Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Inevitable Careening

It seems obvious to me now that any support for any American politician, party, or affiliated organisation, is a complete and utter waste of time.

Not voting in an election seemed to me  to approach American heresy, and Trump seemed to be what we need: antiglobalist, anti warmongering, and smart enough to respect and resist the power of the lies which have seduced too many American presidents into Globalist-inspired foreign wars. But I was wrong.
What seemed to be, what seemed to be hope, what seemed to restore faith in the Democracy become Oligarchy, what seemed to breath new life into it only SEEMED to be. Even as the foundations of support collapsed following his stupid, arrogant rant in-falling- for the false-flag Syrian gas-attack, his reversals came at Tommy gun paces, which proves that he was probably the worst choice. At least the one child-molesting illuminati tool-ette would have waited until the post NATO mission version of reforger, sometime in late Autumn/early Winter, before she found out we cannot beat the Russian military.

Trump promised a thorough examination of NATO, saying that the bill was too high for the continuity of an alliance who'se mission has been fulfilled since 1991. He promised to re-examine the Syrian and Iraqi and Afghan military quagmires: he has lied to the point that he must be stopped.

I personally feel that the only reason pizzagate remains uninvestigated is that he resembles that to speak.

This has sucked the steam from Brexit, and possibly murdered Frexit, as well as my personal favorite (until the betrayal) for next to exit, Italexit, followed by a larger Medexit, the exit, uniformly, of the Mediterranean states of the EU. See, my hope was that a broad dismissal of the Globalist Banking cabal using their power to corrupt Christians would put it's biggest accomplishment, EU, on notice.

He has suspended the motion like a new ice age of the death of hopes, industries, and possibly, nations.

However I submit, I submit that Globalism must be destroyed, Zionist Israel and the Rothschilds are unAmerican to support, and Globalism is the new communism.

Thanks for not listening

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