: Why Belaboring Alliances Is A Huge Mistake

"The Five Eyes Alliance is a sort of artifact of the post World War Two Era where the the Anglophone (Anglosphere>English-speaking) countries of the major powers banded together to sort of cooperate and share the costs of the intelligence gathering infrastructure. The result of this was over decades and decades [the emergence of] a sort of a supranational intelligence organization that doesn't answer to the laws of its own countries." -Edward Snowden, NSA whistle blower

Snowden. Instead of being called a hero, Judas Government has tried, and failed, to villify this hero. Same with Gareth Williams.

The statement above, made by Snowden in 2013, represents both something of such importance that it was among his original alarm-raising issues, as well as defines a plethora of international meta-state formation tendrils connecting, then allowing for the exchange of information, as well as the elimination of threats which this organization may perceive as requiring such methods as assassination, blackmail, intimidation, etc.

What Is Five Eyes?

The Five Eyes Organization is an international organization originally formed to work closely with NATO as a foil to the KGB, as well as the Warsaw Pact. The sole criteria for exclusive inclusion was the bearing of the privilege of having been one of only five nations, each of which are only English-speaking nations, and whom had resisted the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, Romania, and Japan during the Second World War.

By now however, this organization, which became the Globalist "dirty tricks" ministry, has an inclusion of more than the original five: Canada, The United States, Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand, and, in-step with the evolving and emerging post Cold War MultiPolar world, has grown to include 150 other nations, although their participation is not quite membership.

Along with the Federal Reserve in the United States, as well as the IMF and the permanent federal employees which actually are the government, these three groups compose the largest section of what is known as "the Deep State".

Within the content of Snowden's leaks, we have a name for the agency which oversees the usage of intelligence service agents to commit themselves to the pursuit of every sort of methodology which suppresses the voice of any person that any member-state might deem to be a "threat".

Typically, this involves using foreign assets to even go as far as using murder to silence a citizen whose activities are deemed threats to the political elite.

When ReBush was publicly forced to acknowledge that his Case for War had been falsified, it was due to a leaker at MI-6 who allegedly provided proof that, not only had the Case for War been falsified, but that the leaders of the nations conducting the wars were all involved in the conspiracy to create the war, and then to cover up its causes.

Scott Ritter, former Unscom chief, was the chief of a UN delegation to oversee Iraqi disarmament after the First Occidental War in 1991. Ritter, both chief of Unscom, and an American, had repeatedly stated that ReBush was lying about the weapons of mass destruction still being in Iraq. Ritter exhaustively exonorated Saddaam Hussein in the press, calling him, "consistently and fully compliant with the wishes of the UN". He did so immediately following Colin Powell's now-infamous speech to the UN in February of 2003, and periodically could be seen on tv in a state of outrage. 

But it wasn't till 2007, when a "high ranking" source was quoted as saying that there were, indeed, never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that the faith in ReBush began to become disillusionment with ReBush. The source provided photographs, as well as communiques between officials in the US and UK, and this caused public outrage.

As the picture clarified that the US had lied, and the press got wind of it, it turned ReBush, as well as the war, itself, into a public relations nightmare.

But when the leaker, Gareth Williams, was found dead, zipped inside of a padlocked suitcase which had been placed into his small apartment bathroom, the message is clear: if the sacred cows of any given Five Eyes member-state get caught, then the leaker behind it shall be murdered, and honest inquiries halted, such as in the Gareth case, which was ruled a suicide. 

Although the details concerning every bit of his case remain under court-ordered seal until 2071, the conspicuously closed and padlocked suitcase which contained his body was somehow attributed to suicide....rrrrriiigggbhht...


Gareth Williams

What Five Eyes does is put a name on the way British operatives murder the Americans who threaten the status-quo on US soil, and vice-versa in UK. It also explains the manner in which vile men, like those whom operated the ReBush Administration, could both acquire great wealth, as well as operate above the least for a time.

This is how pizzagate remains unprosecuted, except in UK, where the lid was blown off of Pizzagate, and most involved (except the royals) were finally convicted.

But the emergence of increasingly leaked data not only suggests that this pointless alliance still exists, much in the same way NATO is pointless, yet still lives, but both of them represent increasing offences to guaranteed American principles which were to never be abridged via the Bill of Rights, because of their existences.

This leaking data also identifies the manner in which Five Eyes is undergoing a re-tooling in which the minuscule details of the on-line lives of the entire world will be surveillable in real time, as well as actionable for any disposition without having to answer to the laws of any nation; laws that were meant to protect us from their doing so.

This means that carrying dissent shall increase the surveillable profile of individuals, and this is not to protect us from terrorism. It is to protect the political lives which the Deep State attaches to like pilot fish. And, as in the case of Gareth Williams: to do so blatantly, and without accountability.

A Scotland Yard detective fails four out of five times to replicate the theory they have put forth about Gareth William's death. On the fifth attempt, he only succeeded in getting into the suitcase. He still failed to padlock it.

Anonymous Video about it...



If you missed my article from this blog, which was entitled, "Hypothesis, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, and An Old World Order", I will put a link to it below.


It seems increasingly likely that the mainstream media is losing the American Public to a vehemence expressed by what was, at first, complaint. But, as the recent Democrat loss in Georgia demonstrates, the Mainstream Media has lost the once vice-like mind-control hold over the electorate in the United States. 

Once very effective due to the fact that the hosts of these shows demonstrated a fallible honesty, the South African fellow on the Daily Show, as well as his pop-reference laden incorrect sermons disguised as "comedy", and his contrived predictability, may be the turning point that is signalling the termination of the mind-control over the Millennial generation. As I said, what made people like John Stuart so wonderfully entertaining was his right to his views not insulting mine, nor my views, as well as his diligence at locating common ground. Thus he seemed believable because it is American to not have to agree. But it is not American to conceal Pizzagate and then try to create Russiahacked. 

That makes me suspicious that the Bilderbergers want a new Cold War. But having differing views and not having hostility is American. The Daily Show with John Stuart, and the views he fought to convey, are both American, and full of tact. 

The  rage we all shared with political bricks like ReBush, and his unending, soul-eating and pointless acts of violence, like Pizzagate, knows no party. It is just wrong. 

It would appear that the producers of The Daily Show have lost their essential neutrality, and gravely insinuated a series of self revealing statements in terms of what they must have believed about our support, and what that belief must have admonished. Our alliance must have incurred other-than accurate analysis, and then the pursuit of the focus of that analysis has lost our patronship for many, many reasons. 

Russiahacked is not real.
Pizzagate is.
John Stuart would not flinch from that fact, as dishonesty is the sound of journalism dying. But making "jokes" presuming that: 
  1. a)anyone whom disagrees with The Daily Show is an idiot, then 
  2. b) supporting Russiahacked as real despite the lack of any evidence,   
  3. c) their defense by ridiculing Pizzagate, or ignoring the subject entirely, isn't so wrong that it is a game-loser. It is, in fact, so blatantly biased that it is akin to being forced to use crayons at the behest of a kindergarten teacher threatening to publicly upbraid you if you color outside of the lines. That is essentially the problem: this host of The Daily Show is nothing short of a paid-for actor pedantically spoon feeding the Millennial Gen its daily dose of Globalist rhetoric. 

 That isn't the problem.

The problem is that no one is watching, and instead of correcting their glaring mistake, and ceasing the insult of the American Electorate's collective intelligence, they continue hammering-home these non-points, believing that either Trump, or Hillary, was a "adequate" choice. There is all kinds of comedy in the facts. But the facts have no residence at Comedy Central.

There is nothing funny about watching the one show that got me through the idiocy of the ReBush Admin, and its blood soaked bombast, sinking in flames as a "human shield" for the "serious" journalistic bombast of the everyday mainstream media. They are losing their power, and killing The Daily Show as its experimental guinea pig! 

Hillary certainly would have started a war.

Trump didn't have to, but stupidly chose to. 

Either way, this nation is finished.

Do you mind while we who knew that tried to prevent it via electing Trump, since Hillary indeed, both would have started the war, and is up to her ears in a pedophilia scandal for which we, the American People, demand that she, as well as anyone whom is implicated with her, be held accountable? Do you mind if we ignore you while you and your biased and ignorant assertions in place of what The Daily Show used to be finish the administered suicide of the motif?  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Thousand Words....


eurocrap a decentralised eu agency for crap related                          matters
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Monday, June 19, 2017


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19/6/17, fur UnterEuropeanen  eurocrap

By the order of our Fuhrer, Angele Merkel, eurocrap has been instructed to order all those who remain uneurocrushed by the names we call you, under the "Let The Poor Be The Victims of Multiculturalism" [2012, Project Scabies by Proxy] like 'Xenophobe', and 'racist!', as well as anyone whom can identify exactly which part(s) of the Koran mandate the murders of all whom are not converted to Islam, and all non atheists, are ordered to report to their local Euro Comm Office of Convergance [Eurofound Initiative Protocols 36, 15, und 15a] for their tattoos, and to have names such as, "Scott", for males, and, "Beatrice", for females, to be added onto their official EU papieren. 

At this time, a pepe the frog emblem shall be added to all clothing. Failure to maintain tattoos, clothing, and papieren in proper display, as to relegate you, shall result in your repatriation.


Under the provisions of europrogramme, "Make Fun of, And Marganilise Christians", exterminating world views which oppose Communism a la Merkel, by the act of murdering those world views, is provided for in the 1952 European Declaration of European Human Rights, and Ascension from Third Reich to Fourth Reich is pursuant to Prop 36, entitled as, "Europeans are ONLY people who accept her views, or the number of the name of her views: for it is a humane number. Its number is, sechshundert, dreiscore, und sechs." [EU Art 1-36, Conseil > EU, EU>Fourth Reich]
Unsere Fuhrer! Gott ist TOT!

Thus, we are not deporting you. We are merely sending you back to your homelands, where we can correct God's mistake due to your having been born in the definition of Europe by Reichsprotocol Sechs und Dreisisch.

Failure to comply shall result in your repatriation to your homeland.

Compliance shall, well, result in your repatriation to your homeland.

Note: sixty one of the sixty three genders as per EU prot 15, eu § s,v, and g, [Art 15, 32, 36] shall be granted immediate immunity from repatriation, as long as they adopt Die Fuhrer's atheistic world views, and participate in the act of insulting their own existences MITT Die Fuhrer!

SiEUg HEUil. UnsEUre FuhrEUr!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Why does eurocrap hide refugee criminal statistics? 
We, here at eurocrap, would like to make your eurointeractive experience as wonderful as we possibly can make it. Well...not really, but we are forced to pretend that we do, until you give up trying to discover any information which we are currently hiding, like the actual numbers of refugee murders, arsons, rapes, plus a comparative graph denoting numbers, in Euros, given to refugee-offenders, as opposed to numbers, in Euros, they had to pay to the courts, after eurocrap, such as institutional sympathy for goat fuckers was mind controlled into you, the natural inhabitants of Europe.

In continued efforts in those areas, we have published the following chart to explain the whole crisis's etiology. You are welcome, in advance!

The Great Whore of Biblical reference>Judaism>Zionism>Rothschilds Central Fractional Reserve Banking>the pain upon the world mounted by angry, dead Babylonians circa 450BC when they envied and hated the Jews, then used mysticism to join, then corrupt Judaism>Globalism>EU

The Great Beast>Islam>OPEC>Muhammed, false prophet number one>sunni>false prophet number two>GLOBALISM>refugee crisis>EU

The Two Converge In Zionism, Globalism, and especially EU!

Thus, we here, at eurocrap, cite the copius programs designed to erode tradition, first by a process of marginilising Christianity, and Christians, called making fun of Christians, and Christianity. [666.78, Art 36 § r-t]
These are efforts overseen by EU via eurocrap, and various other decentralised agencies of eu, including the European Space Agency, which hires deformed midgets to portray a chief science like person whom lives in a wheelchair, and claims that there is no god, due to his deformity. There are currently six such deformed midgets playing this role, which eurocrap has brainwashed to believe they are both really astronomers, as well as the only midget astronomer on earth! Stupid midgets! [Art 36 § 36 Amm 36 Prop 36:(euchr)"....midgets should be considered property", " is ok for eu to abuse midgets..."]

This project, known within eurocrap as Eurosupportsatan, is better known by its more popular name, the Steven Hawking Project. The midgets used to portray Hawking are procured via the same EU entitlement programs which allow the kidnap and orgies, then disposals of children called EU Article 36 § 36 a-r. 
How this involves UFO's
For far too long EU, especially Belgium and Europe, not that Belgium is any different...we, here at eurocrap are not prejudiced! We love Belgians. Honestly. They most assuredly smell far better than German or French people...unless you consider French and Belgians the same. To be completely honest, I mean, everyone does, right? It isn't prejudice if it is true, right? 

Anyway, to make this short, then right back to the excuses hiding Eurohate via eurocrap for Belgians, Lichtensteinians, San Andorrans, Smarmians, Canary Islanders, and especially for ANYONE whom seeks sanctuary at GOD's church. What bloody keffers, am I right?

Well, anyway, oh....BRAZILLIANS? What the hell is that about....right? Are you black? Are you red savages, like that Jeronimo fellow? Are you Mexicans...which one? Oh...oh...ho..if you were only European! EU would suck you dry first instead of those smelly Greeks, then Greasy Spaniards! Ah..alas, it was tremendous fun raping the bank of greece via Rear Entry!

Anyways....UFO's are God's people....and we globalists didn't sign deals with Satan to pretend we love GOD! Oh...ok...PRETEND....yes. But really be afraid? No. God frightens and astonishes us. 

Therefore, it is the policy of eu to pretend that neither God, nor his beany little ships, exist. Europeriod.

End Of Results

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