Monday, May 1, 2017

If They Left EU...

The following supposes what name the media outlets would designate for each of the following regions should they elect to trigger Article 50, and depart EU:
VAGEXIT: Vagexit, while still refers to the point in time when vaginal intercourse terminates, also now refers to the legislature of the State of Virgina enacting the process which triggers Art 50, and the thereby leaves EU.

ANOREXIT: Anorexit, of course, is when Ethiopia leaves EU.

UNITED ARAB EMIREXIT: United Arab Emirexit, of course, refers to where nations exiting EU get their gasoline.

PAKISTEXIT: Pakistexit is of course, the name referring to when Federal Express leaves EU. I didn't know they haven't done this yet! Planexit, a related term, refers to when Futurama departs EU.

INCANDEXIT: Incandexit refers to the triggering of Article 50 by the Canadian light bulb manufacture base, and why not? Free movement cannot happen if the terrorists try doing it at night.

MISSOUREXIT: Missourexit is, of course, when Missouri exits EU, or you become lost any given highway.

I believe that, due to common interests, the Dakotas shall unite for DAKSEXIT: Daksexit refers to the two triggering Article 50, or it can also refer to the point in time when the bankers leave the room.

GUYANEXIT: Guyanexit refers to the hour foretold by Scientologists that L Ron Hubbard should return, and leave the EU.

Also, on a legal note, do not even think about stealing these. I am collecting aluminum cans until I can afford to domain each of them... oh yeah!

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