Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why The Russiahacked Scandal Looks Real


The Russiahacked scandal is an eight way stop on a two lane road, and it seems very real. With fake news bastions like The Washington Post and The New York Times, two of the guilty Democrat-owned publications dosing the public with daily scandal bating, the nonsense gets deeper and deeper. They accuse so many of lying it becomes hard to tell that they have a past. Each of them have famously employed reporters whose falsifying of stories has become a vehicle to put those who report the news into their own stories. These two lead the daily charge as they work tirelessly to preserve the illusion...

The Russiahacked scandal first arrives from the sour grapes of Mrs Clinton's campaign. From there, the leading voice in Election 2016, and the expected winner, had only been listed as such by these same networks and publications. No real numbers supported the ridiculous gap between the two candidates published by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc.

The scandal is fueled by slanders and half truths, ambiguous yet public accusations, and the resignations of Trump staffers whose resignations had absolutely nothing to do with the Russiahacked scandal, they are then followed by "educated guesswork" accusing them as victims of the scandal in these papers, as they try to breath life into an election which their candidate has already lost.

The scandal presupposes that Wikileaks sources for the Pizzagate scandal are all made up, and somehow this story, which had not made the public rounds until after the election, cost Clinton the election.
Ignoring the influence- peddling husband, whom got her investigation shut down as "completely clearing" her of charges which she is guilty of, and the very loud public disapproval, Mrs Clinton's husband's influence is not a legal foundation for her investigators to clear her...but it did. This is a major factor in why people voted for Trump, and it is simply ignored by these childish bureaucrats mumbling daily bread to us about "Law and Order".
Eli Cummings, real life Mr Hankey...
The Mike Flynn issue, in which the living Mr Hankey, Eli Cummings, appeared on television with oversight committe chmn, Rep Jason Chaffetz, was a hot and noisome wet fart in a very public forum, and indeed, nothing has materialized of it.
If you missed that, in late April the pair alleged, "It is illegal for any retired officer of the US military to be employed by another government, or foreign corporation."

That is a lie.

The Constitution most assuredly does not say that. And the reason the Russiahacked scandal is still decieving dumbfounded Democrats to this hour is that it does make the Clinton juggernaut look victimized by treachery: and less victimised by her own big mouth. ("...if I win, Mr Trump will use every means available to him to refuse to accept the result..") It cost her the election. Black Lives Matter cost her the election. Obamacare cost her the election. The nearly strangled coal industry cost her the election. In fact, her big mouth, as well as her husband's two lackadaisical terms of weakening the nation, yet his retaining of (mystifyingly enough) a legendary status in his mind, offended the electorate as he endlessly peddled his meager influence is the real source of her loss.

He is the real source of Russiahacked.

The election of 2016 boiled down to party platform. In fact, it is a case study in it, as well as a clear signal that Democrats whom had been practicing their "let's put partisanship behind us" speeches for Hillary's inauguration are the very engines of this careless mixture of hodgepodged and highly exclusive items being forced together into the test tubes of unrelated facts and outright lies presented as fact, and, if you're listening, this is what the real message is, this is what they are saying, "WE are the criminals. WE are so childish perhaps black people SHOULD NOT be allowed to run for Congress. WE want to prosecute the guilty, UNLESS they are our friend. WE worked hard. YOU OWE us this America."

In other words, the Pizzagate realities might be enough to see the entire section of "role model" Senators and Reps ruined. They, whose spoiled pleasures include the cheapening of the Institutions of US government and the Congress in general. 

They use lies, like suggesting Flynn's or Kushner's or anybody's dealings with Russia are illegal. They ignore laws that make that IMPOSSIBLE, like the Magnitsky Act of 2012, which permits aggressive surveillance of any dealings with Russia by US people, businesses, or any combinations of the two. The fact is, they KNOW this act prevents ALL SUCH "COLLUSION" as those which would tend to promote REAL Russian Trump criminal activities because they voted nearly unanimously to ratify the act! They know it is impossible to do what they are selling as "proof Russiahacked" is real!
Maybe they should turn now, and rend the foolish woman and bad president whose pearls were cast before them. But they need to stay out of the papers, and off tv. There are many reasons Clinton lost. But the top three were more than enough:
they are the Black Congressional Caucus, and Black Lives Matter, and Hillary and her family. They are the top three reasons Mrs Clinton lost. And they are sacred cows to the people whose artistry in slander and mass media have really ruined their careers.

And they intend to convert Trump's first term into a commercial of scandals which he is tied up with, so that Clinton can identify this as a reason HE shouldn't be re elected. 

She shall lose by even greater of a margin.

Because the Russiahacked scandal is NOT real. And Pizzagate, as well as her and her family's ties to having indulged thereof IS real. And there is a bitter lining to serving sour grapes on a wide scale like this, it makes you look sinister as those whom once believed you begin to realize that, yes, they were wrong. And that is that.

Pretending that they won, anyway, that was what she said Trump would do. This is pathetic!

But looking only at real news, not black congressmen, but reading what the Constitution actually says about retired soldiers, and that they are allowed to get jobs, as well as feeling the continual rage being provoked by these morons as it wells up in the pulse of the American people: if the DNC is dumb enough to run Mrs Clinton, once again, it will be handing the nation over to Donald J Trump, president, legally, and factually. 

We cheapen real Watergates when we try to conjure them from nothing.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Why NATO Exists

"The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1949 by the United States, Canada, and several Western European nations to provide collective security against the Soviet Union...." -US State Dept on Nato 
 The existence of NATO is one that is very troubling. The fact that its mission was fulfilled in 1991 seems to be simply glanced over by globalists as they ferment their war making humeurs with the persistence of needless military hardware, and via a manned military occupation on the part of the United States that is currently vanished due to Clinton-era draw down budget redirects.

There were over 3.5 million US troops in Europe during the peak years of occupation, which are the years between NATO formation, and the ensuing draw downs, 1949-1996. By the end of the nineties, there were only 50,000.

Men whom had committed crimes like murder and rape were sentenced to a Federal prison in Mannheim. There were permanent civilian employees from the US teaching school and healing wounds, and selling cars, and vacation packages. The large American civilian population more than doubled the active duty military service members. Americans that had been stationed there retired there, and routinely sought medical care from the military installations which were ubiquitous throughout Europe. American products were flown in, American milk and margarine for those whose tastes defied that of their host nation. This was a world...but that world has gone.

There can be no mistake about it: NATO has fulfilled its mission, and should be dissolved.

Without the gory details, from 1949-1992 the world needed NATO. To quote the former mayor of Erlangen, West Germany, when he shouted through a bullhorn at protesters whose resentment of the heavily garrisoned Bavarian countryside spilled out onto the streets of his city, "Those tanks can have either a red star, or a white star: at least the ones with the white star will allow the right to protest, even defend your right to do so!"

There is no question that Communism was too repressive and too ideological to actually present a free society, or even a successful one. But, on the other hand, the corruption and many examples where equality doesn't measure-out in general, but along a wealth-gradient, all serve to frustrate the search for a government whose function suits the realistic needs of its people.
But the founding principles of NATO have been satisfied, and it deserves very real consideration that a less-American centric military treaty be drawn up to take its place.

Besides the omission of Australia, and other "Major Non Nato Allies"(MNNA), the scope of the North Atlantic encompasses less in a world which, via digital media, has grown smaller, and more vulnerable. Recent Wikileaks publications of cyber-vulnerabilities seem to indicate that field armies and vessels on high seas are becoming only one dimension in the expression of power. It is almost certain that any future protracted military engagements shall see the deployment of both anti satellite, anti software, and anti digital hardware weapons systems, and the physical military that recovers the fastest shall retain the advantage.
President Clinton meets with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, 1994. This pretty much seals the fate of the large US European military presence in Europe.

Unfortunately, due to the highly ratioed scale down, the military presences, as far as the United States is concerned, is that of a lamb to the slaughter. There is no feasible counter-strategy except fighting men, and we just do not have nearly enough on-station to warrant this huge expense. That die was actually cast by the US Congress during the Bush Administration, and subsequently, albeit in a state of protest, endorsed first by Bush, then later fully embraced by Clinton. The latter claimed that a Social Security surplus existed as a result of his clever policy craft, when, in reality, it was money left in place. The money had not been borrowed from the Social Security program under a previous defense budget program which plugged holes in the huge defense spending budget using the Social Security program.
President George Bush with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, 1990. The mission of Nato in Europe was almost complete. 

The first test of post Soviet Union Nato was perhaps Desert Storm, an operation which combined the Cold War era of advanced military readiness with a completely politically motivated deployment. Although Korea, Vietnam, and the worldwide US military presence since the Second World War was also arguably politically-motivated, this role should have been returned to each the US-occupied nations after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

Meanwhile, the usage of NATO troops and communications systems, in particular, that were developed to defend Europe and the US in the event of Soviet and/or Warsaw Pact aggression, had set an ugly precedent being retooled to fight in the Arabian Gulf, and again and again was NATO to overstep its lines in the name of what could best be called, conclusively, frivolous, and destructive military expeditions. Obviously, an unused weapon is a useless weapon, to quote loosely the parlance of the time. 


The realities that NATO was a US funded, and US led war-making, and collective defense force, are beginning to hit home. In fact, the terms of the Nato Charter, that 2% for each member-state's GDP be anted-up for full membership, has never before been demanded for the perusal of any other member- state. The US has fielded most of the cost in terms of men, material, and time. But the fact is that the condition should now become enforced, as the United States needs to be getting out of the business of aggressive warfare driven by the personality (or lack thereof) of any given president. 

If we learned anything from ReBush, it is that all of the years the US spent on its Nato commitment, and all of the money, can provide a genuine temptation to any administration which views itself as the main source of Nato, thus feels free to lean on the accord to fulfill any personal military expression of power, no matter how unfounded, nor regardless of a visible lack of clear and coherent forethought.
As this is a significant danger to the whole of humanity, it is best to dissolve the current agreement, and the article amendments which have allowed it to continue to re brand the alliance around a meaningless persistence.

The need for a new arrangement has presented itself time, and time again. The disaster that the US faced in Libya was carried-out by the post Cold War apparatus in-pursuit of very dogmatically creative military doctrines which are neither sound, nor functional. And this resulted in the US and Nato funding of both the Libyan warlord whose betrayal cost the US its ambassador to that nation, and saw the US arming ISIL. And, as a result, for all intent and purposes, no Clinton shall ever again occupy the Oval Office. 

A change in military approach also mandates the change in the US presence in Nato. It is basically the increasing profile of technical war-making via digital means, drones, and auto deployed satellite guided munitions. These are weapons systems which are deployable overseas in a matter of hours, and will remain the first choice of commanders due to their fast deployability. 

The battlefields of the future are being generalized as trending towards the remote soldier, as in the drone pilot, whom operates his system from afar. The failure to adapt and evolve has historically been unforgiving in terms of war. This was best evidenced by the maddening charges by French and British troops into the German Maxim Guns. This was a Napoleonic view of warfare being hard beaten into the realization of new strategies, this can only have more damning consequences when the weapons of today are considered.

Currently NATO is viewed as the military of EU, this is how Europeans view NATO, and this has been proven in both Serbia, and in the limited commitments by NATO allies in ReBush's golden mistake second Occidental wars. The fact is, an apparent "exchange of bad decision making" has dominated the US's identity in the international organization, and if this trend continues, this is also capable of undermining the accomplishments of the Alliance which were its very reasons for having been created. Right now, the US cannot win a war against Russia, and EU is hell-bent on hanging the blame for it being a very bad idea masquerading as a good idea solely and squarely upon Russia. And this would exemplify everything that is flawed with NATO as it stands, currently. It is in no way nor fashion prepared to engage a conflict of those proportions without it becoming nuclear. And that is not really an alternative.

There is no question that some sort of alliance should exist, but to continue in the antiquated matrix of the very sound doctrines which planned NATO, while trying to evolve and be prepared for coming engagements, is a chink in the armor for the United States, as for all involved.

Then there is the lesson of the Delian League, which allied Sparta and Athens against Persia in the first invasion by the Persians: the persistence of the alliance after Persia was defeated resulted in the first and second Pelopponesian Wars. "We can only be as one when two of us are beaten."

Meaning, no man can serve two masters, both war, and peace. They are not the same.

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TheOtherKevin: EU Exit Playlist

TheOtherKevin: EU Exit Playlist

EU Exit Playlist

1. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
2. Eminence Front
    The Who
3. What A Fool Believes
    The Doobie Brothers
4. The Wicked
5. The Gallows Pole
    Led Zeppelin
6. Drag The Waters
7. Eulogy
8. Ticks and Leaches
9. Angel of Death
    Thin Lizzy
10. Fire in the Sky/Machine Gun
encore one: Princess of the Dawn
encore two: Exodus
               Bob Marley
encore three: See You In Black
                Blue Oyster Cult


Encore One:
Encore Two:
Encore Three:

An Open Letter To Daniel Tusk

Dear Hon Daniel Tusk:
The absurdities of EU, sixty three genders, gay marriage, hyper-expense for an extrinsic political control regime which continually acts in the best interests of itself, as though it appeared from nowhere, cannot be more obvious than the quantification of all absurdities which apparently you were successfully able to coax out of Donald Trump like the last drop of shampoo: Trump agrees Brexit is an event, not a trend.

First of all, Donald Trump doesn't know the difference, and is pretty much useless as a world leader. But if the stars of unity are in reality, a sewing circle of cuckolded leftover ancilliary personnel, by all means: ignore the entire eastern frontier of this "event". In fact, when Finland then Denmark begin to waiver and command, "Get thee behind me", keep on micro-analysing it. That way you can really fake surprise with a degree of reality so real...

Let me tell you who the real problem is...
The people whose profile in EU rises to the forefront. The people standing in front of the world, with banking crises developing like the reassertion of natural sovereignty, and not even flunking the polygraph examination when they convincingly state that, "People of Europe: you have nothing to fear."

No demp, bro. They do have nothing to fear! Functional Euroscepticism is a fact. It is spreading like the cure to sixteen years of pompous self absorption and financial abuse. Functional Euroscepticism is the re assertion of sovereignty, that the leaders of Finland, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Estonia, Hungary, and Romania are completely astonished by EU and its policy of duplicitous importations of population. The leaders of these nations must not be taking their oaths to protect their national inhabitants lightly, nor does it appear that they can be bought, as you obviously have, Mr Tusk.

I don't think its a trend, and I don't think you're seeing the first cracks, I think WE are seeing the last cracks. Only, there is one of us whose job-security is purely reliant upon ignoring that.
                         Sincerely yours,
PS: if you don't get rid of William Walker you will lose Serbian ascension. Don't tell them I told you.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Can't Hide The Warts: What Is Eurofound?

" provide high-quality, timely, and policy relevant knowledge as input to better informed policies in the following six areas of intervention:

  1. Working conditions 
  2. Industrial relations 
  4. Quality of life and public service 
  5. The Digital Age, opportunities 
  6. Monitoring convergence in the European Union" -Eurofound Masthead

Eurofound is short for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. It is the agency responsible for creating social change within EU. And it does so in a variety of ways. 

Eurofound appears on the list of decentralized agencies, meaning it acts autonomously. But it remains unclearly defined in the areas of executive form, and how it remains under the authority of EU. It is clear that it is under some exertion of control from outside of its executive, and the term "decentralized" refers to how its budget is itemized. 


Nothing surprises me about EU anymore. When I look at the founding statement of this organization, Eurofound, it looks more sinister by the minute. It actually appears to be designed by the steering committee of the Bilderberger group, in fact, it would be ridiculed as "social engineering" and "a political form of mind control" if it were the Soviet Union we were talking about...

But Eurofound was created to do just that. It acts as the implementer, the tool, by which the erasure of moral clarities and private lives is being carried out, and dug out. It is a public version of a steering committee. It is an action agency along political lines, and does not protect workers unless they are the immoral ilk being so pursued by EU. May I be so bold to say that the declaration of transexuality as legitimate is nobody's official responsibility? Social engineering, however, requires the appearance of a legitimate course of inquiry. 

The facts remain that these populations are so low and inconsequential that what Eurofound is really doing is creating an atmosphere of casual acceptance of the self-harm transexuals, for example, are doing. By pushing this agenda, they are attempting to divide the working class, and by dividing the working class of both their senses as well as their morales, the high road to rule shall be traveled solely by their bosses, as these types of agendas do not require this kind of social steering.

It is inexpensive, too. This "tripartite" organization draws 20 million euros annually. This means that it is very small. But it has a lot of power as far as public relations becomes mind control, Eurofound has advanced over the last sixteen years until it is the political and cultural retraining center for the whole of Europe.

Like EU itself, Eurofound believes its own lies to be written in rock by the Gods of Paperwork. In 2003 the EU created Eurofound and designed a dynamic and well-controlled regime, which can seldom act independently. They are given a pursuit by committee, then, based in both Ireland and Brussels, Eurofound engages the normal media of mind control. 
Eurofound is the initiator of the blurring of old and patriarchial values which sustained Europe for thousands of years. Unless they are hiding the cure for AIDS, they are working a population control angle beneathe the other subtleties lurking latently and beneath the obvious.

Once again, as with any EU agency, the fact that it is only sixteen years old, or younger, as many agencies of EU are, is in the details. The European Foundation for Quality of Life was given its life by Conseil De L'Europa decree in 1975. There was a very slow start due to the many mercurial areas of focus, as the organization appears to have been suffering from an identity crisis. The late ninteies saw the point where the founding statements currently guiding Eurofound, as well as visiting Europeans in everyday mind control, were nailed down a bit more clearly.
What do we need in this much subdivision of this one issue? The mythology of needing feminism is also a pursuit of Eurofound, not the safety of workers, nor wage guarantees. 

I am certain that gay marriage was the first major victory for this group, but the solution is actually a more far reaching problem: if Europeans can die of Aids and not reproduce, then the elite procure the entire continent within one generation. Not that difficult to figure out, really, except that it seems to be taken straight from David Rockerfeller's "How To Take Over The World" handbook, complete with not acknowledging that even he, too, must one day answer for these heavy handed abuses of the working public.

The names of the lies citing Eurofound's autobiographical inconsisitencies follow along the the identical path as that of EU: in 2003 they simply all agreed to repeat this lie henceforth, and they named the lie COUNCIL REG (EEC) No. 1649/2003. These lies have a count number, the 1649, and the year that the regulation became effective, which clearly defines Eurofound as an organization that is merely fourteen years old. And this is correct. In fact, the most objectionable parts of The Thirty Five Articles of EU Ascension have to be agreeing for each member state to comply with this twisted root from which so much bogus and inconsequential information issues forth, in exchange for their chunk of 20 million euros, which declines across the board when new member states join.

It is most likely that Eurofound employs mainly artists and pamphlet level writers. Their organizational structure indicates that their various pursuits do not really face determination from within their offices, but from one of the three divisions wherein a stronger and more authoritative organizational structure is guiding theirs, influencing theirs, who, in turn, influences Europe with barrages of pro agenda propaganda.

 It is likely, for example, that the misuse of the word xenophobia, which is a fear of the unknown, was concieved as a strategy by EU, and Eurofound probably had a hand in it. But Eurofound did the work which actually retro-defined the word to be a specific fear of immigrants, then turned it against exit voters during Brexit like hoses against the Freedom Riders in Birmingham. I am old, and studied phobias in college, I cannot recall xenophobia having any other definition than that. Chances are that the pop cultural potential of the word has finally resulted in its coinage on the phobia list as fear of immigrants, or strangers. But due to the fact that it is highly incorrect per the actual Greek meaning of xeno, that the campaign against Brexit was guided this way and covertly by Eurofound.

I had a very good abnormal psyche professor, Dr John Mayhall, and his definition of xenophobia came straight from the text. The new definition still falls short as inaccurate, and exposes hypocrisies that underscore the marginalization of anybody whom objects to the vision of the society globalists seek. You cannot call someone gay without objectifying them. Under Eurofound, power has been delivered to a minority which it defends while together, they use name calling and bullying to marginalize the majority. It simply cannot work.
"You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." -Abraham Lincoln

The new definition of xenophobia also shocked me, because there are already words for the phobia which they are trying to ridicule, but they are not propaganda-friendly. My Euroscepticism got worse in the weeks leading into the Brexit vote. Way worse.
Neophobia-refers to a fear of change
Androphobia- refers to a fear of strange people 
Anthropophobia-refers to a fear of all people 
Immigraphobia-refers to fear of immigrants and the immigrated, casual word for nativism.

 A phobia, as defined by the DSM-V, is "a persistent and irrational fear often requiring medical and or pharmacological intervention." The usage of the word xenophobe is incorrect for a number of reasons, most importantly, that these are irrational fears. It is plain stupid not to abide rational fears: or we would not look before we crossed a busy highway. With brexit, Eurofound learned how to implement these words online and in targeted ads. Now fully saturated, the word xenophobia, which once was related to panophobia, referring to fears of the unknown, the web only defines xenophobia as a fear of strangers, and curiously, immigrants. Xeno means "all of it" in Greek.


Number three in their itemized list of mission goals, Eurofound designs Labor Market Change....well, you know who the labor market is, right? It is specifically you, the working class in Europe. If the Democrats in America do not learn from their unquestioning deference to the absurdities of EU, 63 genders, and all, as a party, they might be done for.

Do you know what drives the migrant policies of EU? Social Darwinism. The bosses, bankers, Rothschilds, and the like, want Muslims to do those tasks lowest in the eyes of bankers: cook their food, drive their cars, and otherwise become slaves for a joke of a salary. This is very much behind the EU redefining refugees and migrants to be all refugees, and Eurofound is how the change is accomplished.

Do you understand what change in the labor market it is that this agenda means to drive? It has already begun a change in the electorates of European nations, and it is Eurofound whose ad agency like tactics have erased any notions of "the old way": where Europeans work and elect leaders in Europe.

There are probably strategies being designed right now, to either prevent, or to slow the process of each of the Visegrad Four, as well as the politicians in the increasingly Eurosceptic parties within Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, as they prepare to exit EU. EU, which ignores very real need for immigration reforms, but will resort to name calling and threats of war with Russia, rather than discuss those needs seriously.

It does not require genius to find that EU is desperate to retain power, in such a way as to consider that it might be pursuing an outline of events upon which it is so focused that it simply doesn't care about reforms it must make. Or, those reforms are going to threaten the view of power its leaders have, meaning that its a deal breaker in terms of their careers.

But that is another Eurofound duty, to oversee the convergence of EU, thus once migrants are brought into Italy and set foot in land, two things happen: the clock begins ticking on five year voters being created, and Banco D'Italia slips one more mouth into the socialist realities of short-funded EU policies, as well as Eurofound, the policy police of EU.

This is by far the most deadly agency in EU, not in terms of killing, but in terms of "why does an agency like this need to exist?" We don't know who makes the decisions that Eurofound converts into ads, because it has little or no functional transparency, and seems to be solely organized to guide society into a more immoral condition.

With power must come morality, it is treason otherwise. And, in the giant bureaucracy EU is, whom shall do the time when they get caught?

Because the best things in life are free...until you get caught.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tracing The Journey: How EU Lies Without Lying

"In 2013, EU determined that it would forever merge the terms refugee and migrant in order to accommodate EU's leaders' personal feelings that everyone should be enslaved, while it works to convert EU into a third world country. Eurostat's public numbers only support this view, it is defiant to the UN as well as the Geneva Convention whom were the first to define refugees. They are not refugees unless there is danger to them at home."
The United Nations Council on Human Rights defines a refugee as "a person whom is displaced due to their nation of origin bearing a threat against that person."
In other words, the refugee is a migrant whom cannot return home or his government will kill him. This would apply to both parents, and children born in another nation, since their household is from the nation which they have fled.

But too often, the hazy areas surrounding the definition of statuses awarded either to those fleeing a real threat to them, personally, and a real crisis, are fused together, and billions of Euros thrown at the problem until the payoff at the ballot box converts democracy, if you can call it that, into dictatorship. It is becoming more and more questionable what EU is attempting here.
These are citizenship figures by nation and year up to 2015.

 We see refugee status being generalized in EU, and Eurostat has failed in pursuing this angle currently, which accounts for the denoting of a 5% decrease in citizenship awarded within EU in the year 2015. And this is the most recent year available.

Analytically speaking, this is the way it should be, statistics can only be interpreted retroactively. Numbers cannot be worked for 2017 until this year is over. But 2016 numbers about refugee-migrant involved homicides should be available. But they are not. Nor are there any statistical observances of migrants committing any sort of crimes at all. It's as if this is a giant oversight, but for the insincerity of EU in general. Thus we know that they have those numbers, but they are not reporting them, nor making them available to the public.

All of this is compounded by the fact that the rule of migrant or refugee falls along the "does it prove us wrong?" factor. If the answer is yes, then we can only conclude that the numbers are so obviously a criticism of EU that releasing them might prove inflammatory.

There is also the birth factor: if a child is born to refugee parents, and that birth is within EU, then that offender is incorrectly awarded the category, "European." From birth onward, those statistics only regard him as European.

This is bound to cause a horrific decline in refugee crime statistics, because refugees are supposed to one day, return home. Subsequently, EU has pushed the legal boundaries of what a refugee is or isn't upon member states. Thus the complaints by the Interior Minister of Slovakia, for instance, are valid ones. Deputy PM and Interior Minister Robert Kalinak stated that a very large percentage of these refugees are simply African and Occidental people using the status as to gain a foothold in Europe.

If this is true, it is intolerable, as the effects of the real crisis which EU is currently re purposing the numbers to indicate how fake it really is, have revealed too much. Inflation is rising in EU. GDP is up, a negligible ,05%, but it is up....but the inflation rising 1.9% across the board. This is probably a ,03% rise due directly to the measures to sustain the refugee crisis in Europe.

One thing we observe in Eurostat, and EU, is the continuing hammering home that "Turkey, Albania, and Morocco compose the largest percentage of refugees. With Moroccans totalling 85% of all refugees..."

This is confusing, due to the fact there is no humanitarian crisis out of Morroco, and still votes are being bought in trade for citizenship for an imported work force that is this large, and in no danger whatsoever of going home. Nor do Morrocans face executions for returning home.

Then there is the double-edged sword of EU policy working against this argument: Turkey and Albania are listed as the next largest contigents of asylum-seekers. The truth is, Iraqis and Syrians fled into EU via these nations, thus EU is using their lack of paperwork conveniently. EU intends to award them the best of both worlds: migrants who are refugees, by leaving it undefined that their treks originate in Syria and Northern Iraq. Then, EU plans to blanket this status generally upon all migrants, whether or not they fit the UN or even more clearly defined Geneva Convention criteria of what refugees really are, and in this way, at least EU hopes, no one will notice.

4000 assaults were commited in EU, mainly in Germany and Italy, in 2015. I wonder how many were committed against women and children by actual refugees? And I wonder if the huge African migration problem were handled legally, would the police services indeed be this exhausted?

At any rate, write your politicians. A moratorium on citizenship should be announced until an audit by UN and Red Cross can determine if and when the vast majority of these cult worshipping killers can be returned home.

  1. EU must abide the actual terminologies of refugee, and migrants, and differenciate correctly between refugees and migrants.
  2. The path to citizenship should not be available to refugees nor to migrants.
  3. A new status allowing heads of households to live in EU, and renewably so, should be created to allow refugees a recognized national status, working status, but not citizenship, nor should they be allowed to vote.
  4. EU should audit the entire migrant, and refugee population, and determine by linguistics each one of their national origins. These numbers should be made publicly available.
  5. Crime statistics involving foreign born people, or children of foreign heads of households, should be singular, and available to the public.

Charity, Frau Merkel, charity begins at home.


After trying repeatedly under several search headings, the results began including any documents that had either the words arson, and refugee, or homicide, and refugee. There is no current way to find these stats in the database.

Here I searched in frustration, and again was shown only keywords. I searched the PDF files, and there are literally no statistics being kept made publicly available which demonstrate the rocketing violent crime rates which would, of course, tend to cast shade on these "doctors and engineers". Not only is Eurostat collecting these figures, it is actively hiding them.


Eurostat should be investigated, and otherwise prompted to make these numbers available.


Annual budget for Eurostat

ESS, European Satisfaction Survey, is one of the more absurd concepts being budgeted annually as a part of the €15 billion which EUROSTAT publishes to be its annual budget. ESS is attached to and funded by EUROSTAT under this name due to inclusions of non EU member-states, like Norway. Oddly enough, Norway is the nation identified by the ESS as having the greatest per-capita satisfaction with life, and demonstrates the greatest satisfaction with their government in all of the more than thirty nations which are part of the survey.
"Individuals' satisfaction with life varies depending upon whether or not they perceive their political regime to be legitimate?" -ESS DOC

 The fact that Eurostat itself concludes that there are like fifteen to twenty categories by which we might baseline a chart of what happiness looks like in print, then concludes that the refugee phobic non member state Norway has the highest degree of happiness is exactly why I view this agency like I do.

There is a pdf file on the Eurostat site, if you don't believe me. It is under the subheading ESS, and from the looks of it, took at least a million or so just to construct the website.

This is how I recommend Eurostat be analyzed: since it is small, the normally inadequate regime analysis, in which we view the internal structure only in terms of its executive functions, and only observe how it responds to criticism, will not limit any positive aspects of Eurostat. Regime analysis is shunned in political science because it could make the positive aspects of an international organization very hard to see, because it does narrow an otherwise broad scope.

I will do that, since it is what I learned to do in University. What I will then do is occasionally blog the bits about Eurostat, since part of regime theory requires I also observe how Eurostat copes with criticism, as well as might change its approach over time.
More than EU nations are analysed for ESS.

Today, however, in order to best demonstrate the absolute huge expense Eurostat is, and how such conclusions as ESS's deductions on Norway would tend best to demonstrate EU should be disbanded for being the kind of hypocrisy it is, going on in front of ordinary Europeans on a daily basis, I will simply excise a cross section of ESS, and try to show you that apparently Eurostat feels non EU states have a better degree of happiness.

The Pushing of Democracy
I am not certain that it is democracy being lauded, since the facts about EU conclusions could tend to classify it as an oligarchy, which means that a council of elitists are running the show, and goes to better exemplify that the results of the million euro ESS study are simply being published which dismiss EU as a place in which happy people live.
 "Reseach shows that higher well- being contributes to many important outcomes of interest to policymakers such as better health and higher education?" -ESS DOC

Again, this statement would tend to disqualify national crises such as the one arising in Germany, where recent protests as to the legitimacy of the Merkel Administration in Berlin continue being ignored in the media. Besides sounding like it was published to attract a higher degree of corporate confidence in the exploitation of, in particular, the emerging EU corporate combine in EU eastern Europe, this statement sounds suspiciously arrogant, as if the aim of the survey was to comfort someone, or some group.

Nations whose citizens believe in the legitimacy of their democracy have happier people, you don't say...?

Due to Merkel, in particular, being flexible enough to address the Visegrad Four, however unsuccessfully, we would normally see this regime statement prompting such policy reform as getting the refugees out of Europe. But, then again, if unchecked, then they and their children may well become the Europe reading and considering ESS.

The two "did you know" conclusions are all that I want to bring to your attention today, remembering, of course, that ESS has served EU with either a cause to initiate real changes, or Europeans will continue to become more advanced in their state of disillusionment, or more sinister in consideration, that EU is already planning on replacing the workers of Europe with refugees.

This is yet another example of sublime truth remaining unflinchingly the source of real Euroscepticism.
Happy to state the obvious...Millions of Euros: JUSTIFIED!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

EUROSTAT: Consider The Lillies

Eurostat Headquarters, like Jean Paul Juncker, Eurostat is a Luxembourgian joint

Part 1: In The Beginning...

Eurostat began as the Kittinger Treaty took effect, and EU came into existence in 2001, though it was not yet exactly created. It was later that Eurostat was created as we know it, today. It has never actually served as a statistics bureau. It has only served as hot and cold evidence factory, and the collected data which does not support the program of any given EU Commission President is simply suppressed, or recycled and retro-fitted on an as needed basis. Eurostat is a group of real scientists who answer to spin doctors, and could be compared to Jezebel's donkey.

According to WikiPedia, "Eurostat begins with the creation of the 1953 European Coal and Steel Community.", and, as I am quite sure this office of pro-EU madness volunteered this bit of autobiographical data in order to increase its hard-won profile, we can see the first of the unlikelyhoods which later snowball into an orgy of downright dishonest and filthy lucre.

Eurostat actually was an offshoot of a committee formed to gather statistical information to be used in order to better study, and ultimately remove, what we used to call "international capitulations", a sort of breathing room given to account for the differences between say, bacterial content in French cheeses, and that of German cheeses.

Lovingly logged by WikiPedia as having been created as is by the 1991 Eur-11, Eurostat was a creation of the original eleven nations of EU as they were planning EU, which did not yet exist. (This is the illusion, EU is sixty years old, Eurostat is Jesus telling us, "consider the lillies...")

This still falls short of providing an accurate statement, that Eurostat was created in 1991. Eurostat was created using past examples of similar organizations, but it was not created until 2003. And its raison d'etre was as more of a public relations office, and not a purely scientific, nor even an honest, statistics bureau.

You see, once upon a time, the laws of say, German importations of French cheeses, were governed by a system of German guilds as well as strict import guidelines. And these acted in such a way as to protect the German cheese industry. And likewise for the French beer industry. But, when two nations agreed that they had more to gain by suspending those internal guidelines, that is called a capitulation.

Eurostat began as a way to publish officially agreed upon standards, in measures familiar to all. For example, the amount of alcohol in German beer, and how that would be compared to French alcohol content, and this was vital to EU formation.

Though the office was created officially then, it took its name from another, entirely different effort called European Statistics Programme. It was named in 1989, and tasked to, among other things, gather economic data. The Programme then answered to very few official guidelines, and was seldom, if ever, questioned about its conclusions at all.

This unilaterality in this office's numbers, and how they were interpreted, were transmitted as DNA to the Eurostat we all now know, and distrust intensely. The Programme was settled on for such things as population migrations, and weather, economic trade, and really bore little importance as it does, now.

Eurostat is really a clearing house of meaningless statistical observances, and acts in tandem with EU on a pro requiem basis. If Juncker needs deer hunting stopped, he calls Eurostat, and via playing off of the hard-wiring in the human brain, they send him an official set of mathematical conditions complete with spin, and suddenly Juncker, a politician, now sounds like he may know what he is talking about, so, invariably, we listen.

Example? Ok. Bear with me, here, I will bring this all together, in the end.

Say, we are in the audience of a gameshow, and the host places three doors in front of Jim. Now, the host says, "Jim, behind one of these three doors, there is $35,000 that you can have, and all that you must do, is choose between door A, door, B, or door C?"

Alright, say, in our example, Jim chooses door C, statistically, there is a one in three chance that the $35,000, and victory, is indeed, behind door C. But there is also a one in three chance that the money is behind doors A and B, as well.

So, the host tells the hot chick, "Open door B!" which she obliges, and no, there is no money. Now here is the tricky part.

So, the host looks at Jim, and shaking his head, with a reassuring pat on the back, says, "Oh, no Jim! It may very well be behind door C! But tell you what, you have a 50/50 chance of being right, but you also have the same chance of losing. How about I give you a choice, and you can choose between door A and door C? Huh?"

Jim thinks about it, and chooses to remain at door C. The host opens door A, and the money is there! Poor Jim.

But, every single bit of this is science.

First off, Jim had a one in three chance. Did it become one in two after door B was opened?
No. It remained one in three, knowing where the money was or was not does not change the odds, but our brains really do not know that.

So, when the host tells Jim that his chances have changed after opening door B, it is a scam repeated on game shows, in Monte Carlo waging tables, etc. When the host allowed Jim to change his answer, even though the odds did not change, statistically, the people who change their answers have a 65% chance of winning by some process we call fate. This very situation has been repeated in laboratories the world around, and there is a correlation between changing your answer, and winning.

The odds, however, never changed. It is a quantitative statistical analysis gathered over time which says Jim would be more likely to win the $35,000 had he changed his answer. 

And, believe it or not, the entire set of behaviours demonstrated by the hot chick who opens the door, and our host's either negative or reassuring responses, all of it is choreographed around the odds, and is based on a continuing set of repeated circumstances which will be measured, and collected for the producers of that show.

This is also how Eurostat works. If you have read my earlier complaints, I have mentioned the preposterous claim Eurostat has worked into its statistical regime, publishing a statistic to back up EU's embracing of ECHR-15 verdict by claiming that the $30,000 annually spent for migrants will decrease after four years, and they begin to graduate from college! That's a joke, right? No. That is a bias. The enemy of legitimate statistical measures is the engagement in bias. Statistics, as we discussed, can only be measured after the same thing happens, over and over again.

But, when we start pimping up the starting point, well, we are trying to keep Jim from changing his answer, so, at least we hope, he will lose.

We cannot say, 95% of Parisian pigeons will be Frankfurt pigeons....unless we can prove that this Pigeon migration has happened a lot. Without a body of given data to begin with, using math to repeat the preposterous occasion that, if we hand carry fifty pigeons from Paris to Frankfurt, that they are, indeed, now Frankfurt pigeons, well, that is easy. All we need to say is that 50 somehow equals 95% of all Parisian pigeons, and voila. Why bother, right?

Well, when I read the Eurostat body of data on the problems being caused by EU, it is exactly what I say. They are manipulating real observations, and combining them with biased trending coefficients, which is not even a spin, nor a labor: it is a dead-end stare! Why bother!?

I am not telling Eurostat something that it doesn't know: since all of the director generals holding that post are real national statisticians, I am going to lodge a complaint that this is another example of EU throwing that salary into the toilet, because there is no way the Director General of Eurostat has ever done their job scientifically. This slot probably draws more of a bribe for silence than a salary. And, since Eurostat has only had five Director Generals since it was created, four drew a six figure salary, then retired with a similar pension. Do that kind of math, and we see why and how the elite keep their scholarly credentials from being used as a force for truth: it is not a salary. It is a bribe. The Director of Eurostat knows mathematically how screwed up this is. Therefore, their silence cannot be cheap.

What this means is that somewhere, the real numbers are being compiled and kept away from the publicly-accessible sources on line and otherwise. This is not something that I am just making up, either. As Eurostat can tell you, 90% of the time I smell a rat, and you smell a rat, and we all smell a rat, that there is a rat nearby. But 100% of the time where there's smoke, there's a fire.

But in Eurostat's case, where it errs, is providing "evidence" that, due to the Syrian kid whom exploded Manchester having been born in UK, that the ECHR-15 is not flawed.

I would love to have them try to explain that to me...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

They Called Me Mad At The University!

Take a look at these faces. Were Frau Merkel, and her yes man posse out of power, and the refugee problem left in Syria, where God put it, then they would unquestionably be alive today. The same lead paint effect causing them to believe your death is unrealistic, but possible, is idiot-victory. It is not only naive, it is dangerous. Racial profiling could make the difference. In light of Manchester, all we want is you alive so we can plan to leave EU. And the reality is that the 24th of September, 2017 is going to see Merkel reelected by Macroning. It shall be a landslide. But here is a possible new way to reach an order of power to challenge her not by SDP, but by you, the people who live there. Do not be disdained that she shall win, be assured of it. 

Macroning is both real, and judging from Eurostat's response, "you can't know...we could all explode for a number of reasons, before these people vote for our lying propaganda publishing and nonsense talking selves.." it isn't hard to see how much they fear the consequence of the fraud they are helping to perpetrate. I will post a link to the typical bullshit Eurostat response at the end of the article.

Likewise, I absolutely believe any publication, such as CNN republishing a ZDF story claiming SDP could, quote, "really challenge Merkel, come September..." is planted to keep your people from the outrage they should be taking to the streets of Berlin TODAY...False hope, hot air: lies that have become EU protocol, a protocol which we have become very much used to.

Maybe the path to change in Germany is going to have to depend upon the malleable way that innovative orders of power cause the status quo to shock and recoil. Adenauer dealt with this as he advised the allies and helped to reassemble the postwar German Parliament which became what we have in Berlin, currently. Would it surprise my fellow Eurosceptics to know that they simply made this system up as it went along?

I am through asking and consulting. Nobody, German nor American, can tell me how this cannot happen from a legal standpoint, only that because of the fact that it has not ever happened before, that it is not likely to be a solution.

But Germans could write and support opposition parties in their local elections, then pack the Bundesrat with Eurosceptics whom will force a coalition in the Bundestag to set aside the ECHR-15 verdict, which makes every Muslim in Europe suspect, whether or not they were born there, and force the initiation of racial profiling, as well as deportation of IS connected people, citizens, or not. I am sure it is at least a path to security. Security Frau Merkel is not taking very seriously.

The Bundesrat must technically accept the composition of Parliament, as well as accept the PM formally. But if the security of Germany were under threat, that could give the Bundesrat the power to decide the PM; not the Bundestag, nor the election.

This we know. The policy is in place to prevent the German people's will from being usurped like it is being. It exists as a process to counter exactly the kind of refugee to citizen Macroning which will keep Euroscepticism, and the safety of the German people, drowned in the wine barrell because of the process by which Macroning occurs, and because it represents the destruction of the voter's will.

This is accomplised by the importation of a voting electorate that serves only the politicians that allow them to destroy our people. A process which is a mixture of stupid leaders, EU money, and migrants whom become citizens each and every day that a refugee celebrates five years in country, thus this voter is easier and faster to create than German voters, who may want their nation back, someday, and have to be made by first being born. Then surviving eighteen years.

The fact that it is transformative, and a new order of power, this idea can at least temporarily blind the victory written in stone awaiting Frau Merkel in the September 24 election later this year.

Face it, I am half French, but I lived in Germany for twelve years. I love the German people, but mostly, I know that they aren't this stupid. This is Ossie stupid coming straight out of Honneker's dumb-assed Communist party where this heiffer Merkel first mooed in the government barn. Idiots like her invented EU still drunk on Communism and extreme socialism, too young to realize that both incompetence and true evil look identical when they act internationally, thus eliminating the existence of a "perfect system". See, some caveman had a whet dream thousands of years ago, and ever since, politicians have dedicated their lives to fucking it up.

My friends in Frankfurt, Mainz, Hanau: would we not mosh this bitch, and every Muslim who doesn't sell good hash? Hell yes! That's why not one single Maiden show got bombed when we were young, we would bomb them back.

So, I will post the elections in all Lander which still have them. And the rest is up to you and God and a lot of emailing and letter writing. At least let the Polezei use racial profiling. There is no question that Merkel has to go. And so does ECHR verdict 15.

Enough is enough.

Lower Saxony: 14 Jan 2018. First election whose result will challenge Merkel in 2022.

Bavaria: most likely, Autumn of 2018. 

Hesse: most likely, Spring 2018, these all elect every five years.

Bremen: Spring, 2018

Brandenburg: (yeah, right!) Autumn, 2019

Thuringlia: most likely, Spring, 2019

Hamburg: most likely, Spring, 2019 

Baden Wurttemburg: Spring, 2021

Rhineland Pfalz: most likely, Spring, 2021

Saxony Anhalt: Spring, 2021

Berlin: Spring, 2021

Mecklenburg Vorpommen: Autumn, 2021

Nord Rhine Westphalia: Spring, 2022

Saarland: Spring, 2022

Schlesswig Holstein: Spring, 2022

If you live in these, ten emails a month demanding investigations into the challenge to the national security which Merkel, EU, Macroning, ECHR-15, and the current composition of Parliament represent are: because it is all ILLEGAL. This should start things out.

Those perpetrating this fraud are securing their jobs via the importation of a voting public who are Muslim, thus can never be German. 

The loss of control and warnings from Berlin issued last Spring should remind you, and until she is stopped, it only gets harder for each day you allow this to continue. Write your Eurosceptic party candidates. Write the ones running in these elections whom seem willing to prevent your country being carried off due to the complete idiocy of one bitch.

Spread the word. The government of Germany is being intentionally parceled off to the will of an electorate being sold citizenship for their votes. Just google it, read BBC quoting Paeterson, then Eurostat's ridiculous reply. Who pays Eurostat? Am I insane?  Is this REAL????

Spread the word and this way, when, not if, but when these events happen, you can rest knowing that we are doing all that we can to get Europe back into European hands.

Communists, Fascists, when these two agree, then the fight is indeed a desperate one.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Denmark: Penetrating The Showcase

Danish Euroscepticism Is Transformative and Advising...

The Danish Parliament does not shy away

Danish People's Party (DPP) Eurosceptic Parliamentarian- In -Residence, Anders Samuelson, Foreign Minister under the PM Lokke Rasmussen.

First of all, in case my buddy who lives there is reading this: this isn't data that I took from our....let's call them "disagreements"? The whole defense mounted is not due to my finding fault with Social Democracy, which has been true in Denmark, as most of Scandanavia at least emerging from their reformations post WW2. I, as an American, have no objection. Again, this is not due to any misconception which prejudices my examination of the more unfamiliar aspects of what it is to be Danish: college, or basically, its equivalency, paid for. It seems to be a case study in socialized medicine, which again, is paid for. And the obligatory taxation again, a necessary evil, insamuch is six of capitalism is half a dozen of the other socialism. I am totally and completely fine with that.

What we have in Denmark that I am not fine with is EU. The needs of a socialist nation do not fit well within the predatory capitalism which both is encouraged in the meta state, as well as being the single unifying guiding principle driving EU's architecture. There are a lot of misconceptions which we see floating around on the fringes of the awarenesses of Danish people, and these misconceptions place the understanding of what the real future looks like someplace between just out of reach, thus, out of consideration, or plainly just not caring. It is as if it were some Baltic nonchalence being mistaken for contentment with being in the role of the exploited.

But this same apparent contentment with troubles not yet come to light, at least in the eyes of the private financial sector which built and operates EU, free from prosecution within EU, views this "awareness kept on the fringes" as a giant chicken leg which the main character in a Warner Bros cartoon turns into when it is hungry: and opportunity on this level, well steal thousands, you're a thief. Steal millions, you're a god. But over years it stands to be a sum substantially larger, and true Danes are one twenty-eighth of the victim pool, their system, apparent lack of concern, among other things, act as a door in and out of the crime scene. And to the bankers of Europe, in their eyes, they are children who keep letting them in.

We are not talking about EU's structure being used as the brush and foliage concealing robberies committed by highwaymen, whom zip out, do their crimes, and then recede back into this structure. That is happening, but we are not talking about this at all.

We are identifying monies estimated to be circulated in the inside track that are available only to the select few, and based on estimations of interests rates, and past amount totals, for which estimation legally becomes theft, when, under the current system of fractional reserve banking, those Euros are simply printed up, washed off (hopefully) in the Danish bond market, but normally this money is simply used to fund other, similar cases of legal fraud engaged routinely by the system. When, in Capitalist Germany, these guys protect Germany, they incorrectly appear to believe that as long as the apparent value of the bond market in Denmark remains the same, that no harm will be done.

But, if we are trading on interest, and do not apply the exact, same amounts of it to the entire market whose economy we are waxing creative with, the resulting inflation occurs suddenly, and, at least in Scandanavia, there is no regime set up to monitor this offset of inflation with the raising or lowering of interest doesn't work that way.

But the prevailing attitude is, "You are either too small, or too preoccupied to notice."
Then Eurostat praises a statistically biased observance of plain Danish fact, EU tells Denmark that it is the showcase of EU success, and nobody seems to notice CPI (Consumer Price Index, the real cost of goods versus their cost at the cash register) gaps widening in systematic and rhythmic fashion, its as if the bankers say, "Denmark, its OK! Everybody's doing it!" but not everybody must depend on the static bond market's lack of function, as Danes do, and the cause of it being easy to understand....Lest you start to, and they come with money and higher hot winds of praise to quieten and or confuse you even more.

The world's experience of Danes has been totally one of disproportionately dumb, albeit bad, luck. The Vikings and Lars Ulrich that condescending no drumming Forrest Gump of the world of music, and this gives Americans a bit of mystified hesitancy, as the majority cannot point Denmark out on a map, nor can they say definitively whether or not the third reich came from there...think I'm making this up?

One credit to Denmark, though we can't get him to move back home, and though I am fully sympathetic, is Michael Ackerfeldt, the bassist, and all around genius behind Opeth. I stopped talking to him when I realized that he may spend a lot of time in America, but he doesn't understand my jokes, like the more inappropriate ones, about Jonestown, you know American things...I frighten him, as I do most of my close friends, who see me as kind of a cross between alien and highly motivated lazy sponge....

They don't care about my degrees, they think I am content to live off my family's fortune, they need that, because the truth is: my family hates me. And I get by largely on a combination of luck and good timing. I am a drummer, after all...

But I digress.

The Danish presence in EU, for better or worse, is one the Danes appear to be content with. The rising cost of consumer goods is not identified as the greed which is taking place mainly outside of Denmark. They seem to identify a trending inflation which is the price of doing business and it is literally that; the price of doing business. EU business.

Beyond the cosmetology to which we are supposed to limit our views, lie the real numbers which Eurostat can't cook: one in 337 people is homeless in Denmark, compared to one in 446 in the US. However, if you know how to use Google, and keep your eye on the ball, decoded shall become all that was Eurostat in your eyes, too. The cheapness. The derangement bordering on sinister: EU's statistics bureau is only a tv show to distract the masses with false comforts. Denmark is one of the places blood has been drawn.
The large and very Eurosceptic Liberal Alliance of Denmark. Another example of the consistency of Danish Euroscepticism. 

Sparing the math, if you looked at CPI trends, and the irresponsive Danish Securities, you see a trending towards poverty line resolution at an amount measured in dollars to be somewhere around $45,000, within three years. Right now, according to IMF published figures, Denmark has the forty-first largest GDP on earth, and a per capita annual income between $55,000 and $62,000, the latter being Eurostat's cooked and presented statistic. True, those numbers slope.

What is being covered up, however, is that today, in America, the poverty line is $15,000. And that number does not slope, in fact, it has been at the same spot for right about twenty years. It doesn't take a genius to see that, in comparison to the USD, that the Euro is losing two thirds of its total value. And that loss is being offset directly upon the consumers of places like Denmark, whose national taxation creates a kind of "fiscal blind spot" wherein the damage is being accomplished.

Unlike Finland, and Italy, Denmark retained its currency. It is not Eurozone by Euro, like other nations, it is Eurozone and still bears its national economic base. Unlike Finland, it appears Danes had no problem accepting the promises of single market single currency ideals were just that, ideals, and not buying into the "farther reach without colonial power blood" argument, they retained more than the doorway out.

Danish Euroscepticism 

In spite of the presence of a largely positive view of EU running the length and breadth of Denmark, there is a sizable and healthy Eurosceptic one. Denmark has had one of the longest- running EU Parliamentary Eurosceptic presences around, and while the problem is not quite designed to be observed, much less, solved, it appears that this Euroscepticism is right at the stage prior to a broad public exorcising of EU demons of "do not see, do not question". Danish Euroscepticism is as an army in an advanced state of readiness. This relates to the courage of each of their political parties, and honesty of their members: for they do understand. Euroscepticism is prepared to do battle, like a horde of screaming working Vikings.

This Euroscepticism has not existed without its fair share of problems, either. The People's Movement Against EU, Danish Strasbourg only Euroscepticism, eventually saw a splitoff party called the June movement, which is Euroscepticism watered down, therefore more usuable in terms of getting the Danes to obligatory agreements internationally.

The persistence of Euroscepticism nationally is even stronger, though the year of 2014 saw a real withdrawal coalition set up, but has since 2016 seen party defections lowering the profile of any serious exit discussion.

And this will no doubt hold true until the numbers crunch, and the tumbling Euro v the Pound and Dollar begin relating then what we already know now: the Danes simply will not put up with it, the gloves will come off.

Till then, like from Eurostat's mouth to God's ear, we will occasionally be lectured by Eurostat through the mouths of Danes. We will be told that their system is inherently superior, and that theirs is an example of harmonious interaction between the Socialist ideal, and Capitalist advantage.

But when it all comes crashing down, we promise it wasn't you, and we won't say....
_ ____ ___ __.

How Do I Talk To A Live IRS Agent?

You will have to do the following several times: It took me over 25 calls to discover this....