Wednesday, May 3, 2017

If It Don't Fit: How The X Ray of How The US Began To Fall

Russian bombers were intercepted as recently as the 17 of April. 

Since 1991, the Chinese and Russia have signed no less than fifteen treaties, whether updates to existing treaties, or diplomatic findings, they run the gambit from economic trade, to unparalleled military alliance and cooperation in cyber espionage. In these same years, The United States was busily paving the road to the nation's decline from prominence with military actions which seemed to be sound in their doctrine, but upon further examination, were costly and embarrassing. This lack of sound judgment, most notably, in the Second Occidental War, shaped the spirit of these agreements between Chinese officials and Russia, at least in part.

The Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation of 2001 is the culmination of a reformulating of the two former frenemies. The old understatement of the Nixon-era:"China got mad at USSR, so made peace with us." is neither accurate, nor since 1991, in the same realm as anything that matters. It would appear that some people do not know this, however.
Jiang Zemin and Vlad Putin sign The Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Cooperation of 2001, which, at the time, was a new level of friendship and alliance which culminated from the 1991 reassessments of the two nation's relations. Since then, the two countries have increased diplomatic ties via a dozen or more agreements.

After the Cold War ended, if this assessment about China's relations with the former USSR, had ever been true, it ended then. The fact is that all of that changed, and the two nations share unprecedented levels of cooperation against the global evils of CIA, and apparently some people in DC are very wealthy, but don't know shit about how to Google, which all this translates to a rapidly unfolding disaster in the Korean Peninsula, and in the world, unless Trump is prepared to back off the rhetoric, and face the limitations of his grasp on the facts, as well as his in-laws' need to leave DC.
The fact that overtures for war continue to be sounded, in their subdued and hushed realities these measures seem to be more guarded and less confrontational.

Hidden in recent weeks are flurries of diplomatic communiques in a game of blind man's bluff, in which the Trump administration, realizing the Russians are not going to cave on the hugely embarrassing portrait of the US, which the Syrian false flag event sketched, hoped that in securing Putin's promise to keep out of potential conflicts, he could regain lost ground.
Whatever lies Trump evoked, the Russians continue probing US defences.

The White House also realized, way too late, the last twenty-six years of Russo-Sino relations were not frozen, as they had been in the mind of certain individuals in Washington whose in laws' grasp of the subject was far too lacking- in-depth to have been permitted to ignore consequences and betray the Russian stewardship over the US presence in Syria. The overstatement about North Korea's diplomatic strains with China, and the infuriation of Chinese Premiere Le Keqiang, at any rate shall never break into hostilities. One need but fish one of those ICBMs from the sea to read that they are Chinese products.

Whether intentionally or not, the matter of the long standing truces between N Korea, China, and between China and Russia exists. Whereas, internationally, anyway, those things either do not exist with US and Russia, US and China, or, if they do, it would appear that this is only as true as the Israelis allow. This makes the US a less than welcome presence in the eyes of many Chinese people, whom view the US, and her military and intelligence agencies, as a very real threat to regional stability.

Like a moth into the radioactive flame of realizations-come-too-late...again, whomever is whispering into the ear behind the toupee the words, "They will not help the North Koreans," and, "Russia and China are motionless, and ceased to exist after 1991,"occupies a place in the White House food chain that contradicts natural law, history, and the very ancient nations with whom they are dealing. So, what appeared to be an aggressive US stance designed to distract the world from Syria and the US's inexplicable support of Israel, Korea possesses the extinction potential which it always has since Truman demanded MacArthur's resignation over having made mention.

Who's driving the ship of state?

As of now, the diplomatic and other efforts to secure a conflict parameter which doesn't include Chinese defense of a nation who has a treaty with China for that very thing, nor that will involve Russian forces, is ongoing.

So do the Russian probes of US defences.

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