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Much Ado About Ireland: How the EU/Brexit Divorce Bastardized Ireland

There can be little doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is breathing a sigh of relief that it is the weekend...

The man has had the equivalent of a social amputation of his four extremities, and definitely needs the weekend to get himself sorted out.

Jeremy Corbyn, and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...week...month...year. Think he ran over some reporter?
While everybody and their brother raises the alarm over economic concerns in Ireland, which tends to happen on slow news days...this has been perhaps the worst week in his political life.

Meanwhile, in the media, the anxieties being stirred concerning Ireland finish a week of intense yet unofficial audit by the IMF, whose spokespersons' duality could be described as "duplicitous": doom, yet measured, hopeful, yet hopeless...
And it doesn't stop there.

The facts about Ireland's situation may be distinguishing, but they are neither new, nor doom-laden.
Michelle Shannon, IMF Mission to Ireland Chief, conveyed a message which contrasted to other IMF press releases. She said, "Slower due to Brexit, but Ireland's economy will continue to prosper." Other IMF press releases state that Brexit has assured Ireland of failure. Believe me, unless you are a Globalist banker or politician, economic failure is the only destination for the EU train, as well as those who are on board it.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair chimed-in, apparently on the side of the "doomed" crowd. But there is a silver lining to all this, and I will try to explain...

With district after district of key Labor Party quasi-defections, due to an almost laughable manifesto leak, which, if true, does very little for the working class in Britain, and the Art District in London sounding the "loss of class" alarm after key museum sell-offs which really have nothing to do with Brexit...A lot of contrasting and unrelated data has been read with all the charm, perhaps, but also, all the meaningless mumbo jumbo of reading tea leaves.

All the while, being ignored is the confidence of academics as to the sound logic of both Brexit, and the suffrage of the voting public. This, in spite of this week's numerous ups and downs in the world, according to the media.
Which, if you're Jeremy Corbyn, the end of this week must bear the literal semblance of a combination of Dorothy's arrival in Oz, Frodo's completion of his task of destroying the one ring, and Harry Potter winning the duel with "he who will not be named".

Friday saw a number of high profile people and/or organizations sounding the doom bell in regards to Ireland and from a cross-section of topics ranging from economic to the state of the IRA/Ulster Unionist Peace Accords.

The peace between the Northern Irish and Irish people was not an accomplishment of EU. EU was still a faint glimmer in the eyes of bankers at the IMF when the accords were worked out between the two opposing sides. EU was IMF's dream, then, as well as that of German politicians, and a handful of other nations whose uncertainties were and are well-documented. It is a public waste that the drums of the losing side continue to be beaten as though Brexit has made EVERYONE psychic. But a lot of people whose personal fortunes and fame were directly due to the soul sellers conventions in Strasbourg and Brussels have been attacking the decision of democracy before EU could taint the democratic process, as it has in France.

Again, where were these people July 23, 2016? But the naysayers are not going to sit back and just allow their Zionist orgasm to now face the consequences without a whole lot of muckery about, "The Ulster Unionists and Orangemen are going to go pluck their guns off the wall and take deadly aim at slower, fat Roman Catholics!" Or, "The Gestappo is set to roust EU foreigners and ship them eastward, by train."

But, if you are pressing your ear to the ground, this is the tale woven to punish the UK for taking its sovereignty back from the baldfaced lies of multi culturalism. Too bad the same cannot be done to end gay marriage. It would seem very difficult for anyone, in the name of God, to shoot anyone else, when a scumbag in the Vatican defies all virtue and condones gay marriage, or Masonic hypocrisy, or has become nauseated with his institution's very own 1,500 year pizzagate.

Who shoots what why, in those circumstances? Which part of the Roman Catholic Church is not corrupt at this point?

The Globalist elite see the end of their scheme, and rather than take the hint, they are prepping for what shall, indeed, be a disaster for them. 

Tony Blair, and the Labor Party, would like to demand evidence for just how the Tories plan to sustain the economy of Northern Ireland, and raises several good questions. I have one question I would love to ask Mr Blair: in the sixteen years of EU membership, at what point was Ireland's economy EU's priority? Better yet, when, since the dawn of time, was Ireland wealthy?

It only makes sense that the Irish interests now become bastardized in the guileful language of didactic suppositions, when the nation that is continues to lead by a collection of press releases that seem hell bent on misleading the public into the unconformable notion that somehow, Ireland has lost anything, when the effort to secure the particular interests of Irish people should be the priority of all-involved.

The IMF, whose rockstar status within EU is due to its primary role loop holing the launder of the banking economy of the entire continent, would like Britain to dread this reassertion of her sovereign rights. Why? Simply put, IMF built EU. IMF, whose role was creating the EU to the disadvantage of each class of people, has conducted more harm to the the working people of Britain than anything perhaps except war. The interests of British people should be vitally invested in a restorative policy in regards to the strongest currency on earth, and the largest GDP in Europe. So this group of cash reservists cannot exploit Britain in its newly standardized practices of market manipulation, enjoying the riches and power which come as attachments to this status, meanwhile, Greece, Spain, and Italy teeter on the brink with no end in sight.

But I did not come here to bury EU, I came to praise EU. Without debating the merits of the referendum, which even Mr Corbyn acknowledges is completed by the will and suffrage of the voting public. And that determination applies to each internal state, and every subject in UK. For did EU not convene the creation of The Treaty of Lisbon, and its relevant articles to the current situation, and is this not simultaneously acknowledgment of the persistence of any member state's inherent right to leave this establishment, as well as how this process might reflect poorly upon EU's failures to reach a solution within its structure? This is real class, if the insincerity, and the daily press upbraidings, could be concluded.

But in the voluminous roar of the quiet big money, IMF speaks, witheringly, of the plight of Ireland. IMF is neither neutral, nor, to my awareness, engaging in any precedented behaviour in these very public findings (in light of the huge dividends which it can no longer exploit in Ponzi-scheme  like fashion, nor in engaged and deferential financial gymnastics involving right and left hand trickery). For now, UK auditors shall be waiting like the sting of consequence. Again, when was Ireland wealthy? When?

Meanwhile, EU continues to strike the dissonant chords of the patently obvious, in effort to keep Chief UK Negotiator, Michael Barnier, in a state of constant-replying. Guy Verhofstadt made the claim that EU shall veto any agreement failing to regulate the status of EU citizens employed in UK, and UK citizens employed in EU. Why headline ink was wasted printing this is something EU couldn't figure out in a century of sessions. However, the timing of IMF's, as well as Barnier's lukewarm reception in Ireland regarding the sluggishness of that nation's economy, bears the familiar ring of sharp EU focus on redefining Brexit in every unflattering way, when this is another attempt by Globalists to identify anything except democratic principles as the cause of Brexit...

This, in spite of when we were all EU, when Farage's Eurosceptic Assembly within EU could not compel the types of reforms vital to the meta-state's counting unhatched British eggs, so despite the low rumble and Junckerisms, nothing was done.

And so, obviously, we, in EU, seek to both divide, and to conquer the confidence of Irish people via unsubstantiatable claims in the media, and even if these are water pistols, like the latest EU fluid nonsense contained in the conceptual framework of the statement"no deal without accepting the status of workers there and here". Only now, I am Neil, and I have accidentally spilled EU beans and asked Guy Verhofstadt, "But, Guy, suppose they're not frightened when they find out these are water pistols...?"

Too late.
The verdict of Brexit may indeed have arrived before EU was ready to accept that it was on trial in UK, yet it doesn't come as a surprise. The endless speculations issuing forecasts of doom about such things as Irish border crossings in the future, and the increasing of risk involved in investing in the economy and the Irish people themselves, is not without the ulterior motives of all involved. Overall, it is a classless, as well as a pointless bastardization. And it is nothing more than guesswork, motivated by personal gain for anyone in UK or EU who is feeding the rumor. At this point, confidence, class, and silence in the media are one in the same.

The news media is turning out a large turd, that isn't sausage, so don't eat it.
Ireland, that emerald, shall remain in similitudes of improvement slowly and steadily. Only after 2019, the money in Ireland shall be 50% real, as opposed to, say, France. In 2019 the money in France shall have no real value, and this is the horror awaiting the ligaments and binding threads of EU.

No matter what, there is no one person, no one party, not even EU nor its Zionism is to blame. Brexit is when God whispered into the braids through the established sounding board of the British people. And the message is delivered.

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