Tuesday, May 2, 2017

None Of The Above: Abstention, And How It Could Put Macron On Ice

Recent terrorist attacks in France have set-off a polarizing backlash against the Muslim-friendly Macron, whose party feels Muslims will abstain. Muslims say that they are merely being exploited as a people, and thus do not feel either candidate has their best interests at heart. 

Abstention, in political science,  is the act of refusing to vote for the candidates on the ballot. In the French elections this Sunday, all bets are on, that whether by hook or crook, Emmanuel Macron will easily win the election. Yet there are some within his own party wanting his center dialogue to shift radically left, as the fears of his losing the Muslim vote, for instance, are strong enough that all observers are watching a race which many believe shall not be the unopposed ride into the winner's circle for which EU officials are praying, and sweating it out.
President....by abstention? It is extremely possible.

French Abstention
The fact Melechon, the far left candidate, which means he is Communist, or extremely Socialist (as Communism remains somewhat of an anachrone) actually did well in the four way election would seem to indicate that, at least in part, the logic of a shift leftward is sound. Otherwise, if we are to embrace the theory, it is feared that LePen will collect a portion of Melechon's votes due to the dissatisfaction with EU that tends to live, politically, on the far left and far right in Europolitics.
Melechon. Can either the center candidate, Macron, or the far right National Front candidate, LePen (whom most likely shall partner with Melechon to make Frexit a reality) collect the remnant of his constituency on the Sunday election?

But those far parties embracing Euroscepticism are designated as extremes by EU standards. Prior to EU reshaping the European political spectrum, Macron would actually be further right than his party, Enmarche! (which could be interpreted as "Action!"or "March!") would find expedient. But the party he cast in his own image has benefited from the paradigm-arrogance that reset Europolitics and shifted the old right to the new center. Either way, though, Macron's dialogue seems insincere. The "wait and see, let the ballot sort it out" attitude from the confident Macron, however, is more than making his advisers.....let's say, a little bit uncomfortable.
The French Euroscepticism is not solely immigrant-reform based, yet the failures of Macron and EU to identify with the average French citizen's standpoint, that they are one recession away from Grexit, is cause for immediate alarm. Casting their votes for Macron, in the minds of many French people, is casting a vote for a view of the world no longer relevant.

Muslim-French Abstention 
Widely viewed as the EU's captain-advocate, it seems odd that some of his (Macron's) very guarded response to the recent terror attack in Paris would not ease the majority of Muslims. The widely-held belief that is guiding the Muslim threat of abstention is that all French people distrust Muslims, and Macron's actual dynamic relationship with the banking industry, and that of EU macroeconomics, translates to a metaphysical certitude that his policies shall continue to cause uncertainty to the economy of Paris, and of France in-general, while doing nothing to alleviate EU policies hurting the nation.

Thus, as the Muslims feel no outward change for their unique concerns is at hand by any candidate, participating in a predictably static decline, which Muslims, in particular, are footing most of the blame, is identical to participating in a vapid waste of time. In contrast to this political alienation, and in spite of the apparent merits of, "abstention: due to nothing changing", the Muslim community leaders are engaged in an eleventh-hour effort to "jihad the vote". On a strictly personal observational note, CIA interference would be nearly undetectable in this group of people.
Muslim community leaders have pushed for Muslims not to abstain, and to trust EU and Macron. This campaign has done little to ease the concerns of Muslims with either candidate,

The Future of Frexit

The future of Frexit is one of an affixed assurety. Though the results of Sunday's elections are viewed as the be all, end all of Frexit, the smart money is on the inevitability of a referendum, and the indictment of President Macron, whose very slim victory will have EU propaganda experts burning the midnight oil. No matter what, Marine LePen shall conduct France through the waters of Frexit, and most-assuredly, will lead a domination of Euroscepticism in near-future debates. It is becoming absurd, the Juncker-sponsored gallow's humor that caused British Eurosceptisism to be ignored in Strasbourg; as the issues that could have been reformed in the palaces in which they were born were not confronted. Yet, EU remains astonished by a free people refusing to allow their rich traditions of state to be eaten by a pointless and labor-intensive meta state.
It is as Talleyrand said in reference to the return of the Bourbons to the throne of France, "They have learned nothing."

France, in many ways, remains misunderstood outside the hexagon, but within, there is old and stubborn Norman blood, and Frankish blood, loyally Christian, and fed up with the arrogance.

In spite of my prediction, one still should not be surprised if they show up in record numbers, and lodge the mandate of sanity in electing Madme LePen. And this very well could be the result.

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