Thursday, April 20, 2017

The First Ammendment

    It was never the intent of the Founding Fathers to restrict the transfer of information via a free and honest press. The problem is, ours is controlled by a foreign power, in the folds of the robes of the Bilderberger Group. Be that as it may, the news today, eminating from Jeff Sessions' Justice Department is NOT a furtherance of the idioms and rhetoric of the security of state, such as those employed by people in the fifties whom suppressed UFO reports, and lulled us into stupors which ended suddenly in the horrors of Vietnam....

It is proof of how out of touch these men truly are. They have begun to threaten Wikileaks founder, and a living hero of mine, Julian Assange.

The Trump team, fully checked-out and swamp pedigreed, fully in bed with the ACTUAL perpetrators of 9-11, now turn freshly-converted and untried Globalist Newspeak deigning to recast Whistleblowers as "Targets".

Hollywood could not contrive a greater offense.....but now, the entire title of "Dr Strangelove" is beginning a new mode of clarification for me, personally.

Few men or women know the guts it took for JFK to defy the Globalist/Zionist Balfour Directive born cabal, the guts that it takes for ANYBODY to stand to defy it, in the name of all we value as a people, well, it doesn't grow on trees. Courage is knowing that honoring one's core values now is LESS of a threat than tolerating the threat to humanity which a secret group is engaged-in; for that is the kind of courage which pulls you out of the fire, or, in the name of order, risks life and limb: they are one in the same.

Welcome to the swamp....chief alligator? Donald Trump....a presidency we political scientests will later define as "Active Negative"

However I submit, I submit Globalism is the new Communism, and must be destroyed, that the truth is easy to see, so most do not.

Thank you for not listening.

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