Friday, April 28, 2017

Mitosis Metaphase: Ramush Haradinaj

During the 1998 fighting, Haradinaj emerged as both heroic, and infamous. Following the siege by Serbian forces of three villiages in NW Kosovo, Haradinaj was wounded, and dressed his wounds with cheese until he could locate medical help.  
In what could have layers of international implications, as well as consolidate support from his alienating national portrait, Serb Premjer and Presednik Aleksander Vučić demanded the war criminal Ramush Haradinaj, former Kosovan Liberation Army Western Commander, be extradited to Beograd where Serbian courts would actually charge the former commander, since the political climate administered by EU helped dismiss the charges against Ramush due to technicalities, in 2003.

The justifiable attempt by Serbian officials is made all that more difficult to see by almost two decades of politically-motivated EU sponsored, and Kosovan-centric angles which have shaped the views, rather unfairly, if not inaccurately, of the media and the world in-general, about the Yugoslav Civil War, and the roles of all-involved.

For example, no mention is made of the KLA interdicting Serbian frontiers and placing land mines in the areas on the eastern frontiers, nor of the ensuing deaths that prompted a containment action being undertaken by the Serb army and military police units, and their civilian counterparts, which resulted in accusations of atrocities on both sides. Largely forgotten is the fact that the war was mainly motivated by Islamic contempt for Christainty.

The Albanian influence in Kosovo is utimately responsible for the war, and since 2014 Albania has officially petitioned for EU membership, which is contradictory to what one would think since they are behind the Kosovan military actions, yet Kosovo is a member-state of EU.

The ambiguities of Haradinaj's charges being dropped, as well as the officials in Brussells and France refusing to review the action, is viewed in Serbia as a part of the duplicity and reservation about EU which, until now, Vučić had trusted.
"Did I say that?"
"...there is no question, the path for Serbia, in the future, is the path towards Gloabalism, and the path towards joining the EU..."
Vučić, 2016

Although there were atrocities on both sides, aa well as continuing tensions, this move will most likely fill Serbian resolve against EU to the breaking point, as the French ambassador to Serbia Cristine Moro found out first hand upon recieving Beograd's strongest repudiation of what Vučić considers to be, "the scandalous decision to continue the politically motivated concealment of a criminal."
Although Serbia's role in hostilities is a victim of media bias, an international commission found that Haradinaj had been responsible for the murder of Serbs, Gypsies, as well as Albanians, prompting his arrest for warcrimes. 

It is notable that in this time of cracks in EU facade, and Serbian quartering of refugees as well as other overtures towards EU membership, that EU would simply cleave to the politically motivated removal of this infamy from Haradinaj, and defend these actions of other EU and International Court staff whom have, for the most part, retired,

If EU accomplished anything this week, it was being the butt of Haradinaj's joke, flaunting the infamy he probably deserves. In the longer term, EU has probably lost any further efforts by Serbia to indulge that orginization, and shall have no one to blame except the highly visible hypocrosies which, if they were spread out and measured to a trickle in The Hague, they might've been harder to see.

So this week's butt of the joke award goes to EU, whose concentration of power has made the mistakes of its hasty and past political alliances a high visibility item, and somewhat self-defeating.

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