Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Came With The Ashes

It happened aboard the sacred cow...

There was The United States, and then, there is a nation whose quiet superseding of what was The United States has become something different, something unacceptable.

We are living, and we are dying, in the latter...

So, you think 9/11/01 was the date of American darkness?

On September 18, 1947, President Harry Truman killed the nation each of our founding fathers risked their legacy, life, limb, and property to create. Aboard the pre-cursor to Air Force One, (an aircraft he called, the "Sacred Cow") which he would create also, that same instant, with one stroke of the pen, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act. 
The Hon Harry Truman, good man, and president. There would be very few more...

The self-same instant, the NSA, CIA, as well as the seeds of alphabet agencies to come, were given a charge of executive life. And ever since, the very principles which inspired our national existence have been ridiculed, dissuaded, and compelled to shame. We have the rise of pure villains, such as Jesus James Angleton, a sinister figure whose role in the CIA as counter-espionage chief means that you have heard of his babies, (the Bay of Pigs, the Mafia-Castro Assassination plots), but you may not have any idea who he was. And we have the fall of our national heritage, and the loss of innocence. We have the steady encroachment of our national Bill Of Rights. And one after one, those guarantees have vanished.

And you may not be aware of the dark directions that swelled like tsunami waves gathering strength from the destructive force at the center, the National Security Act of 1947, and show no signs of being a threat to anyone except Americans, gathering, not losing, gathering energy until this very hour.

The unique complexities that came with the ashes of the bomb were its causes and effects. Though the Nat Sec Act is still in effect, the same unique complexities have left the world with the fall of the USSR in 1991, yet we are still enduring the resulting deprivations of our national character due to the act. We observe such things as the assassination of Seth Rich, the man whose leaks to WIkileaks prove it was not Russians who hacked the election, but someone sick of the criminal acts and the pedophilia, and someone from within the DNC. Someone whose murder was carried out almost assuredly by someone working within this dark theater. 
This image, of the Man In Black, as a govt spook, was created on 9-18-47

With this act, Truman gave the greenlight to an atmosphere of cloak and dagger come corruption, corruption that has relieved us of our freedoms, and made us vulnerable to the international bankers with whom they coalesced as they entreated them for monies. Monies which they then acquired prevented these agencies from the oversight of Congressional checks, thus, permitted a culture of corruption ranging from drug dealing to white slavery being perpetrated against American citizens by its own government.

And, as demonstrated by increasingly astonished and disillusioned whistleblowers: is still very much alive.
The pompous indignation which grants these agencies the entitlement cannot be stopped, because Truman never bothered to inquire whom shall watch the watchers; in his times secret societies, like the Bilderbergers, were not yet murdering people, American people, with the assets of the CIA, in exchange for money that the authorities cannot trace.

If he had not been asked during the Iran Contra hearings, which have bogusly been cited to identify the October Surprise as a conspiracy theory, then CIA Director William Casey would have never acknowledged that crack cocaine was their creation. Indeed, during Vietnam the CIA imported Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese opium into the US exactly the same way Frank Lucas did. Only Lucas had to hide the goods, as both organizations imported their goods by landing on US installations to avoid customs.
The fmr Director of CIA, William Casey, with Reagan, circa 1985

I mentioned the October Surprise: Stansfield Turner presided over CIA while secret negotiations and contacts between David Rockerfeller, Opec, and the Ayatollah Khomeini ransomed the 52 American hostages in exchange for US made weapons and cash. All the Iranian leader had to say was that he would, indeed, release them if Reagan was elected, and would not if Carter had been. I know the US Air Force psychiatrist whom debriefed them, personally. His name was Col Dr Baskaran, USAF. They were debriefed at the USAF American hospital in Wiesbaden, W Germany, and they knew that this had been the case. That some secret deal had been reached in which the Ayatollah would announce that the condition of their release would be Reagan's election. The nation lost respect for Reagan when he denied it in 1987, as well as claimed that he was experiencing Alzheimers, therefore could not recall what had occurred in the years prior to his election. But later, however, as well as mystically, a sufficient amount of his memory was recovered that he swore Bush never knew of the deal. Well....Bush headed the CIA during Carter's first months in the White House, is both Bilderberger, and Opec-fuckboy, wanna sell me that he really had nothing to do with it?

When Hellary denied Trump's legitamacy as a candidate whom represented Reagan's deliverance of prosperity, she should have reminded the nation of the election fraud that elected Reagan in 1980, and not tried to identify a lack of experience and unpredictable character. But she is a piece of shit murder-sanctioning, child molesting, illuminati-associated rumbling pile of mediocrity, and this, too, can be traced straight back to 9/18/47.
Young Jesus James Angleton, Matt Damon had it dead on..

The older version. His wife's suicide and affair with JFK punctuate his probable culpability in the events that lead up to the murder of one of our last noble presidents

Jesus James Angleton is the character, (along with a tad of Robert Bissell, fmr Deputy Director of CIA under Dulles) upon whom Matt Damon's character in "The Good Shepherd" was based. Hardly soft-spoken, however, it is believed that his wife's affair with JFK may have prompted a bit of personal resentment for his boss, fueling further the notion that the initial steps Kennedy took to both block Vietnam, kick Johnson off the ticket, and otherwise render Nixon unelectable by Kennedy siblings till 1980, may be precisely why we have heard so much about these causes, and Cuban causes for the murder and successful coup d'etat they mounted. But only recently have skeptical people included these very real causes, (Nixon and his plumbers actually pulled it off) with the real reason: the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers were halted from charging interest to act as the US privatized National Bank. Verily, after his murder, and in violation of EO 111100, that very real cause for concern eats away like a worm at what is left of the financial vitality of the nation. And has no hint of stopping anytime soon.

What good came of it? Perhaps the separation of the Army and Air Force, the creation of Air Force One, the distinctive identity of the US Marines, the creation of the Secretary of Defense....
And this helped make the services, in increasing fashion, answerable for crimes against civilians and servicemembers. Though I know there are some who laugh when I say that. There is so very little good that came of the Nat Sec Act of 1947 that it is hardly mentionable. In fact, I can't think of much more....

There were two United States, but now there is just the one. There were two, the one in ascension, and the one in decline. On September 18, 1947, we hit the high water mark for what it meant to embrace the highest and most noblest ideals of human existence. Then, like our guns, and our senses, they have slowly, carefully, albeit quite unaccidentally, withdrawn. 

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