Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Fashion Do's And Don't's When You Are France's Macron

When you're a banker, and in the center in EU, then you are the darling of the social scene. While poor people are off earning an honest living fighting the wars you graciously start, or are blessed by being able to prove Islam wrong when the Muslims' murders of the poor coinicide with the police's murders of Muslims, when you're Emmanuel Macron, everybody's on your side. But, when you're Emmanuel Macron, it is probably very much still infuriating to you that the poor dead Muslims cannot return from the dead to advise the other ones that not only is their poverty their own doing, but so is their horrible fashion sense. So, there's that...

What follows are the fashion do's and don't's that one simply must abide in order to win the cabal's backing for your candidacy for French president: if you're Macron.

  1. Do not hesitate to show out for EU interests by pretending you have won already, and go ahead and kick Poland in line. Poland is not scary at all to the EU. And if you're Macron, Poland does not frighten you in the least. Although, it does frighten the banker inside you, and the woman inside you, when any nation acts in its best interests, and that action is not giving you or your bank rheams of cash
  2. Buy two suits only, and wear them on alternating days for your entire career. That way, people cannot distinguish between your body odor, and the bullshit that you continue peddling. Also, you maintain a psychological advantage because you will know secretly that it is both!
  3. Do always pretend to sympathize with the poor and the Muslims. Try to cry when you're around both. Do not neglect to use your powerful powers of presumption to pretend you are already boss, and further invite Donald Trump in since he has become a cheap, sick and depraved Globalist like you. Do candidly admit to Trump that you know why he only owns just the two toupees. 
  4. Whenever possible, check and ensure that you are not standing directly in front of a mirror. Due to how transparent you are when you're Emmanuel Macron, you cannot risk someone photographing mirrors facing mirrors on the thirteenth day of any given month, nor the ensuing transportation back in time. You might accidentally get your suit days confused, as a result.
  5. Black and white prints during issues of gay, and alternative concepts of reality...
  6. Color Prints only while discussing things you actually know nothing about, or do not care about.
  7. Never try to peek around a corner when assasins are about, due to the fact if you're Macron, you have infuriated the right, and the left, rich and the poor, and thus probably you have infuriated yourself. If those pinheads at Cerne invent doppelganger technology, and you're Emmanuel Macron, if you peek around corners, then you know that this is "B" universe Macron: so have your Muslim terrorists assault him sexually. Also, check and make a mental note of which suit he is wearing.
So, if you're Macron, and that's your real name, why not go ahead and discuss the content of your plans for France that are not vividly conspiratorial, and only benefit the very wealthiest people?

Nice suit! Bro.

Anybody Seen Isis?

As the first hundred days have come and gone, has Trump truly lived up to his bold declaration to annihalate the Islamic State were he elected president?
The same Globalist cabal that started these wars, and the deadly game of arming US enemies in the Arab world, shaped the policy which continues not to succeed, all for the motivations hidden in the real one-party one-rule Globalist Party. 
As partisan values vanished in America, so did the ability to win wars, and to hide ugly secrets.

It is not hard to see that rather than killing the Islamic State (Isil's post 2014 name) that the US has declared war on civilians, and become rather proficient at killing them. Unfortunately, this further negates a national discrepancy: if the fallout now is due to losing control of the military quagmire for the US in 2003-2009 Second Occidental War, then, by extension, we lost the 1991 First Occidental War.

The Globalist agenda seeking these wars is also as counter-intuitive as was the Clinton Obama solution of arming anybody whose instituonal goals resisted Assad. This move followed that same policy's innate flaws which failed the administration and the embassy staff in Libya some two years prior, and was the Obama administration's answer to Assad using chemical agents on rebels in the Syrian capital. And it was a calculated risk that failed.

The fact is that the Globalists approved of these wars, and absolutely lack the innovational abilities to both resolve and anticipate crises based on the flawed archtecture each administration blames the preceding administration for having brought about, and having also helped to ensure, and such talent has not been located in any US agency or within the skillset of any policymaker to engage a soloution. And therefore it is naive to follow Trump into yet another Globalist "Mission Accomplished" charade. We have allowed our military to be the hammer of the making of an international crisis. It is time face those realities, for if IS can be beaten, it will be in facing hard facts, and also, most likely, in compromise.

The US, fresh off a civilian killing spree to the tune of 350 civilians just yesterday, seems infuriatingly unaware that, in killing civilians, they are, once again, creating the IS, and the contempt for this nation and her allies having divine like origins.

The map of recent Iraqi efforts to remove the IS and the Zone of the Caliphate appears to be a picture of glowing success.

How Fake Is The News?

Google's Project Owl, allegedly bears a mascot chosen at random, which is functionally blind in nature, and relies heavily on a type of sonor to locate its prey items.
Recently, in the corridors and places of employment and entertainment, and in the waiting rooms of every type, among the elderly and the young, among the workers of both white and blue collars, and among the aging Gen-X's everyday speech, the term "fakenews" has become the stale white bread of commonplace consternment and ordinary migraines. This is a bittersweet pill to take with the pulse of a society, which places value on the rights of man, even taking the step to make mention specifically of the right to speak in the opening entitlements of its national instrument of existence.

These rights, when considered, also invite entitlements of the autonomies of those for whom our labor makes less sense than their exploitations of our labour, as such folks always have, and always will. 

But a treatise of the conflicts inherent to a society that allows for the persistence of dissenting opinions this blog is not. There is plenty of causation to engage properly just such a concentration into an order of introspection, especially in the very fine lines wherein historical precedents have been made in order to draw the most basic and pencil-thin attempts at guidance. 

For you see, to some, being free means having the freedom from even being guided. It is the choice of each individual as to whether or not he or she will be inclined to have the corroborations of their judgement and common sense deferred in acquiescence to those of another, as if freewill could endure the power of suggestion without the encroachment of ever-increasingly weaker resolve to think for one's self. For to some, there are very few tasks as unbearable and as indomitable as those requiring sincerely motivated meditation and forethought. People hate having to think for themselves. 

Edward Bernays, the Austria-born father of Public Relations, concieved of the very principles of this characteristic of human nature, and was a pioneer in their exploitations. Bernays admonished his audiences with the portrait of a humanity that was not a participant in his environment, and was therefore, being subject to the same herd like gregarious mentality, easy to control.
Edward Bernays, among other things, lived to be nearly a century, was Austrian born, and the nephew of Sigmund Freud. His views of the exploitable condition of man are reminiscent of the dismissal of higher virtues that are a theme in the works of Machiavelli. Bernays' works are a kind of modern update of the view of humanity as best left in pursuit of only practical things.

More people prefer being told what to do in order to be free from the ensuing accountability- due when the motivated and thoughtful efforts with which one approaches a task are not appreciated. The erosion of dignity becomes the mechanism by which a people surrender the enlightened and visionary inspirations of our national birth in America, and the cause of so many memes demonstrating the firepower of lost national direction still in search of validating successes. Blame, one could conclude, is more insufferrable than mediocrity.

But this era, however, is not at all the first experience that the United States has had with fakenews. Ever since the Revolution forced monarchial concepts of press-manipulation from their discretions, alone, and into that of the wealthy or very clever, fakenews has been a part of the American identity. For example, the Beale Treasure of the nineteenth century promised millions in gold to whomsoever could decode a confusing set of symbols and languages that were believed to have been discovered and widely printed on the outside chance someone could do exactly that. No one ever did, but the copies of the alleged coded messages sold in sufficient amounts as to have, indeed, made someone extremely wealthy. Although it made many, many more take roads to the still-wild Western territories, where they found malaria, hardship, and a proud people defending their existences in a compassionless way. But nobody ever found the Beale treasure. 

Again, in 1898, a newspaper owner whom was wealthy already, and wanted even more, decided to inflame the nation's rage against the Spanish in the Spanish settled colony of Cuba. So, he simply took facts and blended them with fiction, and thus one man started a war with three words: Remember the Maine.
In those days, if the American check and balance of competitive businesses applied, the man who wanted us to remember the Maine simply purchased that corporation. 

Almost 150 years later, many Americans still remain unaware that the paper's assertion, that Spanish militia men had planted a bomb on the Maine, was conclusively proven to, in fact, be false. Scientests, historians, and explosives experts determined that, due to the damage of the blast, and the parts nearby which were in pristine condition, that this was not due to a bomb. The explosion was a detonation of coal dust, which was a common type of explosion aboard ships which were steam powered. 
The American urban landscapes were peppered with emotionally charged ads like these, which were proven to have been the lies of William Randolph Hearst

Having taken Bernays and his works to heart, an obscure German police official helped like-minded and despicable men ascend to power, all by claiming that a Jewish man had burned the German congressional building down. This, after a number of government sponsored dialogues condemning Jews in general provided what we historians call, "The fallacy of blame: when one group or person is responsible for the troubles confronting a majority."

These same men employed fakenews to invade Poland, and to foolishly apply direct pressure to a wound left from a decapitated head in their sustained and tragic war versus Russia. 
And the United States, upon victory, took every bit of the art of propaganda which Josef Goebbels had used to conduct the honorable German people into ghastly war.
Josef Goebbels, among other things, coined the term "iron curtain" reffering to a post war, victorious Soviet Union. He is also credited with defeating the Valkyrie plot against Hitler, which could have ended the war much earlier.

The fact is that the fake news being produced today may be new, but the availability of light-speed exchanges of information has reached untold intensities in terms of dissemination. And the phenomenon of social media has made fakenews a thorn in the side of both the government and the social media corporations, themselves. Owing to the fact that the governments of the world purchase personal information from these companies, and they are the biggest customers social media companies have, it is more than conspicuous that they actually believe they are comforting Americans by censoring them, and that this censorship might follow a financial motivation.

Being owned by men bearing half-baked notions of what government is, these owners fall prey to not wanting to think for themselves by trusting these governments to do it for them, and tell them which news is fake...

British pizzagate, for example, thrived until 2004, the year prior to the founding of Facebook, and thus, relied upon the papers, newsprograms, and the BBC (itself replete with pedophiles) and this resulted in a tragic and forty year plus terrorizing of the orphaned and unfortunate children of the UK. Due to pedophilia taking place in the highest eschelons of the BBC, the victims were often intimidated into silence, a lot like their advocates in Dr Phil and anyone else whom reports on pizzagate.

The Unabomber of the 80's and 90's, was taking a stand against this type of abuse and exploition. Exploitation and surveillance were exactly his concerns. 

Rob Dyke, an awesome YouTube channel owner, and voice actor, recently posted a description in his, "Seriously Strange: the End" upload in which he boldly declares that, "...(due to this censorship) YouTube, as a medium, is no longer sustainable."
Rob Dyke, one of the most popular and decent YouTubers out there, announcing that censorship has demonitized his channel. Please locate the "Seriously Strange, The End", and click the links to take the fight against censorship out of Google's and other deluded corporate hands for good.

The fakenews inspiring all of this, by the way, is very real. And it really got the most attention from pizzagate, which is very real. And what is most infuriating is the notion that Google, or Mark Zuckerberg are revictimizing each and every single one of those children every time they decide which news is real, and which is not. 
That is ten times more frightening than anything on, "Seriously Strange".

The problem is not that liars are going to lie, the problem is the American public seems to be under a spell, because Titus Frost may soon be demonitized, but he is also nonetheless correct. He is also in compliance with US law. AdSense will never approve this account, but I have peace with my maker: no lane brain government suckup billionaire can say that simultaneously when I do, for his riches shall avail him not who calls the righteous man a "conspiracy theorist".

When Google does what so many others have, and kicked the Dr Phils to the curb, the message we are getting is not fear, but extreme contemplations of inventing a social media format where the truth can be stated, without blaming the whisltleblowers nor blaming victims. And frankly, it is not the latent evil of the self-appointed censorship league which disturbs me most, it is the way that, even with billions of dollars in their bank accounts, these men have not finished their educations, thus are not only driven by a wicked intention vestigally compelling their unification with the nauseating bad guys, which they shall become, but had they finished college, studied law, studied algebra, studied the psychological illnesses children who have endured abuse are going to deal with: then they wouldn't need us to remind them what an American is.

Fakenews that they purveyed promised Hillary would win, promised Trump would lose, promised Russia hacked, promised Hillary wasn't ill....and many, many other lies.

Had these people thought in their own words and in their own conceptions of analysis, perhaps they would be on America's side.

But be ready for a fight if you think not having AdSense matters to me, or if you think advocating pedophiles, and just awfully bad math does not.

However I submit, I submit Globalism must be destroyed. I also submit that until these bitches kill us, we should keep the truth alive like David Seaman.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Getting Away From Bejamin: How The International Community Destroyed Netanyahu

The owl is associated with Molloch, the Thor of Sumerian mythology, and the ancient symbol of the Conquerors of Israel

On April 7, 2017, in-concert with Israeli-loyal private intelligence operatives, Soros's White Helmets, and American intelligence networks which  provided gas to a group of terrorists, Muslim born Israeli agents, acting on the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu, provided Syrian intelligence with the location of a "chemical weapons depot" manned by anti governmemt agents, resulting in an aerial assault sucessfully hitting the target, and just as Netanyahu hoped, gas was realeased.

But it was not Sarin, as dozens of scholars have been saying.

Netanyahu, an accomplished and bloodthirsty murderer, managed to break up the only alliance resisiting his nation's systematic genocide of the Palestinian peoples, and seizures of more land. This, coming on the heels of the December UN condemnation of Israeli one-state policy-driven attempts to annex more Lebensraum, or the Nazi-shared racist concept of their superiority, and Jewish superiority, indemnifying them with the right to commit immorale acts in order to forcibly destroy a population in order to provide the murderers with more room to live.

When Trump's inner-circle realized that it had been had, it appears that Trump's team circumvented Jared Kushner, the first son in law, and sent the word to EU officials: get Nentanyahu.

This is necessary, as Netanyahu, the planner of 9-11, is a psychopath with public and recorded quips about the "American Gullibility". His statement on this subject in 2002 was based upon his assertion that 9-11 had succeeded in a US presence widening in the region, though it was completely wrong and destructive to the arab governments in domino like fashion, and the US would finish destroying Syria as Lebanon had been destroyed. This makes the US's ReBush wars actually designed by Israel to destroy Syria. And it almost worked.

In 2000, then Israeli PM Sharon had selected Netanyahu to head up the Israeli-foreign office, which would cover (from Israeli legal standpoints) his operational co opting of bin Laden's 9-11 plans, as well as guarantee the plan would remain a secret by delaying Netanyahu's appointment to the Foreign Office head till after 9-11 had occured, which then, tentatively had been scheduled for late August.

Sharon wasted no time in making his appointment official, meanwhile, in the press, Netanyahu's offensive remarks about Americans were famously, albeit accidentally, recorded on tape.

As the realities of the blood on his friend's hands became clear, Trump has been convoluted in his doctrine for dealing with Israel, realizing that the attempted Israeli annexation of more areas for settlements violates at least three treaties, incuding articles of the Camp David Accords which guaranteed the nations of the region would follow the UN's pace in these areas.

As the fallout of the realities of Syria grows, the EU, in unity with the UN Sec council's condemnation of Jewish Lebensaraum, has begun questioning-openly the legalities of Netanyahu's efforts in violating the UN sec council's findings late last year regarding more settlements. This revealed the manipulative and psychopatic aspects of his persona as Netanyahu realizes that the implications nullify the successes on 9-11, making all that murder and success pointless, and the threat this poses in his twisted psychology can barely be hidden, as he ridiculously accused a German Foreign Minister of "repeating the holocaust..."

Meanwhile, at home, a fraud investigation across a wide range of corruption charges has become the opening salvo of the forced resignation of Netanyahu, with the best party in Israel, the moderate center left Nikud, demanding Parliament be dissolved and elections delayed until after Netanyahu appointees and top-level cabinet posts are cleared of any wrongdoings,

Hopefully this removes Netanyahu and his Zionist bloodthirsty party Likud from the annals of history. But I would settle for "removed from power".

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Work In Progress: How the Deep State Relieved Trump of the Presidency

The First Daughter and Son In Law, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, whose inexperience and dual loyalties have sown the seeds of a worldwide nuclear war.

 "I stood and shook his hand..."

"...that was some weird shit..."
-George ReBush on the Trump inauguration

From the resignation of Gen Mike Flynn, to the bristling of spinal hairs in regard to White House NatSec Advisor Sebastian Gorka, an alarming number of very highly placed individuals in key White House advisory positions have come, have seen, and then have been unceremoniously relieved of their positions. Each was assigned an office which has been visited by, a desk which has been occupied by, then office packed-out and positions vacated by as many as twenty people. Except the case of Corie Louie, whom was escorted-out without much of an explanation.
If we counted the number of those whom were professionally attached to the fired and the resigned, that number reaches a historic record.

"...the establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country, their victories have not been your victories."
-Donald Trump, Jan 20, 2017
As deeply concerning as the New World Order speeches of the Bush era

This conforms to the old-proverb: when a good carpenter fails, he doesn't blame his tools. Obviously, Trump is a tool, but he is also a very bad carpenter. There is no precedent for this type of difficulty except the presidency of LBJ immediately following Kennedy's death, and his desperate pleas to departing cabinet members and NatSec advisors.

We political scientests look at the cross-section of departures, and it raises doubts as to whom is actually in charge.

A very few of us have the honesty and the knowledge to outright question the banishment of those whose advisements were on the right path, like Bannon, and their being replaced by pro-Israeli and Globalist NWO scum, like the rise of the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs. We are now experiencing absolutely new levels of swamp-dwelling douchebaggery. Yeah, I know, Trump blew it.
...and made my way back home...

This has to be disorienting, as well. The engineers who paint names on doors in DC must be sitting on pins and needles each time the phone rings, and a new work-order is dialed-in. It has the press off balance, too. For as it engages in it's degenerate Bilderberger-driven agenda, such as Cummings' outright foot in mouth performance to hang one more loyal soldier before his lead paint tainted senses surrender to the November election results, the rise of a darker Thanatosic urge, which would have been viral news three months ago, has gone ignored. I don't think that the press is aware...

Unless you watched Trump infuriate the FBI by opening roads to Tel Aviv after being shown empirical proof of Israel's depraved role in 9-11, then you cannot understand Director Comey is not the disloyal one: Trump is.

Obama acted like an American and took a public's drunken belief in "our ally Israel"to a more pragmatic level of exercise, diplomacy, and courage.
...for his form and for his land...

But, since taking office, Trump, and his nepotism and business-class incest partners, have managed to engage a completely drunken role in Syria by going full-special and breaking up a written alliance with Russia (thank God Obama did that) all the while firing or reassigning the loyal Americans whom have seen up close what a orange turd looks like.

He is President Benedict Arnold, and the threat to the free world his daughter, son in law, and banker friends have created is sufficient that, here, now, in this blog, I predict his death.
God shall not tolerate his incompetence. Also, I predict a reassertion of US law in regards to the FBI and other alphabet agencies' antagonistic roles against Mike Pence, or the US Presidency and the entire Executive Branch of the US Gov shall reclaim our national dignity, and divorce our national interests from the people whose murder of 3,000 civilians on US soil still remains an oxymoronic open-secret; with or against President Pence.

But we shall be free of this backstabbing incompetent, as well as the incompetent Trump children and in-laws demonstrating why they are more suited to dressing mannequins than developing foreign policy: these two idiots are literally one knock away from the Oval Office!

The fact is, this powerful group was able to exploit this delusional and nepotistic assertion of power, and set about to remove the voices of reason, specifically Bannon, and impose a group whose inability to reckon with the facts of the world in which we live allows the NWO deep state the full gambit of access to power. All the while, channeling the ensuing confusion to conceal a purchase of time until competent replacements could be played-out, like odd cards in rummy, or eunuchs who were the last people on earth.

Then something sinister entered, something whose blind sociopathy is loyal only to money. Money, at this level, means the Rothschilds, and the Rothschilds mean Israel. This is the exact same swamp Trump promised to drain, only without the skill nor the American loyalty of Barack Obama.

And this deep state exploited the institutional disorientation which accompanied Trump. It also laid with complete falseity the flatteries heaped upon the ignorance and naivety of the first daughter and son in law. Their provincial east coast private school culture was in no way prepared for the object of first son in law's loyalties! These people murdered 3,000 innocent people, and justified it by declaring, "More of us have perished." when we haven't been unscathed by our national shame by the deeds of our ancestors against indigenous peoples! As if they had the right!
"'re face to face with the man who sold the world."

The hardest lessons to learn are the ones we thought that we already knew.

Mitosis Metaphase: Ramush Haradinaj

During the 1998 fighting, Haradinaj emerged as both heroic, and infamous. Following the siege by Serbian forces of three villiages in NW Kosovo, Haradinaj was wounded, and dressed his wounds with cheese until he could locate medical help.  
In what could have layers of international implications, as well as consolidate support from his alienating national portrait, Serb Premjer and Presednik Aleksander Vučić demanded the war criminal Ramush Haradinaj, former Kosovan Liberation Army Western Commander, be extradited to Beograd where Serbian courts would actually charge the former commander, since the political climate administered by EU helped dismiss the charges against Ramush due to technicalities, in 2003.

The justifiable attempt by Serbian officials is made all that more difficult to see by almost two decades of politically-motivated EU sponsored, and Kosovan-centric angles which have shaped the views, rather unfairly, if not inaccurately, of the media and the world in-general, about the Yugoslav Civil War, and the roles of all-involved.

For example, no mention is made of the KLA interdicting Serbian frontiers and placing land mines in the areas on the eastern frontiers, nor of the ensuing deaths that prompted a containment action being undertaken by the Serb army and military police units, and their civilian counterparts, which resulted in accusations of atrocities on both sides. Largely forgotten is the fact that the war was mainly motivated by Islamic contempt for Christainty.

The Albanian influence in Kosovo is utimately responsible for the war, and since 2014 Albania has officially petitioned for EU membership, which is contradictory to what one would think since they are behind the Kosovan military actions, yet Kosovo is a member-state of EU.

The ambiguities of Haradinaj's charges being dropped, as well as the officials in Brussells and France refusing to review the action, is viewed in Serbia as a part of the duplicity and reservation about EU which, until now, Vučić had trusted.
"Did I say that?"
"...there is no question, the path for Serbia, in the future, is the path towards Gloabalism, and the path towards joining the EU..."
Vučić, 2016

Although there were atrocities on both sides, aa well as continuing tensions, this move will most likely fill Serbian resolve against EU to the breaking point, as the French ambassador to Serbia Cristine Moro found out first hand upon recieving Beograd's strongest repudiation of what Vučić considers to be, "the scandalous decision to continue the politically motivated concealment of a criminal."
Although Serbia's role in hostilities is a victim of media bias, an international commission found that Haradinaj had been responsible for the murder of Serbs, Gypsies, as well as Albanians, prompting his arrest for warcrimes. 

It is notable that in this time of cracks in EU facade, and Serbian quartering of refugees as well as other overtures towards EU membership, that EU would simply cleave to the politically motivated removal of this infamy from Haradinaj, and defend these actions of other EU and International Court staff whom have, for the most part, retired,

If EU accomplished anything this week, it was being the butt of Haradinaj's joke, flaunting the infamy he probably deserves. In the longer term, EU has probably lost any further efforts by Serbia to indulge that orginization, and shall have no one to blame except the highly visible hypocrosies which, if they were spread out and measured to a trickle in The Hague, they might've been harder to see.

So this week's butt of the joke award goes to EU, whose concentration of power has made the mistakes of its hasty and past political alliances a high visibility item, and somewhat self-defeating.

Behind The Wall: My Local BioContamination Ward

Physical Therapy is code for the bio-contamination/isolation unit at my local hospital. 

Though the sixteen to twenty physicians whom I know, personally, saw me there, and spoke to me as they attended patients, not one has ever admitted that this place, called, "the tank", exists, nor that this recollection is anything but a flight of fancy.

The unit called the tank is located underground, and is accessed from the hospital building via a network of tunnels. 

The tank is located behind this local business...

...and is accessed via this gate which leads to another set of gates. The tank is connected to the hospital by a large and complex network of tunnels. The hospital, which is not pictured here, sits to the right of this area. The tunnel network termimates in the clinic pictured below...

The complex of tunnels terminates in the hospital, on one end, and this clinic on another. They were designed to provide the physicians of this clinic access to the hospital when emergencies required them, and time would be of the essence.

Methicillen Resistant Staph Aureus, commonly called "MRSA", is the quiet epidemic visiting the elderly, the infirmed, people with compromised immune systems, and those whom are simply unlucky enough to be in contact with a person whom has it, and may not be aware...

The conclusions of the physicians whom oversaw the tank hold that MRSA is no longer only contracted in hospitals, but is out in the community.

The goal of this entry is not to provoke emotional responses, but to inform the public as to the very real, and very necessary means that the local, state, and federal authorities have undertaken to quarrentine patients and reduce the risk of epidemic.

The following narrative occured between June 30, and October 11, 2010.

I have lupus, and was born with asthma, and health has always been something that I know could just vanish completely for me, at any time. As a result, I have become what my local ER and in-patient docs and staff refer to as a "frequent flyer". 

Beginning in 2007, my health took a very potentially lethal series of increasingly frightening turns for the worse, including a number of medically-induced comas, countless code-blue ressuscitations, and long periods of recovery at home. On more than a half a dozen occasions, my family was contacted and told to come in and say their goodbyes...only to see me edge back into life...

By 2010, these in and out of hospital cycles were a regular part of my everyday life. So were the huge bills. So, when I was offered a job by my buddy Jim, whom needed somebody to paint a bunch of mobile homes he was refurbishing to create a mobile home park, I jumped at the chance. Needing the cash, and feeling lucky for his concessions to my preferences to work at night because of the scorching Alabama sun, and the lack of electricity in these mobile homes, I was completely thrilled about this project. I love both fine art painting, as well as interior/exterior house painting, and was thoroughly excited about this opportunity. 

So I accepted the offer and moved in. After a couple of days, I was just beginning to get into a smoothe routine, and just beginning to enjoy myself...
That was when the A/C unit inside the main house, and the dryer we used, just suddenly fried. We spent days in the heat, nights working in it, and due to the heat, the act of doing laundary had to be followed immediately with hanging them out to dry, otherwise the clothes soured rather quickly. We had to invent a clothesline system. Gradually it evolved from porch rails, to a crazy thrown together rig made from trees and ropes...looking back, it was completely ridiculous. 

Due to Lupus, my periods of time out in the direct sunlight had to be extremely limited, and sometimes I could tell when I had been in it a bit too long, as any number of nasal sores appeared, lesions on my skin, rashes, and extreme pain inside my entire body.

Jim was a former Marine, and really quite a lovable asshole, and if my pace slowed, or he would see me fumbling with my lesions, he would throw things, berate me, and remind me that I am being reimbursed more than market price, so that any such attempts which could increase my deterioration gave him the right to do what he needed to in order to protect his investment. 

On the tenth day of the laundary difficulties, I was going to the edge of the wood a quarter mile away on the west end of the property, which was yet another sustained exposure to sunlight to which I felt compelled to expose myself...
As I walked, I noticed the emergence of a rash on the back of my shoulders, and as the sun burnt down upon my back, and the music of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" played inside my head, I simply attributed it to Lupus, (SEL, in case you were informed, and wondering) and I resolved not to say a word to Jim. After all, he had just paid me a thousand dollars, and my rent was free, and I had the usage of a vehicle: too sweet of a deal to risk his sudden upbraiding should I forget and scratch it and he see it, and "for my own good", let me go.

That Thursday evening I was able to conceal it, and Friday, as well. But on Saturday, I began to notice that I was now wheezing, and my inhaler was not able to provide any relief. As Sunday evening approached, I decided that it might be best to go on to the emergency room, and get sterile medications (IV meds), and attempt to intervene prior-to what I was familiar with, which usually begin with pneumonia type emergencies, making me deathly ill, and the er docs speeches about, "What the hell made you think you should just wait?!?!"

The er wasn't very busy. As anyone familiar with er's could tell you: there are some nights when there is just nobody there to be examined. If the hours of 10-midnight aren't busy on a Sunday, then the after church crowd in Bible-belt Alabama must be healthy, and generally a slow shift endures till 7:00 am, when first shift takes over. If you're being seen in these conditions, your level of care seems to be friendlier, and much more expedient.

I hadn't been there long, when the doc pulled the curtain back, and asked, "How are you, Mr Drummond?" I recognised the excellent Dr Miliner, whom had been on the recieving end of more than one occasion of my extreme temper loss, and my loud disapproval. He had been so kind about it. As I explained my situation, he asked, "So...wanna tell me about this rash on your back?"
"It's lupus,"
"Sure about that?"
"Yeah..." I answered. 
"Well, as much as we want to get you on out of here, I gotta cover my bases. I will get you a drip of some antibiotics and solumedrol: but I am going to order labs, and so don't wander off before the results come back, would you?"
As this had been a thing I did from time to time, I agreed to stay put.

About an hour after the lab, the in-patient liason doctor, Dr Bruner, knocked on the door, and I was all, "C'mon! You've got to have the wrong room..."
"Drummond?" she asked, looking down at her clipboard?
"What's this about?" I asked, because her appearance in your er room, at least in those days, means that you are going to be admitted. 

I was not planning on this...
She explained, "Your initial labs indicated that this rash (gloved-hand rubbing the area to identify and distinguish it from lesions that were from lupus) may be MRSA. 

My jaw literally hit the floor. I had done this very same thing a hundred times before. Normally, the only time I am admitted is by ambulance in the early hours...and the thought of Jim, his constant insistances that I should hurry up because this or that contractor needs this painting to be done...and I requested that they run the test again. She agreed, and an hour later, she showed up with the admit paperwork.

On Monday morning, the IM contract doctor over my case came in, and told me that I shouldn't make any plans to leave, anytime soon...

Here is some advice, you can take or leave it, but when you are an in-patient, and the doc says you will go home the next day, if labs are not drawn in the middle of the night or very early the next morning, you are not going home. If they are showing up day and night, be prepared for a lengthy stay. 

And this is what was happening until Wednesday morning. On that day, the IM contract doc showed up, and said, "Your case is going to be considered a false-positive for MRSA, due to the fact you had four positive cultures, and five negative cultures, and those were all since Monday. The antigen, the organism that MRSA is, therefore, can not be in your body. As a precaution, we are running another series tonight, and if it, too, is negative, you can leave tomorrow!"

I was ecstatic. I had lied to Jim about the diagnosis, because straight-up, in whatever sort of "for my own good" fashion, he would've fired me over the phone, so I was patting myself on the back for having played that well. Also, I did have his truck.

The labs must've come back negative, because I was discharged, and I went home the very next afternoon. 

In one of those in-patient happy accidents, on day two I actually ran into my guitarist, who'd taken his mom to the er on the evening after I was admitted, and we just happened to step out (I snuk off the unit) simultaneously to smoke, he extended an invite for that weekend 4th of July cookout his dad always held. And I went, and had a great time.

Upon my return to Jim's on July 4th evening, he took very ill very quickly, and this resulted in my defying his orders and calling 9-11. As he arrived in Birmingham at the hospital, he suffered a stroke. He would survive, however, I never saw him again after that night.

For two weeks I managed to pay all the bills at Jim's, and fielded worried calls from his yankee family, even welcoming his son whom drove down from Michigan to visit his dad, and tried to continue where I had left off with the painting.

And though I drove Jim's son to the hospital in Birmingham to visit his dad, Jim requested I remain outside of the room. I took it to be family stuff, and was not at all offended. 

The next day Jim's son and his uncle had made family plans to be together all day, and he awoke early and left. I woke up at the same time, and at first, everything was ok.

By 10 am I was sneezing. By noon, I was coughing. But by 1:00 pm I was dying. I struggled to breathe, and was becoming so weak so quickly that by 1:30, I could no longer walk. I was afraid to call an ambulance for myself due to concern for Jim's two beautiful dogs, and fear that they would starve or die of thirst if I left.

By 3:00 pm it couldn't wait. I called a mutual friend, and asked him to keep an eye on the property until Jim's son returned. I then called 9-11. 

After many, many trips in the back of ambulances, one grows accustomed to the rythm of their operational procedures: they take your vital signs, while asking what meds you are on, they get i d, and generally explain their actions. And though ambulance crews are people, and people are diverse, different, and unique, what goes on in ambulances generally follows a similar pattern.  
But when something is severely wrong, they do not laugh, they do not smile, and they make no small talk. This was one of those rides.

I laid in the er room bed, struggling to breathe,  seeing faces of staff members whom I had known for years, and the concern on those faces conveyed the message in ways words cannot: I was dying. And they were going to do everything  that they could to help me,  but they could only do so much...

I was still not sure what was wrong, and was operating under the presumption that lupus had inflammed my lungs, and due to the sheer number of arterial, painful sticks deep into the underside of my wrist, which detect the amount of oxygen or acids in your blood, and Dr Habtemarkos's sad frown as she overruled my begging not to be induced into a coma, I did realize that this could be it for the old Kevster...

So, I requested a shot of Ativan, after having been overruled for the coma reflected upon the heart monitor as a pulse of nearly 170, Dr Habtemarkos smiled for the first time that day in my presence, and she said, "I think we can do better than that..."

The nurse brought a syringe that was dark blue, and had two little globes dangling off of the end of it opposite the needle. One was pink, and the other, blue. And she said, "Dr H has ordered this for you, it is Bupenorpherine."

It was soooo awesome. It made me wet my pants. As the surgical team administered Prophynol to aenethsitize me, I blew the plastic out of my mouth, and said to the anesthesiologist, "That shot made me wet my pants...!"
"Sometimes, that happens!" he replied. 

"Well, I think we should....

Black. Shapes. Silence. Relief. Terror.
Three and one half weeks....

"...clean it UP..."

I sat up to find Chris, or so he introduced himself....and he was a dick. He argued, refused to let me stand, all he did do right was another one of those awesome shots...otherwise he was truly not cool.

It is then that for the first time I heard the code word, "Physical Therapy." Chris told me that I was not nearly ready for discharge. And despite my demands to speak to my doctor, he refused, saying that she had written orders for me to go to physical therapy. 

Later, I discovered that she had actually discharged me to the tank. And that this was a well-worn path for unfortunates such as I.
Unaware at that time, however, I wanted to be allowed up to walk around. Chris kept cockblocking, and I was getting mad...

See, back then I smoked. I have since quit, but it was commonplace for me to, after being heplocked, (when your IV lines are blocked off and you're able to walk around without a IV stand) to sneak out and smoke. Normally after a coma, I am not restrained by some dude this way, and it made me very angry. I repeatedly tried to get up, and go outside. Each time the dude checked me, getting angrier, and angrier. At one point, Chris physically restrained me from doing so, and finally, in his exasperation, he picks up his walkie talkie and says, "I need to get Drummond over there, now!"
"Over where?" I demanded? 
"Told you, already. Physical Therapy!" he growled.

He wheeled me outside bruskly, and put me into the back of a very out-of-date old van type ambulance, and I was like, "But the physical therapy department is on the first floor of the hospital...what, are you....driving me to the front entrance?"
He replied, "The Physical Therapy department I am taking you to is not in this hospital..."
And he drove us out, into something that I sensed cannot be right....

The van snaked around the front of my dad's family's local headquarters, a place I am familiar with, and I happen to know it is a high level security zone. Armed guards patrol back there. But Chris got out of the van, and used keys! He opened the gate with keys! And he got back into the driver's seat, and pulled into the security zone, then got back out, and locked the gate behind us. He went through one more set of gates this way, and then backed down a ramp and engaged the emergency brake. Leaving the van running, he quickly whipped the gurney, with me strapped to it, into a subterranean world that I never knew was back there. This was scary, all the way around. We are on a facility with my last name on the sign, but I never have seen this before. One of my cousins built this facility, but I have never seen this part, before. And this was extremely bad.

As Chris entered the facility, I made a mental note of the security, which is the highest level I have ever seen in a medical facility. I have been on military installations which weren't this well-designed.

In order to enter, Chris, whom seemed to me to be around six feet tall, had to stand on his tiptoes, and another staff member inside the tank had to also stand on his, and simultaneously, they turned both sets of keys. Then, we were still not inside, but we were inside a vestibule, then Chris re-locked the door we had just come through. At that time, he spoke through an intercom system, and said, "Hi, it's Chris, and one Kevin Drummond."

Presently the door buzzed unlocked, and a male nurse in dark blue scrubs (they resembled Webloes, cub scouts, without neckerchiefs) recieved us into the facility, saying, "Drummond is going to 31."

While checking in, I noticed a very small lady, whom apparently was on staff, standing next to my bed. She just stood there, stood there, and stood there.. She looked, to me, anyway, to be too old to be a RN. I started looking for the tables and portable steps that physical therapists use all the time, and there was nothing of the kind.
It was then I think it finally hit me: this was not actually Physical Therapy. 

When the doctor came through the door I had never seen him before, which, at this hospital, at least, was highly unusual. 

"My name is (we will call him Dr T V) and (another had joined him) this is (Dr E B). We have taken over IM (the company whom holds the contract for internal medicine admits when the patient's doc doesn't have hospital privelages).
He continued, "This is an isolation ward, and you are here to recieve the best possible care we can give you. You were diagnosed with MRSA, and that is the sole diagnosis we handle in this ward."

"How long will I be here?" I asked.
"I cannot say, yet. Let us run labs, get your meds going, and we will discuss it, later, Ok?"
See, I know the physician blow-off when I hear it, and asked, again, "Why have I been taken from the hospital?" 
"Because you are too sick to be in the hospital over there. We need you here, where we can keep a much closer eye on you..." he said. And, from his tone, I realized he was not going to tell me that I could leave, or much of anything else, for a very long time.

The lady who had been standing there went to the nurses station, and came back with an armload of meds. I tried to talk to her. What I could get her to talk about, her job, she said very little. Turns out I was right, she was too old to be working, and was a volounteer. 

The floor plan of the tank was like an open horse shoe, and the opening was paralell to the side of the facilities out of which physicians magically appeared now and then, and vanished back into, now and then. The escape artist in me bode my time, and waited until the nurses' desk was unattended, and the cameras were not being monitored, and tried to examine the route we used to enter. I learned that there would be no way out that way, so I tried the side not visible from my cubicle, from which the mysteriously appearing docs came and went. 

Each time that I escaped I was easily recaptured, the fourth and final time (in the tank) Dr TV came out of the office as they strapped me to a gurney, and asked, "Do you know who I am?"
"You are Dr T V!" I replied. And he nodded in approval.
(Pointing at his buddy)"Do you know who this is?"
"Dr E B!" I said. Again, he nodded, in approval.
"Do you know where you are...?"
"The hospital?" I answered, like...I really wasn't sure...

And he shook his head in a furtive and disapproving "nope".
For some reason that horrified me.

Later, Dr TV appeared at the door of my room, and said, "In this facility are mainly elderly people, sick people, like you are now. There are thirty one other cubicles in this facility, just like the one that you're in right now. And each of them has someone who is very sick in it. Not all of them are going to make it out of here you understand what I am telling you?"

"Yeah, I think so." I said.
But I really did not understand, not at all. I thought he was telling me, "Next time you escape, be quieter, old and sick people are complaining." But what he was really saying was, "You might not survive this, guy..."

I could continue the narrative, but the purpose was  really only to help people understand that yes, these docs are CDC (their names don't appear ANYWHERE as licensed physicians) and that the CDC does engage in this kind of thing nationwide. I was told that MRSA is everywhere, now, and there are a few things that I could do to prevent my ever coming back to the tank.
  • Bathe once daily. Thoroughly and diligently.
  • Wash your hands after being out in public, especially when handling things that children may have handled. Children are more at risk for exposure, but due to stronger immune systems, they are less at risk of contracting the disease.
  • Do not go out of the house when you're sick. When you're sick, your immune system is already compromised, so going into an area, such as a grocery store, and bumping into someone whom has MRSA places your liklihood of catching it very high.
Dr TV said that observing these basic things would lower my risk by 90%.

I spent a very long time trying to locate either of those docs, TV and EB, to no avail. I even made a formal request for my in-patient records from the hospital for the day when Dr TV had acquiesced and taken me, via the tunnels, to the ward I was most familiar with in the hospital. The reason this was signifigant is, according to a friend whom works there, I assaulted Dr TV with a chair while on that ward that day, and the hospital called a "code white", which involves law-enforcement. But there is not one record of that, or Drs EB or TV. And they were never the heads of the company whom ran the IM contract. I even kept one of the prescriptions that Dr TV wrote for my discharge, only throwing it out a year ago, having come to accept that most people do not believe me, or just do not care.

After a number of years, I have come to realize that nobody, not even members of my family, is going to admit that this ward exists. Once, when I had to get a state ID, the examiner acknowledged that the tank exists. She is the one who told me that there are quite a few of them, dozens, in this state alone. But she was the only one whom ever acknowledged that MRSA has evolved more quickly, and far more devastatingly, than anyone is telling us.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are (Politically) Dead

Rep Jason Chaffetz, (R, Utah) whose dance partner, Rep Eli Cummings (D, Maryland) (below) and their dance to the center, has only discredited bipartisanship in terms of Trump investigations, as Eli Cummings is unable to stop the collisions with the investigation into his interference in voter-registration NGO's on the right, accusing his office of shakedown.

The Mike Flynn investigation is now a fully credentialed inquisition, with Eli Cummings, a known criminal, exhausting what credibility he has left engaging in a masterful act of distraction in a completely unsubstantiated claim that the speaking engagements he was paid for in Russia mean Mike Flynn broke the law.

It is nothing more than that, a sleight-of-hand attempt to dig his corrupt ass out of what started-out as the career of an honest politician, and has ended like a Zeppelin in Lakehurst. 

These two stood in front of the nation, and stated, "It is against the US Constitution for a retired US servicemember to work for a foreign corporation"

The Truth:
The Constitution states that a retired servicemember is prohibited from working for a foreign government, not foreign corporations. And furthermore, the Constitution allows retired servicemembers to work as consultants for foreign governments and businesses, the only restriction is Congress, and the Secretary of State, have to be informed.
The evidence is there. 
Now, why would Cummimgs lie? 

Immediately following the discharge by Chaffetz and Cummings, Chaffetz seemed to back off of the rheroric, it is unclear as to whether he will remain in his current post. On the 19 of April, he posted on FB that he would not seek reelection in 2018, as well as cited unclear reasons for taking personal time and leaving Washington immediately following Cummings' deceitful statement. 

Cummings's motivations are obviously to pursue #russiahacked when it is a conspiracy theory. However, before the same committee on which he is ranking member public accusations against his office have been brought which are still being investigated. If the allegations are, in fact, true, then his stint as a member in good standing of the US Congress will be finished.

Keeping in mind the huge amount of money and time that it has taken to get the allegations above water and against Cummings by True The Vote, it is clearly not connected to Trump, and the inquiries are still ongoing...

And like the fictional characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who were sent on an errand of murder only to be discovered by their would-be target, and dispatched: it appears we are hearing the swan song of powerful and corrupt fakenews slingers.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Dark Places: What Is (Not) Next for The UK?

As the general election approaches, and tensions remain critically high, Theresa May has the Rubik's cube of Brexit turned to Union Jack on one facet, while the rest of the cube remains jumbled. The as-of-yet unresolved issues of international cooperative businesses, the emerging High Court showdown with the Scottish and Irish Parliaments, and the spectre that remains as to what role Grexit might have played in sounding the alarm in the minds of British lawmakers, remain sources of great anxiety. Meanwhile, the restoration of a Tory lead House of Commons seems imminent, along with a new consensus with UKIP. But the anxieties that remain continue to be as divisive for Britain as the loss of the Pound Sterling-backing-of-Euros must appear to EU.

All joking aside: Brexit is lovely on many levels. But a simple search heading as to the what the consequences might be, and the sheer quantity of bickering leaves that answer to be very much a mystery, as well as bearing the hallmarks of being politically-motivated.

The media seems more interested in the publication of facts and figures indemnifying the hostility of EU which followed immediately after the June 23, 2016 referendum results, and still continues in one form or another. Meanwhile, the rosy picture of Mrs May's confidence is alienating to many British citizens, and seems to be fuel for Labor Party thinkers to develope charges ranging from corruption to sheer madness.

All the while, the availability of so much extreme and conflicting data only supports one thing: that the British people, as well as EU, are very much in the dark about Brexit's causes, and what the effects are going to be.

What follows is a brief, and itemised breakdown of the visible areas of impact, and the areas most-likely to be far-reaching. They are not in any order, each issue is as important as the others. These are several areas of concentration which cut across a wide-range of academic disciplines.

The most far reaching consequence of Brexit is the indictment which the voters of The United Kingdom have served against the contraversy of the one world market. It is questionable as to whether or not the "stay-in" crowd clearly understood that this is the most consequencial issue of the outcome of Brexit due to the fact that globalism, and it's inherent flaws, are a backdrop to their everyday lives.

Commonly cited by as many publications as you can manage, various sources agree that the 30 and under crowd voted uniformly to remain. The most commonly cited reason by their own testament was the belief that leaving EU would break England's economy. In their dialogue was a hidden truth, which is that their points-of-contention were warcries against exit, not necessarily to stay-in EU. And the millenial one-dimensionality in terms of comprehending this made the stresses creating the points to their objections quite dismissable. Meaning, specifically, it was more of a political identity than an honest comprehension of the overview of EU and all EU leaves to be desired.

It is therefore that the exit voters expressed this view in order to end the infuriating lack of function, and the cycle of disappointment which is still visible in EU's methodologies, as the negotiations with EU must now extend beyond the legally binding steps EU used to rely on once upon a time to render the working people of Britain to continue to remain underpaid, overlooked, and kept in the dark about the banking crisis's domino- effect.
Globalism, instead of easing trade, has made the economies of its participants truly vulnerable, and in more ways than one.

Right now both UK and EU find themselves in quests for a borrowed future due to the realities of Globalism, which now lies exposed. It might have been best if it had been left a work of fiction, as the realities of communism were revealed to be.

On the positive side, now UK will be free from the dissatifaction of the ever-evolving Target programs, and the loss-of-capitol during EU rebate season. But these issues are only the removal of some of the obstacles upon an as-of-yet unpaved path towards economic recovery. Had Globalism lived-up to it's architects' promises none of this would have been necessary.

Thus Globalism has no alternative but to end, or to create a new shell to maintain its existence before the current one dies. Either way, ever since numbers were crunched and cries of shock in regards to Grexit, Globalism has fallen prey to the forces of evoloutionary dead end.

Immigration, then, now, and later
Of the many divisive and colorful slogans heard during the shouting matches between leave EU and stay in voters, "xenophobic, racists, and greedy bastards" were my favorites. Clearly they were designed in some pro-stay media think tank, because they are completely without merit. The immigration issues are not aimed at those whose statuses include gainful employment, or a plan besides dependency upon the UK welfare agencies.

They are, however, based upon very real concerns about expanded EU reforms to the "Free Movement" concepts that allow, for instance, a undocumented worker to actually be an ISIS fighter, with no good intention for the citizens of the nation which has accepted his promise not to hurt them. It is plain common sense. The lack of differentiation between racism, and protecting the people whom immigrated to UK by proper channels, as well as those who were born in UK, is a point of exploitation, and is very much politically motivated.

The stay in voters believed that, at least in spirit, the people of Europe should've continued as a united people in regards to the ongoing terror attacks. Even EU has begun to realize that the thinly- veiled social Darwanism isn't going to work, and these policies went from accepting any "Asylum-Seeker citizenship: unquestioned" to "Reviewal of Status", now become "Deportable by reason of a great likelihood their residency shall incur harm to others.."
These newly minted EU labels are in effect today, and nobody is calling them "racists". Now, see where the chants originated?

Points made repeatedly to me included the belief that European-born citizens of both non EU, as well as EU member states, would lose their work or student visas, and that there would be a general climate of mutual retaliation against them, as well as UK citizens whom live abroad. Again, this is largely being created by the media. This entire issue is going to revert back to common law prior to EU, and whatever the fears of retaliation are, if you are in UK legally, there is no rush to dig out your passports and apply for visas, you will most likely not be affected by the restoration of the old way of handling the immigration status issue. Also, the old border crossing passport checks, as well as the issues of visas for work or study, will be re-established, with the item of visas requiring a short-term transition period, and a permanent exemption for those already in UK legally.

In contrast, exemptions across the board for British citizens in residence as consultants, or employees of mutual joint EU UK ventures, will recieve the same entitlements to which they are accustomed, as, after all, the UK is leaving the paper monster of EU, but it is not leaving Europe or Earth.

Macroeconomic Impacts
The international and specifically, the EU/UK joint-ventures, such as Airbus, a very large employer in both places, is an example of the area most in need of diligent compromise in terms of industrial standards, pay scales, currency rates, and educational requirements. It is most likely a grouping of items which, for the most part, will remain either unchanged, or will benefit British people the most.
The standards of industrial manufacture, as well as the codes which protect the public, are always high in Britain, particularly for the aviation and automobile industries.

The MRCA programs of earlier decades were Eurowide, and an example of compromise between European governments as to what the definition of "good enough" truly is, and British standards are globally considered outstanding the world around, as are German, and French....etc. But the wider net cast in terms of updating and the subsequent upgrade to newer member-states to EU was cast in-terms of billions of euros, and the loss to British labor in order to provide and exploit those emerging markets more efficiently.

Still, it remains a possible detriment to both EU and UK should the debate turn contentious, nuclear options forcing EU to buy-out UK's share of Airbus are ridiculous when compared with an orderly acceptance of the fact that, come 2019, the bills Britain is paying EU will most likely see a complete reversal.

Otherwise, should Airbus UK evolve into a smaller, more concise area of aviation manufacture, which is, in all liklihood, the result of Brexit for many shared economic ventures, then Britain shall be able to manufacture an above average product, for far less money, and retain the capital entirely. Whereas, until 2019, the industrial swing shift which shall exist in the interim overlapping of "in EU and out of EU" may readily provide the proof of a wide-ranging set of industrial deregulations close up, as the one manufacture base becomes two.

In terms of international trade, there are two broad categories of withdrawal from trade agreements which UK surrendered in order to become a member-state of EU in 1999: either EU scedes back to UK a set financial dividend for the intellectual property of the trade, and scales-down and apportions British industry's contribution to each effort, or a less practical method is to request a clarification of these agreements with each nation engaged in it one by one, and restructure UK, EU, and their worlwide trade partners' various roles in them.

  • The latter of which is forensically perhaps the most sound, and costly to EU. Look for EU to contest this, as an option. Overall, the British GDP will no longer be a conglomerated one, which I find dubious the numbers which EU claim as the GDP's of each of her member states, due to the collection and processing of these numbers being put forth being inclusive solely towards the co-operative aspects of international union, and not as stand alone and verifiable fact.

Regional Economic Impact

Pictures like this were, and are still being employed by one side or the other. Anti-Brexit funders, such as George Soros, may behind the most recent ones, claiming that Brexit is costing British people £350 million per week.

During the months of campaign leading up to the Brexit referendum, there was a figure expressed in Pounds that was supposed to represent the amount of money that UK had to repay EU weekly, £350 million, to participate in the arrangement, and bore the provocative banner: "Should we not be funding our own educational system?"

Like it or not, these, and similar assessments of the huge pay to play EU construct are very correct. But, getting out of the failing financial vitality of EU is neither going to be easy, nor without it's fair share of criticism. But the first edifices of British life to benefit from recovery are going to be social programs, such as welfare, and medical access for the people entitled to indulge these programs.

The liklihood that "all of that money" will save British public education may be true, but a number of higher priority budgetary items must place the veracity of this claim as "true in the long run". However, had Brexit not occured, the attempt by UK to bail out her industries and finacial institutions violate EU regulations, and when a member-state does so, the ensuing disciplinary measures do not mean jail, as when individuals break the law. Instead, it means money, and EU is designed to take in money, and are not at all equipped to return any, even when it is clearly understood and the amount EU must repay is agreed by both parties. EU is geared towards sustaining that process of repayment as it is one in the same as self-preservation.

Bearing this in mind, the transport industry, for example, no longer pays an annual quantification addressing the maintenance of EU highways, because those paid to UK preserve UK highways, and the owners of these businesses should not have to surrender an ongoing and rising price in this area, when competing EU commissions oversee and draw monies to upgrade and maintain commercial travel routes, so that any monies at the bottom line which are indicative of UK owing for this item are not taken from the business owners themselves, but from the entire collective of British government and her people.

The short-term return to old standards of such operating costs across the board will be welcome, due to the fact they were both more efficient, and far less offensive, and not at all Globalist.

Scottish and Irish Alternatives: 
Shinn Fein, Ulster Unionists, former bitter adversaries, both voted to remain in EU. This is perhaps due to a number of contributing factors, which include a wider reach and eased duties for Irish goods, a relatively cheaper cost of operations all the way around, to the informed didactic reasons that suppose EU could intervene and be more of an ally to peace and fairness than UK, should the peace between IRA and Ulster Unionists ever come undone. The voting margin varies according to differing sources, but they all agree that the "stay in" vote was the third largest count in all of UK, which is a rational conclusion, based on their population. The duplicity of asking a people to express it's freewill via voting in a referendum of public sufferage, and that vote's outcome being only considered in terms of the collection of nations (whom are called, together....) is very much a miniature version of the very same type of grievances that went unaddressed by EU, and resulted in Brexit. Unfortunately, the potential to mount a successful "Irexit UK" can never be accomplished in Irish Parliament due to it's being, in essence, a sub-let of UK Parliament, and in every way, cannot contradict the legalities of issues already previously determined in the British house.

In short: Ireland cannot legalize murder, for instance, and practice it under the provisionary status which is always in perpetuation in regards to moral issues.

But they have done it before.

The issue of gay marriage, for example, at the time of Irish lawful recognition of it, was directly opposed to the entitling conditions of their measured autonomy. But due to prevailing cultural demoralization, as sponsored heavily by EU commissions, the ability of such issues to engage EU in assisting Irish autonomy did not really set a precedent in which a second set of referenda manage to free Ireland from the ties binding the nation as one, called together, into UK.

And it would devestate Ireland's economy, because a quick google search can verify the near identical GDP to that of the Greece, and the fact is it would not be a one action manouvre. Ireland would have to petition EU for membership, and the notion of other mouths to feed with less food to do it, as well as become independent from Britain. And this constitutes a nuclear option for the historians in Britain, but for everybody in Ireland.

Scholars conclude that the right to secede from Britain is not a right implied to any principality which exists as part of UK. Therefore, it becomes a legal matter.

The practicalities of resolving such an issue in court in a timely fashion do not exist, unless decades in, the will of Irish people to enter EU still exists, and the court agrees to allow them to leave UK, or to take advantage of both situations. Either way, it is extremely unlikely that the courts will act against the best-interests of the UK. But should it, then analysis can be reissued taking this unlikely possibility and factor in the associated tangents.

Otherwise there is no avoiding the only conclusion possible: Ireland has no choice, and whilst they protest, her leaders should be organizing Irexit EU with the best possible deal for their unique national interests.

Aside from all three sides of the story, and the definitive limits to her goverment's alternatives, stands a contradicting figure to the Rob Roys and George Wallaces of cinematic celebrations of Scottish history. They were Roman Catholics. Her views are the prevailing views shared by EU's climate of acceptance of alternative concepts of morality.  Their criminal tendacies were converted into Scottish patriotism in Henry V fashion. She is going to be a polarizing figure to the public of both nations, if there are more than obligatory determinations that their concurrences are composed solely of geographic features. Yet, in many ways she is admirable, and indeed, she bears more than a passing political semblance to Angele Merkel, whose overtures towards preservation of EU are widely percieved to be without limit, as support for Scottish independence is equal to preservation of EU.

This is Nicola Sturgeon, whose unlikely ascension to the position of PM seems to have been a conspiracy of fate, as well as contradicting her current attempts to engage voluminously the same bid for Scottish independence that failed her party in recent years. And either way one looks at the fascinating conditions which accompanied her rise, the conspiring contradictions deserve to be mentioned. I do not believe Shakespeare could've invented these plots and twists.

Scottish independence was once a 2014 referendum, and, on the center right, the SNP, Scot Nationalists, were pushing it very vigorously. In what could be seen as a test for the Brexit fallout, the Scots, themselves, voted to remain in UK. Her party leader, the then PM Alex Salmond, vacated the office as a result of the issue, which, as his deputy, she inherited. And though EU is madness, and probably a bad thing for Europe, the farming and agricultural subsidies are an integrated part of Scottish culture, and it is tragic that the on-again-off-again SNP Raison D'Etre seems to offer proof of the divine intent to preserve EU, from where she stands, and yet, Scotland has no real option except to leave. This is probably enough to prompt her to vacate the same office for the same reasons as Mr Salmond: the direction as a provincial state limits the opportunities for Scots in the future, as well as touches the sensitive and passionate streak of pride that flows through all Scots like Chi.

When the results of referendum Brexit seem to indemnify the reasons SNP exists in the first place, the political ramifications of Brexit in Scotland will include a hostile to UK shift rightward, with the Democrats and Independents unifying a platform of pragmaticism in a new center.

Likely to end her three year rollercoaster reign as PM, I would bet money that, like Scottish pride, she shall reemerge in a UK skeptic fashion, and politely remind her colleagues that SNP had the agendas lined up perfectly in 2014, if only they had a time machine... Proving the anguish of genius.

Having mentioned these relevant historic facts, we can take away from them the immediate need to present a comprehensive list of concerns to the house,  mainly agricultural ones, along with a declaration of intent to defy UK on some of the more detailed and unresolved issues, like GMO's. This may not be a brass ring, but it is, at the very least, brass plated.

Membership In Other International Organizations
The suspension of Russia took the G8 to G7 in 2014. Otherwise, both UK and EU have occupied positions in the group, and in spite tof EU's outright inconsistencies in it's autobiography, the UK has been there longer, with full voting privelages. The causes for Brexit were actually begotten here, as in G8, EU relied on UK to push it's agendas for the poorer nations it advocates, and more than once the worldwide economy has had to eat a loss of capitol awaiting either interest rates to rise and recoup the damage the hard way, or further acting as a cuckolded husband while EU drunkenly celebrated it's unjustifiable presence as a member. Either way, EU Comm regulations that would exist were it not so, would require a hundred or so days per year, to argue, and billions of pounds and as many latent acts of debates would be necessary, making inclusion of EU a bit easier.

The fact that other EU nations will now need to rise as Clyde to EU's aggressive Bonny should bode well for EU, unless they step on the landmine of their own nearsighted policy craft in regards to Banco D'Italia.

The UK is, for the time being, straddling the fence as both a member-state of EU as well as privvy to her own direction, and policy salients, as they occur. This gives UK the unique advantage to benefit from both, and this is perhaps one of the first twenty or so points EU will not budge on: UK must remain a partner as a European nation, with EU. Devestation would result otherwise.

EU retains the respect of their largest trade partners US and Canada. In the future, these summits will most likely play a vital role in urging the calming of anxieties, and resolving future issues.

The death of Globalism is bound to happen in the drunken revalries of staff attendees whom realize, when sober, that a worldwide aggregate interest rate is the only medicine to prevent another Great Deppression, and the death knell for the Rothschilds Banking Conglomerate, as well as the end of the banker's holiday come macarbre, are indeed, unavoidable.

The future of NATO itself is a more shapeless mystery than is the UK's role in the organization. The likelihood that stress can be applied unilalterally by either the UK or EU against the other is highly speculative, if at all.
This is the one international organization whose evolving role, mastered by the real power behind the EU, is more than unsatisfactory. The abuse of NATO by thr United States, in particular, is a national offense, and the power construct of majority, minority shadow ministers whose careers are based upon increasing the profile of the US and Britian were caught with their pants down in the undertow of 9-11. The turn of phrase, "Stupid, to the point of being diabolical" is perfectly suited to describing the waste of money in every single NATO action since 1999.
If UK citizens truly have no problem with this, then by all means, the UK is in a position vital enough, and staffed by a military professional enough, to assume a post-Brexit commitment to NATO that is, for all intent and purpose, identical to the role it has currently.

The UN
The role of the UK in the UN is vital to both. The UK is one of the five permanent members of the Security Council, and, as of lately, has resumed the role of resisiting Antiglobalist Russia in-concert with the US, proving the EU has a lot more to lose in-terms of influence than the UK does.  Although the Rothschilds are British, as demonstrated recently, their occultic organization and associates orchestrated the false-flag Syrian gas attack which was  to break up the alliance which threatened Israel. And the UK, being unable to align with Antiglobalist Russia, is going to fall down the decline of empire abyss which the Americans have, already. Britain has already had her pizzagate, most offenders in high profile positions were discovered, some posthumously. Meanwhile, the same sickening sociopathy in Americans is being called fakenews, and this is going to pretty much spell doom for the US. However, if the British presence in the UN continues to identify with the sickening American corruption and sorry leadership, those consequences shall be diponed upon the people of the UK, and thusly, both nations will collapse. This is the far greater danger to the UK than staying in the EU would've been. There is no sense whatsoever in stopping one evil and not the other.

Thus, at least from a overall perspective, the UK would find herself holding all the cards should she wisely claim hardships are forcing her towards a more quiet presence in every international organization, anyway.

In the annals of the consterning failures, which Britain is not immune from, it cannot be overstated: when the world is changing, and the headlines infuriate you, that you must be alive.
But a failure to comport oneself wisely engages one in a role participating in one's victimisation, and this, and not crime, is the necessary element for victimisation to occur.

Though the light that shines illuminates the need for great change, great change is almost always the result of national hardships and shared grief. From these places in the dark, we look out into a future that is  uncertain, and realize simultaneously: this is business, as usual.

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