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Under The Porch: Finland, By Numbers

The band Nightwish, from Finland
The only people more suicidal than the Fins are the Japanese. Finland has the highest suicide rate in Europe, and the second on earth. Finland's GDP is forty-sixth on earth, in terms of actual wealth, and the average Fin annually earns $41,000. There is no immediate image of what is Finlandish which arrives in terms of cultural identity, ninety percent of US citizens cannot name the national dish, or even a Finlandish product. To the south lies the entirely Euro-static and content Denmark, forty-first GDP on earth, and to the north and west, the controversially fracturing spasms of Sweden, twenty-fifth GDP on earth. It should be the lap of Scandanavian luxury...

Finland just gets overlooked. It is the child in the family who is too smart to attract attention, and too naive to count the years. But this is not due to a lack of right moves being made, in terms of measuring stick figures, Finland donates €6 million more than membership dues annually for WTO to preserve the poorest and most fragile nations which it exploits, and playing enough ball to get a number, but not quite enough to be targeted, Finland keeps moving through time as though the national direction is a secret they share.

Think about it: why do we not hear the constant complaints about the asylum seeking rapists or refugees waxing violent against Helsinki crowds? Still think they aren't brilliantly smart?

There are every single one of the problems experienced by the more famously refugeed-out neighbors, as well as every member-state. In fact, Finland has kind of led the Scandanavian charge for reforms, to include demanding fiscal support in multiple areas of financial support, to include written promissories from Brussels that there will be a practical and fair dollars and sense review of the huge imposition this puzzle of crushing weight solutions that EU immigration policy is. 
Current PM Juha Sipila, Centre Party, Center Left and Center Right Compositionally

And though the problems are boiling over, and quietly so, the fact that Finland's complaints have not emptied their furies in unending Facebook posts doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, it is a part of the fundamental problem going out from Finlanders to the world around: will you listen, will you lend us a moment of your time?

Content to limit their plight to the esoteric newscasts of Europe, the plight of any EU nation is a predictable one...boy meets girl, girl falls asleep, then they are both beaten, robbed, and raped by a gang of refugees, who then sends them a bill for their room and board. This isn't just Finland, by the way, it is Europe. And its only blown out of proportion to kid yourself otherwise. In Finland, however, the whole thing goes over while the Finlanders try to make some sort of philosophical, or political sense of it all, but they, as a people, stand almost united either Eurosceptic, or thinking seriously about moving to anywhere else.

But even EU admits that more than half of Finland is discontent, with 49% distrusting anything EU says or does. For Finland to leave the participation in the Euro would be war. War like the one currently being waged by EU against Italy, where EU holds hostage the entire nation by its short and curlies in the form of a bond market whose value could empty like running taps of hot and cold "force you", and plumbed right into Juncker's parlor. The reason being Finland is Eurozone 100%, they bit the Globalism hook "hook, line, and sinker" so to speak. These desperate kinds of cases will not exit the Euro without a ton of work and International help. The kind of help where you basically protect your bond market by slowly re-issuing it with Finnish Markas, developing a six to eight month conversion strategy which means the losses to any piracy by the independent financial district is off-setable by the removal of refugees from your currency-starved infrastructure. Timing is everything, and the Finlanders are pretty good at timing.

Right about the time of Brexit, and let's face facts, a lot of refugee-strapped nations were watching, with hopeful eyes for a way out.(currently, EU alone can reach trade deals on behalf of Eurozone nations, unless the convening of a vote of the EU Parliament, and the Council approves, see you in about a decade)
At the time, headlines in Helsinki read, "Showdown In Brussels" and were in reference to budgeting concerns the Finlanders had over their rapidly inflating economy. The reality of say, the fashion by which the Visegrad 4 refused refugees were begun in France, Germany, and Finland, as those nations rejected a unified safe country list and began to compile their own, dreaming of the day they could put Syria on that list.

But this is not quite Euroscepticism. It is Euroscepticism under the porch, buried, and kind of not trying to make any noise. But its not dead.

What Finland has been able to do in technical violations of EU Regulations, compiling lists, and sharpening restrictions to Free Movement, it is something showing up more and more in the center of Finland's political spectrum. The "showdown" which happened to arrive right around the time of Brexit, which also drummed it out of the headlines, was organised by the Finlanders under their current governing composition, and then it was led by their PM, Juha Sipila, whom actually is a centre politician. His party is the Centre Party of Finland.

Party platforms for Euroscepticism, which we all know is embraced by far right and left platforms, in Finland, not only is their second largest party extremely Eurosceptic, but they have a leg up on the "move Euroscepticism to the center" angle by means of a party, Forces For Change in Finland, which is composed exactly of that: far right believers, Communists, Socialists, Nationalists, all consolidated, and awaiting orders. Though their seats aren't an army yet, what Finland has, which Italy, for instance, doesn't is a path to change like a 220 volt carrying lightning bolt of it, all Finland needs to loosen it is the EU to act normal, indignant of problems affecting Fins caused by their ineptitude, greed, and mismanagement, and for all intent and purposes, all the politicos in Helsinki have to do is decide who unlatches the gate and releases the Euroscepticism which growls safely....for now.

While the Norweigan people have this blackmail relationship with EU, even Denmark, EU philes that they are, never gave up their currency. In fact, no other Baltic nation has...not even Germany, whom invented the thing. And why? Because, within these nations, Eurozone compliance, which is what this is, means Euroscepticism moves to the center, and a wide base of public support arises prepared to kill the beast with garden implements, if that is what it takes.

In Eurozone nations like Finland and Italy, it is a whole lot more difficult to get the poop back into the horse. While immediate comparisons should be shunned, it is entirely possible for Juncker to forbid these guys from deriving a new currency based upon Euros: but not based on Pounds! They could do literally nothing to stop this...and that is a definite path to loosening the Finlexit Kraken.

As the MP's are aware, the self-contained Euro is not the panacea they were promised. It is not free of the inflative influences being an international currency, as they were promised. And that is due directly to the limitations on controlling rates of interest which arrive with the majority of Euro holders all experiencing temptations to print themselves some more money, or bonds...but the Euro itself, and not needing cash: it is the Euro that put Finland upon that slippery slope.

Those national currencies which rejected the single currency-single market sale's pitch seemed to do so for owning a national currency which was far-reaching, and valuable: colonial power nations, UK, France, Germany. Denmark defies this rule for the reason which I am about to cite. Finland, being small, and not trading in a wide-reaching international market for the Marka, meant that accepting the Eurozone comes with just that: colonial power type reach, none of the wars, or dying. But it never really occured to them that the same colonial power nations figuring prominently in EU would not be promoting Finland corporations, only the hugely disadvantagingly expensive international ones in which the Fins buy into. And that...that is a problem.

This argument, leave or stay, will eventually result in Finlexit. This, in spite of the pro Globalist union which got their nuts on the hook in the first place. I don't think it unhealthy to believe that if you watch the large and Eurosceptic Finns Party, that you will see the conversion of the Bond Market openly slap EU in the face. Then a child will come out of the door, walk around to the side of the porch, and loosen a monster.
This is Fried Vendace, together with fried Baltic herring, these are the two national dishes of Finland.
This is a bread cheese that goes by one of two names, the easiest is juuatoliepa. It is the Finnish national cheese.

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