Sunday, April 30, 2017

Anybody Seen Isis?

As the first hundred days have come and gone, has Trump truly lived up to his bold declaration to annihalate the Islamic State were he elected president?
The same Globalist cabal that started these wars, and the deadly game of arming US enemies in the Arab world, shaped the policy which continues not to succeed, all for the motivations hidden in the real one-party one-rule Globalist Party. 
As partisan values vanished in America, so did the ability to win wars, and to hide ugly secrets.

It is not hard to see that rather than killing the Islamic State (Isil's post 2014 name) that the US has declared war on civilians, and become rather proficient at killing them. Unfortunately, this further negates a national discrepancy: if the fallout now is due to losing control of the military quagmire for the US in 2003-2009 Second Occidental War, then, by extension, we lost the 1991 First Occidental War.

The Globalist agenda seeking these wars is also as counter-intuitive as was the Clinton Obama solution of arming anybody whose instituonal goals resisted Assad. This move followed that same policy's innate flaws which failed the administration and the embassy staff in Libya some two years prior, and was the Obama administration's answer to Assad using chemical agents on rebels in the Syrian capital. And it was a calculated risk that failed.

The fact is that the Globalists approved of these wars, and absolutely lack the innovational abilities to both resolve and anticipate crises based on the flawed archtecture each administration blames the preceding administration for having brought about, and having also helped to ensure, and such talent has not been located in any US agency or within the skillset of any policymaker to engage a soloution. And therefore it is naive to follow Trump into yet another Globalist "Mission Accomplished" charade. We have allowed our military to be the hammer of the making of an international crisis. It is time face those realities, for if IS can be beaten, it will be in facing hard facts, and also, most likely, in compromise.

The US, fresh off a civilian killing spree to the tune of 350 civilians just yesterday, seems infuriatingly unaware that, in killing civilians, they are, once again, creating the IS, and the contempt for this nation and her allies having divine like origins.

The map of recent Iraqi efforts to remove the IS and the Zone of the Caliphate appears to be a picture of glowing success.

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