Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Absolute State of CNN

The Absolute State of CNN

by: Kevin Drummond 

It is patently ridiculous to keep trying to maintain a foothold, when you do not have it.
Jesus Christ Pose
Europe is not filled with Qanon believers.
Nobody on the right with any sense believes that tripe, any longer.
PizzaGate was real. We are watching the Fall of Epstein, and his secrets, preparing to take down wordless celebrities hiding their shame behind silence, and the absorption of baseless stories, like these. We are watching the man who may very well have been one of the chief suppliers of trafficked children to this ring rise from the grave, and lay a cold finger on the most despicable royal family in the last three centuries. 

But....CNN combines the real, and the imagined. All this needs is Rod Serlin, and by God: we will fully be in the Twilight Zone. 

The Jesus Christ pose of the newly fake central radical left, as being shoveled to the 5 corporations who control the media, is every bit of a self satisfying fart into the stuffy car of a bunch of pseudo aware, in the know, zoomer lefties. And shows itself, like a Statue of Stupid, to beckon the image of a 2016 avenging that is all but going to happen November 3, 2020.

It evokes righteousness as the destruction of history. It is eMarxism, and nothing more.

The election is actually much closer than these people are going to be willing to accept. 

Only God can alter the components of Democracy. Since eMarxists don't have one, I'd say the election, and the violence mandated to shut down forever this AOC-sponsored Manufactured Consent, are already going to be a victory for Trump.

Now: will he renegotiate JCPOA?
Exit Syria?
Force AIPAC to register as a foreign agency, as per the Constitution, and the law, broken until this problem in our media and government are rampant?
Ease the pressure against China?
Ease the pressure against Russia?
But, however I submit, I submit that all Marxists are never going to be tolerated in America.

The net has caught them, so!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

This Is My Best Advice About Polls

Any figure cited by any polling organization, either singularly, or, in concert with other (mainly media) organizations, is subject to a 93% margin of error.

(Source:, July, 2016)

The problem is that entirely too much attention is given to the figures, and almost zero attention given to the origins of those figures.


Cherry Picking Logical Fallacy: this is a defective argument made by either intentionally, or unintentionally eliminating counter examples that disprove a viewpoint from the conclusion. Ex: A. Some people wear red socks. B. I saw three people wearing red socks. C. (Conclusion) ALL people are wearing red socks. 

As a Political Scientist, and a Historian, I can assure you that there is every indication that these two elections, 2016, and 2020, will hold a "lesson making" place in History, for the presumption by so many people....twice....that everybody is online, and therefore, we can trust the results of thinking critically in this cherry picking logical fallacy's dividends: that Trump will lose both elections. The error margin is impossible to calculate, because the poll takers, themselves, have ignored the mathematics necessary to calculate those eligible voters. And, in ignoring their voices, they also ignored the math. 

And the math, of course, is impossible to calculate, due to there being a complete deficit of given information. 

Thus, insufficient data is being passed off as "Biden is 15 points ahead!" But it is a flawed conclusion. 

These elections shall supplant the Legendary Truman shock win in 1948, as the archetypal  "you can't ever trust numbers." election return. 
Until 2059 or so, this is going to repeat. 

Two of Three Americans Support Marxism:
With the Boomers taking to the street to confront the militant black organizations that presume to afflict us all with yet more Marxism, it is clear that 2/3 Americans do not support this. This figure, when considering that the entire polling audience is receiving a daily brainwashing of Manufactured Consent from the media, means nothing on election day.

In a recent CNN interview, outspoken R Trump opponent du jour, Fmr Cong Tom Hogan, from Arizona, refused to instill any credibility to them, whatsoever, reminding the anchor of the 1948 Truman debacle. 

And, overlooking the sheer rage of modern boomers, X-r's, (like myself), and right leaning zoomers, whom do not occupy a place even within the Gallup poll, what we see is the emergent failure of the digital world to transpose, in perfect condition, into the real one, with the information intact.

Thus: with 100 days to go, I am, without supporting either major party's candidacies, predicting it will be a less narrow margin for a Trump victory...
Remember: the polling data is all as real as Mario bros. Ever actually met them? Didn't think so.
There are three kinds of lies: lies, abominable lies, and statistics. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Friday, July 24, 2020

Questions Biden Must Answer

Questions Biden Must Answer 

By: Kevin Drummond 

Here are questions for Biden to answer. If he answers correctly and follows through, he might not be that bad.
  1. Where does he stand on Syria?
  2. Where does he stand on JCPOA in Iran?
  3. How can he handle COVID better than Trump?
  4. Is he able to understand the mess Trump made by sanctioning China, and can he diplomatically remove the functions of those sanctions?
  5. Where does he stand on Palestine?
In Syria, the US must withdraw. The US was defeated in Syria, and there is no use in prolonging the process.

The Trump doctrine about Iran is some of the most misguided policy direction ever fashioned by American hands. It is necessary to accept Iran into the Non Proliferation Community. By sanctioning both Iran, and eu, Trump has destabilized world peace processes in a defective world view. 

COVID is not an act of man, and no political process can reduce the acts of the pandemic. It must play itself out. Till then, the culture must change in order to accommodate the matter, entirely. 

China has proven immune to sanctioning, and the macroeconomic damage in the wake of Trump's misguided campaign against them saw China emerge stronger than ever. It'd be best to normalize relations with China, and Russia, and recognize that putting the nation into the digital basket has weakened us. Nobody is immune from hacking, and the CIA and related intel communities do the same things to foreign nations, consistently. 
Time to recognize that Digitalization has made us vulnerable. 

Trump ushered in an era of pro Zionist nonsense that completely shut down the bds movement, formally making it invisible in the US. This is a moral impropriety, and begs correction. DNA has proven Jews are actually Turkish, and don't have a single historic right to the damage Israel has done in Palestine. 

What's sad, is Trump has taken the issue away from Conservatives, and morally funded the Marxist idiots of BLM. When they decry Palestine, real Americans, and real Christians cannot engage them in combat. For this is the moral high road. 

And, it's too late to learn if you don't already know.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Battleshipping The Role Of BLM-Related Internet Trolls

How Do We Know Borealis Philanthropy and ActBlue Conceal Fund Transfer Payouts to Looters And Trolls via SPV's?

"The facts about the left are always the same....."

How do we know?
Because we saw this happening!
There is no article by any media outlet outlining and detailing the presence of trolls related to Borealis Philanthropy's various militant black groups. The fact is, as in this Wired article, no definite references to the use of trolls is acknowledged. This is troubling. 
We know what we saw...
But, the references are always in the subjunctive.

The facts about the left are always the same: control the narrative, play the victim, and instead of contrition, wax sentimental when caught
"'s too bad about the white couple that was beaten with a bat by four BLM Borealis operatives.....they just are so angry...."


That's nonsense and we know it to be.

And, this effectively deflects responsibility from the terrorist to the victim: which is why Borealis should be brought before Congress and made to show how ActBlue actually paid the disbursements to looters and Marxists. And, ActBlue would be forced to then acknowledge that the militant blacks and the Marxists whom allied with them, include a set of particularly endorsed actors shilling their causes online. And this act, shilling, is trolling.

Reverse blame polarity, engage Jewish msm paid media shills.

Recently, Project Veritas, a media organization dedicating itself to facts, tied George Soros's Open Society foundation, to payments for the recent violence which gripped America, then the world.. This is the same group that exposed corporate lies at Twitter and CNN. Lies which were also vehemently denied....until they got caught. The best things in life are free....until you get caught. 

There is the price for exposing these lies. Julian Assange is paying with prison. Some have paid with their lives. There is no doubt that the proof Veritas dropped also applies to the weaponizing, and radicalizing of social media sites engendered to Socialism, Marxism, Judaism, and Militant Black and Marxist violence.

They are turning us into a terrorist state, and this will never be another 1960's....
But, it shall become another 1860's, as the Motto of the Confederacy stated: God will vindicate us.

I assure you: He shall.

But, what kind of cash are we looking at? 
On the order of paid trolls, and not unpaid ones: it isn't out of the question for one $3,000 payout per troll, and protester. 

It's a one time payout concealed in a Special Purpose Vehicle, the VPN of money laundering, and paying it into the non profits held in trust by Borealis averts the illegal use of SPV'S for crowdfunded causes. An SPV is a way to move cash so that it cannot be legally defined as, "money laundering." This is done by chasing dragons of fine print and subtle legalities, and avoiding precise illegalities as defined in the law.

For every $3000, it requires $16,000 to create the SPV. This is cash that must remain in the system of non profits held by Borealis. 

All nice, corrupt, despicable, but also, legal.
But, it is election tampering. And the invalidated Russia Hacked scandal does not reciprocate moving forward with election tampering. Backfiring in the end: Marxists and Militant Blacks will never run this country. All the right enemies will consolidate the R vote, come October. Had Gallup not polled on the same day as Trump waffled about confronting these people, then the one point slide would never have happened.
As if he would understand the message. 

Just a wartime coincidence. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The War for Main Street

The War For Main Street
By: Kevin Drummond

White people looting were Antifa loyalists. It is arguable that Attorney General Barr saw this behemoth throwing money in unusual whirs of activity,  prior to George Floyd's death. And, that he recognizes what suddenly confronts that which remains of polite society...

This was planned 3 years ago, and was made for Bernie, not Biden. AOC distanced herself from the whole affair. Having been the architect, failure was imminent....

Black Lives Matters is not a ghetto nation, anymore....

"Because the onion peels away to more and more work, this is only part one of a financial dissection...."
Black Lives Matters is not a telephone facebook level operation. Not, anymore, anyway.
In fact, it's not even a protest organization, anymore. The organization which arose following the death of Trayvon Martin is as dead as he is. 
What it has become is Borealis Philanthropy. In essence, Obama plugged the formerly loosely organised Black Lives Matters into the sprawling financial tendrils of the Brookings Institute. And, there are detectable tidbits of Open Society monies which are definitely being donated to other, non black causes, as per the copyright registrar's consent.  

Check this man's Twitter Account profile page: select the Act Blue link, and scroll: tens of millions of dollars raised for "bail"? Real, or not: can a white offender get it? (Push to enlarge pic)

They sold their own people out for money. But, when one donates to BLM, what one does is feed cash to the ActBlue portal, which is moving all that money uphill in a financial onion each layer of which, is potentially riddled with legal infractions. 

I spoke to an employee at ActBlue, whom assured me that it is not simply a Democrat Party donation fund, but is a money portal that dispenses cash to the various causes within the D Party's platform. Borealis Philanthropy is but one of these domains. There are many. 

Don't be lulled by the seemingly harmless causes: this is not what the money actually does. It funds a Democratic Brookings Institute assault against ordinary life.

The money no longer funds BLM, but every single one of the organizations now headed up as Borealis Philanthropy. And, it's the funding a violent confrontation to Christian virtue, paying Antifa and Looters, and the accountability is concealed by 501-c tax exemption status. 

In essence: the taxpayer is purchasing the intention to destroy the society in which he now lives. 

Because I have only begun to peel at this onion, I cannot say how much money, nor where, all I can see are points of origin and terminus. And, I see lots of room to switch, bait, and fund. 

Remember them....? One has to get through these other now embedded non profits, before one understands the amount of lying, stealing, and illegalities going on...

This is the real reason why Trump cannot declare Antifa terrorists: they, too, are funded along this chain. And, the Patriot Act, and Federal Law both: declare the funders of terrorists to be terrorists, also. This would, in essence, make dozens of sacred cow billionaires, and the World Jewish Congress, and the Democratic National Convention, all guilty of terrorism and/or treason, in whatever case applied. 

This designation, this discovery is what the billionaire-tier organization who arranged all of this actually fears, the most. 
Among foreign investors is the World Jewish Congress, whose promise to match certain funds never seem to materialize, so, guess who pays for it?

Just guess?

I don't like what I see, here. It appears to be a giant race war slush fund, and it is an affront to Democracy. But, that's what the Left in America wants: oligarchal rule like that of the Soviet Union. And, we all know which subgroup murdered 90 million Christians to make that happen, huh? What's frightening, is the same subgroup surrounds Trump, also. And, that group has no interest in the History of the United States; just in the God whom abandoned them, here: to worship his shadow, openly. 

Resources I checked were many. But, the Montgomery BailOut Fund from my home state of Alabama is pretty much all the transparency we get. When you open the link and scroll, the disclaimer by the organization claims, "...100% of your donation goes to MBOF...."

But, ActBlue, the portal through which it passes, denies any such accountability, possibly relying on an end of fiscal year resettlement. And that probably pays for nice websites, like that one, and someone to answer the phone. 

ActBlue will not confirm any real figures, but states, "...we are a nonprofit tax exemption 501-c status charity." This means some of that donation pays for their phones to be answered, too. 
So, the money comes back into the community when the Jewish media on the Left wants the Jewish media on the Right to tremble. So, they dispense massive monies into the riot coffers, and this is what is actually being done. This is the reality of black lives mattering: politically sponsored race war. 

Exploitation as bad as the patronizing of lynch mob segregation. It is sad to see it all come to this.

Why Is Social Media Racist?

Here is the video....or, part of it.