Friday, May 12, 2017

Undermined: How EU Is A Criminal Sanctuary

I want you to look at that sign up there, because those proportions are correct.
-JAWS, billboard scene 

As proven in the case of former EU Commissioner of Finance, John Dalli, a Maltese elitist banker whom wasn't content stealing money from Europeans....

He has branched out across the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, to be precise, and into the pocketbooks of American retirees whom were duped into believing that they were investing in a firm that was a sure shot to accomplish something specifically targeting the elderly in America: Christian advancement, and the professional development of medical security for miners.

The face of the Globalist scum, whose buddies are busily shielding from extradition 
But the return on these investments was the citing by the multi-tentacled dream-smasher that is the meta-state of a basic statute allowing EU offices to be used to distract suckers, while a individual steals from them, then EU simply defers the issue to the individual member- state, which in Dalli's case, is Malta.
This is the place he is hiding! Can you believe we are shooting Muslims for no reason, yet he is walking the street?
"I just don't want him to do this to anybody else."-Regina Hayes, 74

In the South Carolinian Low-Country, where hard work and religious traditions run very strong, an entire community of elderly Americans was defrauded of a combined total of at least two million dollars, and this is only one community. The scheme was operated in the name of the EU Commission in Brussels, however, the first level of fraud is that Mr John Dalli did not actually have any authority to use "the company stationery" when he offered a deal to these people which appeared in every way legal, and legitimate.

"The Ponzi-like scheme, which resulted in the theft of at least 1.5 million dollars, leads back to high-ranking EU banker John Dalli..." 
 -The New York Times
 The attempts for remedy are many, but not the point. The point is, Malta is shielding Dalli, 68, via a statute that defers any misconduct such as fraud on this level to the government of the member state alone. Strangely enough, Malta refuses to investigate the matter!
Elderly? Check. American? Check. Go for fraud. The EU provides a sort of legal limbo state for bankers...a kind of diplomatic immunity. But there is no way that that has anything to do with American Justice, or the remedies that shall cause the US to set an unprecedented procedural demand upon the Maltese govt to "present the person named in this indictment."

This is the rotten core of Globalism. It is run by the thick vein of hubris completely detached from the ensuing of consequence from which no man can defend them. There are several acts in US law which can profoundly affect the future of US EU trade and relations for years to come, as this case sets an uglier precedent about cuckish regards for immorality potentially becoming a functioning gear in more gigantic thefts to come.

EU, in its typical mouth open, and running, but nothing that is right or sound getting accomplished, has set forth the seeds of action via the State Dept, as well as the IRS. The "Foreign Corrupt Services Act of 1977" was written just for such occasions. The longer term could call into question the fatal screwing up of the Austrian- born TTIP by people closely associated with Dalli in his former office, as well as cast potential examining luminescence upon the need for tougher safeguards in every aspect of trade with US, which could deny the position of being largest trade partner EU has enjoyed during its sixteen year existence.

There will be justice, either American taxpayers or Maltese taxpayers: but the truth is, each citizen in EU will most likely foot this bill to repay US taxpayers whom shall advance the losses to the victims of this despicable criminal act.

The EU is a shelter for felonious crooks whom prey upon the faith of Grandparents. And the cuckolded deferrals in terms of excuses, to quote, "Jaws", is going to, "...swim up right behind them, and bite them in the ass..."

Smile you sonofa...

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