Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ten Steps Backwards: How Turkey Exposed the Hypocrisy of Merkel's EU

The referendum prompting the announcement from Merkel, that she would not allow the Turks she owns to vote on, is a motion to reinstate capital punishment in Turkey. 

In measured autonomy do the leaders allow citizens imprisoned in the paper imbecile of EU to open their eyes and realize too late what has been lost in the assimilation to such an infuriating predicament. The recent usage of foreign voters in a French election clearly demonstrates the fashion in which Merkel and company intend to strangle the sovereignty straight out of the self-determination of the people whom are actually French. And it leaves no latitude for interpretation. This is a rule by usurption, realizing a consequence-free zone for the questionable banking practice that is synonymous with EU. And it is identical to playing financial Russian-Roulette with time itself.

All along the shores of Scandinavia, all the way to the Mediterranean washing upon Greek and Italian shores, to Atlantic Spain, and Normandy, and advancing eastward into the nations of the Orthodoxy, beside a NATO without any clearly defined mission except to destroy European culture: the power is something EU likes. Merkel, Tusk, and Juncker are perfectly willing to force the national elections of European lands to recognize the votes of people whose presence there, and their vote, are by their will, and accomplish their agendas. But if the refugees wish to vote in their own national referenda, and those referenda do not embrace the sick and sharply unacceptable view of the world guiding immorality in EU, mystifyingly (....somehow...), the reply from Berlin, is not only, "No, you may not vote in your national referenda", but, "I insist on personally picking and choosing the referenda I might be willing to allow you to vote on."

And, she said this two days after using the immigrant vote to bury France deeper beneath the fiscal muck of EU's banker holiday atmosphere.

One must wonder that if it were Israel, would they be denied this right? One must wonder, if this were a gay marriage vote, would she stand so convinced of her right to block the exercise of democracy?

One must also wonder, how long till the ancient nations of Europe throw this foreign occupation like chains from their necks, and free themselves from a well-worn path to armed conflict in the name of self-determination, cultural memory, cultural uniqueness, all of which have been sacrificed to the god of commerce whom obviously is not pleased, and not trying to hear that...

Though the relationship between EU and Turkey is one of contention, it does open the doors wide to the lie that EU is sixty years old. Turkey was a full fledged member of Conseil De L'Europa, but somehow Turkish people do not enjoy Free Movement, without first surrendering what it means to be Turkish to the EU hypocrisy.

The diabolically-named ascension talks for Turkey to join the organization which allegedly, it already belongs to, are suspended as of the 2016 Constitutional reforms in which a victorious Erdogan basically declared himself God and King. But somehow....not one motion to the negotiations of the thirty five required articles of ascension except one has been been successful: Turkey's ascension into EU is on permanent hiatus. Thirty four unfinished articles remain undiscussed, thus in limbo, kind of like Turkey.
Erdogan is a horse's ass: but whether or not he is in charge of Turkey is a Turkish issue, and none of CIA's, German Intelligence, etc: it is not their business, nor is Turkish law Frau Merkel's business...

It is simply amazing how stupid people will be when they are constantly told lies, like, "the EU existed in the eighties", based on treaties which were established when NATO-wide policies were signed in order to guarantee the spread of Communism would not be a westward trend, and how conveniently those lies work for our wicked intentions for those we rule until someone cries, "Bullshit!".

Well, that is bullshit. Frau Merkel's government did the legwork bringing Turkish refugees to Germany, if she wants to control them, she is going to need a time machine. Because the purpose behind Turks in Germany, as anyone who has ever lived there can tell you, is cheap labor, Social Darwinism.
Frau Merkel will allow Turks to scrape the dung off of her boots, drive her taxis, sell her hot Bindings in the Frankfurt Flughafen, but participation in the democratic exercise of their most sacred and basic rights is more than she is willing to grant them, as if....

Obviously this where any one of us would draw the line....somehow.

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