Saturday, May 27, 2017

An Open Letter To Daniel Tusk

Dear Hon Daniel Tusk:
The absurdities of EU, sixty three genders, gay marriage, hyper-expense for an extrinsic political control regime which continually acts in the best interests of itself, as though it appeared from nowhere, cannot be more obvious than the quantification of all absurdities which apparently you were successfully able to coax out of Donald Trump like the last drop of shampoo: Trump agrees Brexit is an event, not a trend.

First of all, Donald Trump doesn't know the difference, and is pretty much useless as a world leader. But if the stars of unity are in reality, a sewing circle of cuckolded leftover ancilliary personnel, by all means: ignore the entire eastern frontier of this "event". In fact, when Finland then Denmark begin to waiver and command, "Get thee behind me", keep on micro-analysing it. That way you can really fake surprise with a degree of reality so real...

Let me tell you who the real problem is...
The people whose profile in EU rises to the forefront. The people standing in front of the world, with banking crises developing like the reassertion of natural sovereignty, and not even flunking the polygraph examination when they convincingly state that, "People of Europe: you have nothing to fear."

No demp, bro. They do have nothing to fear! Functional Euroscepticism is a fact. It is spreading like the cure to sixteen years of pompous self absorption and financial abuse. Functional Euroscepticism is the re assertion of sovereignty, that the leaders of Finland, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Estonia, Hungary, and Romania are completely astonished by EU and its policy of duplicitous importations of population. The leaders of these nations must not be taking their oaths to protect their national inhabitants lightly, nor does it appear that they can be bought, as you obviously have, Mr Tusk.

I don't think its a trend, and I don't think you're seeing the first cracks, I think WE are seeing the last cracks. Only, there is one of us whose job-security is purely reliant upon ignoring that.
                         Sincerely yours,
PS: if you don't get rid of William Walker you will lose Serbian ascension. Don't tell them I told you.


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