Friday, April 28, 2017

A Work In Progress: How the Deep State Relieved Trump of the Presidency

The First Daughter and Son In Law, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, whose inexperience and dual loyalties have sown the seeds of a worldwide nuclear war.

 "I stood and shook his hand..."

"...that was some weird shit..."
-George ReBush on the Trump inauguration

From the resignation of Gen Mike Flynn, to the bristling of spinal hairs in regard to White House NatSec Advisor Sebastian Gorka, an alarming number of very highly placed individuals in key White House advisory positions have come, have seen, and then have been unceremoniously relieved of their positions. Each was assigned an office which has been visited by, a desk which has been occupied by, then office packed-out and positions vacated by as many as twenty people. Except the case of Corie Louie, whom was escorted-out without much of an explanation.
If we counted the number of those whom were professionally attached to the fired and the resigned, that number reaches a historic record.

"...the establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country, their victories have not been your victories."
-Donald Trump, Jan 20, 2017
As deeply concerning as the New World Order speeches of the Bush era

This conforms to the old-proverb: when a good carpenter fails, he doesn't blame his tools. Obviously, Trump is a tool, but he is also a very bad carpenter. There is no precedent for this type of difficulty except the presidency of LBJ immediately following Kennedy's death, and his desperate pleas to departing cabinet members and NatSec advisors.

We political scientests look at the cross-section of departures, and it raises doubts as to whom is actually in charge.

A very few of us have the honesty and the knowledge to outright question the banishment of those whose advisements were on the right path, like Bannon, and their being replaced by pro-Israeli and Globalist NWO scum, like the rise of the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs. We are now experiencing absolutely new levels of swamp-dwelling douchebaggery. Yeah, I know, Trump blew it.
...and made my way back home...

This has to be disorienting, as well. The engineers who paint names on doors in DC must be sitting on pins and needles each time the phone rings, and a new work-order is dialed-in. It has the press off balance, too. For as it engages in it's degenerate Bilderberger-driven agenda, such as Cummings' outright foot in mouth performance to hang one more loyal soldier before his lead paint tainted senses surrender to the November election results, the rise of a darker Thanatosic urge, which would have been viral news three months ago, has gone ignored. I don't think that the press is aware...

Unless you watched Trump infuriate the FBI by opening roads to Tel Aviv after being shown empirical proof of Israel's depraved role in 9-11, then you cannot understand Director Comey is not the disloyal one: Trump is.

Obama acted like an American and took a public's drunken belief in "our ally Israel"to a more pragmatic level of exercise, diplomacy, and courage.
...for his form and for his land...

But, since taking office, Trump, and his nepotism and business-class incest partners, have managed to engage a completely drunken role in Syria by going full-special and breaking up a written alliance with Russia (thank God Obama did that) all the while firing or reassigning the loyal Americans whom have seen up close what a orange turd looks like.

He is President Benedict Arnold, and the threat to the free world his daughter, son in law, and banker friends have created is sufficient that, here, now, in this blog, I predict his death.
God shall not tolerate his incompetence. Also, I predict a reassertion of US law in regards to the FBI and other alphabet agencies' antagonistic roles against Mike Pence, or the US Presidency and the entire Executive Branch of the US Gov shall reclaim our national dignity, and divorce our national interests from the people whose murder of 3,000 civilians on US soil still remains an oxymoronic open-secret; with or against President Pence.

But we shall be free of this backstabbing incompetent, as well as the incompetent Trump children and in-laws demonstrating why they are more suited to dressing mannequins than developing foreign policy: these two idiots are literally one knock away from the Oval Office!

The fact is, this powerful group was able to exploit this delusional and nepotistic assertion of power, and set about to remove the voices of reason, specifically Bannon, and impose a group whose inability to reckon with the facts of the world in which we live allows the NWO deep state the full gambit of access to power. All the while, channeling the ensuing confusion to conceal a purchase of time until competent replacements could be played-out, like odd cards in rummy, or eunuchs who were the last people on earth.

Then something sinister entered, something whose blind sociopathy is loyal only to money. Money, at this level, means the Rothschilds, and the Rothschilds mean Israel. This is the exact same swamp Trump promised to drain, only without the skill nor the American loyalty of Barack Obama.

And this deep state exploited the institutional disorientation which accompanied Trump. It also laid with complete falseity the flatteries heaped upon the ignorance and naivety of the first daughter and son in law. Their provincial east coast private school culture was in no way prepared for the object of first son in law's loyalties! These people murdered 3,000 innocent people, and justified it by declaring, "More of us have perished." when we haven't been unscathed by our national shame by the deeds of our ancestors against indigenous peoples! As if they had the right!
"'re face to face with the man who sold the world."

The hardest lessons to learn are the ones we thought that we already knew.

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