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Denmark: Penetrating The Showcase

Danish Euroscepticism Is Transformative and Advising...

The Danish Parliament does not shy away

Danish People's Party (DPP) Eurosceptic Parliamentarian- In -Residence, Anders Samuelson, Foreign Minister under the PM Lokke Rasmussen.

First of all, in case my buddy who lives there is reading this: this isn't data that I took from our....let's call them "disagreements"? The whole defense mounted is not due to my finding fault with Social Democracy, which has been true in Denmark, as most of Scandanavia at least emerging from their reformations post WW2. I, as an American, have no objection. Again, this is not due to any misconception which prejudices my examination of the more unfamiliar aspects of what it is to be Danish: college, or basically, its equivalency, paid for. It seems to be a case study in socialized medicine, which again, is paid for. And the obligatory taxation again, a necessary evil, insamuch is six of capitalism is half a dozen of the other socialism. I am totally and completely fine with that.

What we have in Denmark that I am not fine with is EU. The needs of a socialist nation do not fit well within the predatory capitalism which both is encouraged in the meta state, as well as being the single unifying guiding principle driving EU's architecture. There are a lot of misconceptions which we see floating around on the fringes of the awarenesses of Danish people, and these misconceptions place the understanding of what the real future looks like someplace between just out of reach, thus, out of consideration, or plainly just not caring. It is as if it were some Baltic nonchalence being mistaken for contentment with being in the role of the exploited.

But this same apparent contentment with troubles not yet come to light, at least in the eyes of the private financial sector which built and operates EU, free from prosecution within EU, views this "awareness kept on the fringes" as a giant chicken leg which the main character in a Warner Bros cartoon turns into when it is hungry: and opportunity on this level, well steal thousands, you're a thief. Steal millions, you're a god. But over years it stands to be a sum substantially larger, and true Danes are one twenty-eighth of the victim pool, their system, apparent lack of concern, among other things, act as a door in and out of the crime scene. And to the bankers of Europe, in their eyes, they are children who keep letting them in.

We are not talking about EU's structure being used as the brush and foliage concealing robberies committed by highwaymen, whom zip out, do their crimes, and then recede back into this structure. That is happening, but we are not talking about this at all.

We are identifying monies estimated to be circulated in the inside track that are available only to the select few, and based on estimations of interests rates, and past amount totals, for which estimation legally becomes theft, when, under the current system of fractional reserve banking, those Euros are simply printed up, washed off (hopefully) in the Danish bond market, but normally this money is simply used to fund other, similar cases of legal fraud engaged routinely by the system. When, in Capitalist Germany, these guys protect Germany, they incorrectly appear to believe that as long as the apparent value of the bond market in Denmark remains the same, that no harm will be done.

But, if we are trading on interest, and do not apply the exact, same amounts of it to the entire market whose economy we are waxing creative with, the resulting inflation occurs suddenly, and, at least in Scandanavia, there is no regime set up to monitor this offset of inflation with the raising or lowering of interest doesn't work that way.

But the prevailing attitude is, "You are either too small, or too preoccupied to notice."
Then Eurostat praises a statistically biased observance of plain Danish fact, EU tells Denmark that it is the showcase of EU success, and nobody seems to notice CPI (Consumer Price Index, the real cost of goods versus their cost at the cash register) gaps widening in systematic and rhythmic fashion, its as if the bankers say, "Denmark, its OK! Everybody's doing it!" but not everybody must depend on the static bond market's lack of function, as Danes do, and the cause of it being easy to understand....Lest you start to, and they come with money and higher hot winds of praise to quieten and or confuse you even more.

The world's experience of Danes has been totally one of disproportionately dumb, albeit bad, luck. The Vikings and Lars Ulrich that condescending no drumming Forrest Gump of the world of music, and this gives Americans a bit of mystified hesitancy, as the majority cannot point Denmark out on a map, nor can they say definitively whether or not the third reich came from there...think I'm making this up?

One credit to Denmark, though we can't get him to move back home, and though I am fully sympathetic, is Michael Ackerfeldt, the bassist, and all around genius behind Opeth. I stopped talking to him when I realized that he may spend a lot of time in America, but he doesn't understand my jokes, like the more inappropriate ones, about Jonestown, you know American things...I frighten him, as I do most of my close friends, who see me as kind of a cross between alien and highly motivated lazy sponge....

They don't care about my degrees, they think I am content to live off my family's fortune, they need that, because the truth is: my family hates me. And I get by largely on a combination of luck and good timing. I am a drummer, after all...

But I digress.

The Danish presence in EU, for better or worse, is one the Danes appear to be content with. The rising cost of consumer goods is not identified as the greed which is taking place mainly outside of Denmark. They seem to identify a trending inflation which is the price of doing business and it is literally that; the price of doing business. EU business.

Beyond the cosmetology to which we are supposed to limit our views, lie the real numbers which Eurostat can't cook: one in 337 people is homeless in Denmark, compared to one in 446 in the US. However, if you know how to use Google, and keep your eye on the ball, decoded shall become all that was Eurostat in your eyes, too. The cheapness. The derangement bordering on sinister: EU's statistics bureau is only a tv show to distract the masses with false comforts. Denmark is one of the places blood has been drawn.
The large and very Eurosceptic Liberal Alliance of Denmark. Another example of the consistency of Danish Euroscepticism. 

Sparing the math, if you looked at CPI trends, and the irresponsive Danish Securities, you see a trending towards poverty line resolution at an amount measured in dollars to be somewhere around $45,000, within three years. Right now, according to IMF published figures, Denmark has the forty-first largest GDP on earth, and a per capita annual income between $55,000 and $62,000, the latter being Eurostat's cooked and presented statistic. True, those numbers slope.

What is being covered up, however, is that today, in America, the poverty line is $15,000. And that number does not slope, in fact, it has been at the same spot for right about twenty years. It doesn't take a genius to see that, in comparison to the USD, that the Euro is losing two thirds of its total value. And that loss is being offset directly upon the consumers of places like Denmark, whose national taxation creates a kind of "fiscal blind spot" wherein the damage is being accomplished.

Unlike Finland, and Italy, Denmark retained its currency. It is not Eurozone by Euro, like other nations, it is Eurozone and still bears its national economic base. Unlike Finland, it appears Danes had no problem accepting the promises of single market single currency ideals were just that, ideals, and not buying into the "farther reach without colonial power blood" argument, they retained more than the doorway out.

Danish Euroscepticism 

In spite of the presence of a largely positive view of EU running the length and breadth of Denmark, there is a sizable and healthy Eurosceptic one. Denmark has had one of the longest- running EU Parliamentary Eurosceptic presences around, and while the problem is not quite designed to be observed, much less, solved, it appears that this Euroscepticism is right at the stage prior to a broad public exorcising of EU demons of "do not see, do not question". Danish Euroscepticism is as an army in an advanced state of readiness. This relates to the courage of each of their political parties, and honesty of their members: for they do understand. Euroscepticism is prepared to do battle, like a horde of screaming working Vikings.

This Euroscepticism has not existed without its fair share of problems, either. The People's Movement Against EU, Danish Strasbourg only Euroscepticism, eventually saw a splitoff party called the June movement, which is Euroscepticism watered down, therefore more usuable in terms of getting the Danes to obligatory agreements internationally.

The persistence of Euroscepticism nationally is even stronger, though the year of 2014 saw a real withdrawal coalition set up, but has since 2016 seen party defections lowering the profile of any serious exit discussion.

And this will no doubt hold true until the numbers crunch, and the tumbling Euro v the Pound and Dollar begin relating then what we already know now: the Danes simply will not put up with it, the gloves will come off.

Till then, like from Eurostat's mouth to God's ear, we will occasionally be lectured by Eurostat through the mouths of Danes. We will be told that their system is inherently superior, and that theirs is an example of harmonious interaction between the Socialist ideal, and Capitalist advantage.

But when it all comes crashing down, we promise it wasn't you, and we won't say....
_ ____ ___ __.

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