Thursday, May 4, 2017

Five Reasons Mahmoud Abbas Should Not Trust Trump

The difference between you, I, and  Donald Trump, is not really is that you, or I, might not have a lot of experience pretending to know what we are doing, as well as refusing to admit when we are wrong. Of course, he wouldn't, either, if either one of these situations ever happened to him...
As the leader of Fatah, and PLO as well, the term of Abbas has been relatively moderate. He is a sincere person, and seeks very real reforms in terms of Israeli acts of recent months.
It is important that he consolidate power, while simultaneously, not engaging the madmen in the Ultra Nationalist power thrones in Tel Aviv in a wider, and more sysytematic set of atrocities than his people have faced in the region during recent decades. He cannot lose their support, but he cannot start a war.
Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah and PLO are the first to the table of Peace...perhaps as long as the Trump children are deferred-to for any of the 100% of the issues he knows nothing about, then Abbas approaches needing assurance. What he shall recieve is rhetoric.

Aside from the revelation of a very alarming, and influential pro-Israel lobby married to his daughter, Trump obviously is a figure whose ability to carry a conscience  laden with contradictions, shifting and often immoral allegiances, and to appear comfortable in those burning convictions, has made him a billionaire, as well as the President. 

His inexplicably continuing support of madman Netanyahu is a very real threat to a two state solution in Palestine. 
As US Attorneys, crewman of USS Liberty, and the victims of 9-11 can tell you, Netanyahu has no love for the United States. In fact, as his term as PM may result in the largest constitutional crisis since that fake nation's founding, Trump still clearly defines, by example, that the US role in the Occident remains, "half-baked, ill-conceived, and a threat to human life."

Be that as it may: the continuing support for Netanyahu has tainted Trump's popularity both at home, and abroad. Once the darling of the antiglobalist Eurosceptics, the invitation from the European champions of this ideology have simply, and entirely, been eliminated, along with  any pro-Trump rhetoric that had been following his successful campaign, in what was once considered by many to be yet another mandate to end Globalism, as Brexit had been.

As the visit from PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas is about to occur, Trump has little or no credibility remaining as an international partner, and has become something of an Israeli-created pariah to the potentates in the region.

Here are five reasons Mahmoud Abbas should regard anything Trump says to be merely first amendment exercise, and not the attempt to reach a peace deal with the Ultra Nationalist and Zionist Natanyahu:

  1. The points of a two-state solution are unclear to Donald Trump. In essence, he knows more about the Israeli diatribe for expanding settlements condemned by the UN, as well as the international community, than he does about the White House's role in these types of talks. He knows Carter won the nobel prize... but he probably doesn't know how to spell "Camp David Accords". He has no plan, not even an outline with more blank features than itemized ones, for accommodating the realistic concerns of anyone except those of Israeli nationalists.
  2. He has surrounded himself with a set of dark state advisers on the subject whom have more than one escape from any prosecution for their illegal, and pro-Israeli agendas.
  3. The kind of engagement which Abbas needs, in terms of arena, intensity, and immediacy are neither a Trump priority, nor for that matter, at least till he can be removed from office, anybody's in his inner circle. 
  4. Trump is not an apt negotiator. As best seen by his ridiculous televison show, as well as his deceitful defiance of a written alliance, Trump neither keeps his word, nor comprehends the political consequences of this type of action. His view of this is that he is being decisive, when, in reality, he is being unilateral, condescending, and unproductive. Perhaps the machine of Trump the business has an invisible staff of vice presidents whom go before, and behind, like eleves, to reduce the shock to people about exactly what level of repugnance they are getting into when considering deals with Trump. Indeed, like Hoover, Trump will defeat, by example, the old argument that the government is a business. But Abbas's organization stands to capitalize upon the great likelihood that the Ultra Zionist Likud party shall depart from power in Israel due to the illegal acts of Netanyahu. And there is no way in hell Trump understands this.
  5. This entire process is a cosmetic apology for the mess Trump has made in Syria. Therefore, this is not about peace in the middle east, instead, it is about the ego of a man whom honestly believes a false-effort that gives him a few hours of scratch-comfort for very little overhead will be a successful meeting. This is not about the needs for human rights guarantees, potable water, nor even medical assistance. This is all about Trump. Therefore, like everything else he touches, it is all a complete waste of time.

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