Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Covid: You Decide

 225,000 (.06)=12,500 Covid-19 deaths without another cause of death

This thing is not confusing. The story, which "fact checkers" deny, is clearly in this link

I'm gonna leave these pics here. You decide: is the Covid Issue being used politically?

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Where Can I Take These Strays So That They Won't Be Euthanized? Forgotten Tails!

  By: Kevin Drummond

What is Forgotten Tails?

Forgotten Tails is a crew of dynamic angels that are confronting problems, creating innovative solutions, and doing so with very little help...

What Am I Talking About?

Imagine a world where no creature would be born unwanted, discarded, and tuned out.... Forgotten Tails finds these creatures, and turns up the volume, so that they can't be ignored!

Although headquartered in the Walker County/Greater Metro Birmingham area, they are connected to a large network of foster parents, dedicated veterinarians, corporate entities, and you.... to save every puppy and kitten from dying alone, afraid, and starving. 

And, I can speak from experience. (More about that, later)
Forgotten Tails is connected to the 501-c tax exemption network, which makes your and my donations tax deductible. 

And their work ethic could conquer foreign lands were it aimed directly at that goal. However, the mission statement of Forgotten Tails resides in a place more celestial than the spoils of war: this is the warm reception, comforting, and endlessly trekking across the width and breadth of the United States, finding homes for these children.

And, they need your donations... It's how they thrive. 

Are you employed by a store with a manager willing to donate dogfood vendor stock that was damaged in transit, and otherwise discarded?

Don't feed your fat dog! Feed the hope that lifts these children up, and saves them from a cold death, distant from compassion, and against souls with evidence that the human race is otherwise sleeping at the wheel.
And, if you can, please use this link, and donate anything you can.

And, please pray for the safety, and fastidious hands to retain their own lives and hearts, as they confront a problem which has been ignored for too long.

Missy, Then, The Eight!

I recently met my friend Paul, who had taken in a stray mom and her eight Puppers. He had no idea what to do. 

Without Forgotten Tails, the insolvency of his considerations would have pitted his heart against his wallet: like so many of us. But, Paul refused to engage kill shelters. 

This is Missy.

These are her eight Puppers. 

The crew of Forgotten Tails took her in, and saved all nine of them. 

But, they cannot do this without your help. 

Please donate. 

Thank you. 
Tears run down my face when I think about this problem, and how the hands of Forgotten Tails are in an ever effective circuit trying to solve it. Please help. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Cry the Beloved Bunghole, pt 1: 4 Battleground States for 2020

By: Kevin Drummond 

This is my battleground state election prediction for Election: 2020, part 1, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. 

Things have not improved for the fraudsters of the Mainstream Media. The excuses prepared to explain away their culpability in the loss of Joe Biden will not be enough. By the time a foreign power actually does hack a US Presidential Election, these eMarxist Zionist atheists will have cried wolf (blitzer) so often, that people of the future will have to read my blog to see if I think that this unlikely event actually did transpire. With all of the epolls' inaccuries, cherry-picked data resources, and just plain shilling in their fictional assessments of Biden's approval rating in the general public, it's a total election fraud, already. And, adding the completely obvious dishonesty behind the motives of the media, this election already suffers from a high degree of tampering. This time, the polling firms, the media, and the accusatory talking heads that have no respect for Democracy should replace Trump and Russia as the subjects of election tampering Congressional inquiries. And by 2022, both houses of Congress, the White House, and SCOTUS will be firmly in Republican hands. Let we who re elect Trump urge the president to please repay us by reconstructing JCPOA, and freeing Julian Assange by way of the Federal Witness Protection Program...

The reasons fact checkers dispute the validity of the Electoral College are many. The loser always points out if they won the popular vote, which in 2016, California's certified vote included 3 million plus illegal immigrants. Then, there is the case of the unfaithful elector, such as the one who refused to vote for Nixon and chose, instead, Strom Thurmond in the 1968 Election. Electors' names must never appear on lists available to the public, and, two months ago, the Supreme Court ruled that an "unfaithful elector" would lose his job, and possibly be jailed.

There are four battleground states that share an unusual relationship in this particular election because of their strong industrial manufacture base. 

Ohio (which has always been won by the actual winner of each election), Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colorado represent 56 total electoral votes. Requiring 270 electoral votes to clear the victory, these four states represent a huge block of electoral votes; especially the 20 in Pennsylvania. 
There are key factors that indicate whether or not any given president or their parties have satisfied their party voters' expectations, or whether we will see the defection vote usurp the candidacy of a given candidate such as what we witnessed in 2016.

Since the 2008-2016 unemployment rates in these areas were extremely high due to unpracticed and unsafe "green" policies, the mining and raw goods transportation industries connecting these states saw their electors for Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania awarded to Trump.
Election: 2020 will, for the first time in a century in the Case of the State of Colorado, see all 56 electoral votes awarded to President Trump.

Not a single one of these states were predicted by any poll as being a potential Trump victory during the 2016 election cycle. Ohio, which was prioritized by the media for its unique place of having sided with the actual winner since the 1940's, would not then, nor now be identified as pro-Trump by the Communists in the media.
Pennsylvania and Michigan were even contested after the election. 

Taking note of the recent attempt by the media to prepare the rats, to whom they've fed all the lies, rebelling against them on Election night, the msm has two reactions prepared for the return of reality, on Nov 3: stuttering in astonishment, and claiming that China, Russia, and India hacked the election. 

The synthesis about Russia shilling for Trump, and China for Biden, gives far more room for millennial congressional staffers to pretend like Communism is just a'ok with the American people. 

("It can't be that our near zero ratings are real!!!?" ~repeatedly asked by the 300 or so talking heads, during the "shock" Biden lost election night. )

We can't still be shilling for 12% of the population as it touts Marxism, war against our first responders and law enforcement, and insists that it is united in these things, can we? Surely you, reader, are aware that not all blacks support this media synthesis, and not all whites see it as flawed, and many Antifa members don't or can't vote?

So, Russia, China, and India are hacking the election, only in 2020 the "media" has already pushed a false narrative...in spite of any shred of evidence that the four year harassment case Trump's voters endured over 2016 was ever real. 

And, in spite of the media fully participating in Election Fraud already, by somehow blaming the Trump Administration for the death of George Floyd, these topics will be brought up to replace the astonishment of these "reporters", whom could not believe the inevitable truth came out, inevitably. 

And, the overconfidence about the ramifications of the heart attack suffered by a Floyd in the commission of yet another series of felonies further demonstrates the hubris of the fake news industry. The same five megacorporations own every news publication, all the print media, and each show, and each website. Therefore, when AOC planned the Floyd riots, beginning in 2017, it was too easy to somehow associate law and Trump.

The infuriation of the average American is nowhere to be counted in these unethical practices.
But, the entire affair comes straight out of the Marxist handbook, with Chomsky in the mix. 

Meanwhile, the media/blue activists begin stalling, while still referring to the American people (secretly, off the internet) as "Trump's silent majority". They ignore the simple truth! And, that truth is, they aren't silent: they're simply being ignored.

In these four states, even COVID didn't harm their non government handout incomes like Obama's foolish belief that the "green world dream" is worthy to destroy the lives of tens of millions of Americans, and the hundreds of millions whom depend on their incomes for their own existence. 
This group, which surrounds the miners, truck drivers, Teamsters, and employees of the mining industry, is not silent. They vote for Republicans, even if they are lifelong Democrats.

With the 2016 Election, the Democratic Party candidate won by a 4% margin. That's not enough to rest on any MSM/eMarxist laurels.

Polarization + Divurger Effect= Defection Vote

But, with the addition of mail in votes, the overwhelming majority of now cast votes shall not preserve the Democrat victories Colorado was assured of, in the past.
The rural, and subrural voters that have satisfied the predictions for the victory for Democrats accurately since at least 1908, will now see the emergence of the defection vote which has been polarized by the Millenial eMarxists responsible for the Floyd riots. This agenda has caused the first vital condition for defenction vote, polarization, to now grapple with the Divurger Effect, which is the second, and final condition for the defection vote.

The Divurger Effect, named for a French political scientist, refers to the tendency for two main political parties to absorb the radical elements associated with the Right and Left wings. It is actually a bit more complex than that, but, in the simplest terms, this does explain it for what we are discussing. When someone is Republican, but opposes Trump's policies, but considers the D policies worse so he votes Trump, that is due to the Divurger Effect. 

In the defection vote, the other party's platform is not worse than the one you would have typically voted for. In fact, your party is defiant to meeting your needs, so you cast your vote against your party. 

In 2016, the public's distrust, and personal dislike of Hillary Clinton caused a large defection against her from within the Democratic Party. 
In the Alabama Senatorial runoff between Roy Moore and Doug Jones, roughly 30% of Alabama Republicans cast the defection vote for Jones, a Democrat. 

The huge majority of Americans do not support the media's assertions of "supporting George Floyd." The effort to alter the bias in the US from favoring law and order to favoring criminals is nothing short of treason. And, Colorado is no different: their voters don't buy the beatification of a violent felon, and fraudster, at all.

Now, how do I arrive at this conclusion? By reason of the defection-vote of Democrats in Colorado, whose votes against their own party are mandatory in order to explain the increasing trend to its journey to becoming a red state. This includes the first Republican Governor in forty three years, Bill Owens, and also is further proof of how 100% of polls that favor polling an audience which consists of internet access-only households is causing the news to cite inaccurate polls as assuring victory to Democrats.

Also, the elements of local Colorado elections are in a Republican trend. 

Add the mining idustry, that is still too happy to be able to feed its family, again, and you only have COVID to preserve the hopes of the state's electors not being awarded to Trump. Trump's response to COVID has medical validity. In fact, college dropout Bill Gates's money is all the media requires to censor social media from allowing Americans to post the opinions of physicians, who are saying, in greater numbers, to take quinine and get real. 

Bill Gates went to pedo island. We are still pouring through the mountains of Guiffre depositions to find dirt on him. When we do.... the wealthy Communists will receive the penitent urge to save their own souls from the nightmare of their modern slaves murdering them, which is preserved in their ignorance about Marxism, and the vanity that, since they signed the checks, these animals owe them. 

And, when even a plague that is torturing us all is subjected to the shade of politicization of phony news, this is clear proof that the victims of this effort, Antifa, Borealis Philanthropy, and its paid shills have no loyalty to the billionaires that paid them. Covid is a fact existing whether the nation is Blue, or Red. And, Covid is all they have to try and compare the economic disaster created by Obama to the one we have, now.

I don't think COVID is enough.

Add to all of that, the fervor in social media towards censoring, or outright banning any pro Trump Associations, and you have the elements for a major defection of D voters. People of Colorado are the same as the people in the rest of the country: they don't want to be ruled by censorship happy, left-wing authoritarian wing nuts. Until the Democrat Party ceases to divorce itself from American values by quoting, and acting out Marx's, Manifesto, the disparity between Republican winners and Democrat losers shall continue to increase.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio 
Nobody was more surprised by Trump's 2016 win in Michigan than the mainstream media.  Nobody but Trump.
Hastily delivering an election night analysis, shocked talking heads began touching on the actual reasons, which gave way to ridiculous fantasies about foreign nations hacking the 2016 Trump victory. From an analysis standpoint, the explanation being tossed about that night actually comes far closer to explaining the matter than the excuse that later emerged.

Reason for Trump Winning Michigan 
In 2016, Donald Trump absolutely derided the Clinton Campaign for the dystopian state of Detroit, while possessing a cruel tendency to bedazzle the not-so-intelligent category of her voters with the claim, "....unprecedented job growth...." Claims which she repeated, while the tapwater in the city of Detroit was, and continues to be lower than third world levels of polluted. Michael Moore, famous film producer and Michigan native, famously voted for Trump. 

The one refrain by the longsuffering citizens of that area, that now Trump has proven he is every bit as bad, and as unfulfilling as Obama, could retain the voters in Detroit. But, with that exception, the majority of Michigan is rural. 
Having said that, he still has another four years to be equally as misleading as Clinton has been.

Each of the main battleground  states has each its own unique reasons to question the abuse of statistics resulting in the voluminous charts proving that Hillary Clinton actually was not lying. Green industrial growth was unprecedented during eight years of the eMaoist, Obama.

Green industries rose from one manufacturer in 2008, to four manufacturers, by 2016. The fact is, it is actually unprecedented. 
But, it's also misleading. 

She made the error of forgetting about the very people who the Democratic Party is supposed to represent: hard-working, decent Americans. 
So, while unemployment, despair, and hopelessness was choking the lives out of the vast majority of this group of Americans, to them, she appeared disingenuous, conspicuous, and aloof. And during Debates: 2016, when the average American turned on his television set, he tuned in just in time to hear Clinton promise him that the destitution her party forced upon him was actually a good thing. And, that it was so good, that she thought he needed more.

Following the first debate, quoting a statistic that may not actually be relevant, 538.com published a re-iteration of either some pretty dishonest, or some pretty irresponsible results, which promised another statistically backed up guarantee about Clinton's shoe-in victory.
(Whomever wins the initial debate wins the election, 89% of the time. But, the determination of who won was dishonestly shilled in 2016. Since this was written prior to 2020, but the reader is trying to justify why he or she fell for these lies about Biden, I'm going to predict the same thing: Trump wins the debate, but CNN claims what happened is not real, and Biden won.)

The facts about Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and how Trump will win them, again, are relatively similar. Ohio does have a large Air Force population, and a very large law enforcement community which has been polarized by the media sponsored Manufactured Consent. It has a large set of universities which are anything but blue-typical. 

But, the mining industry in Ohio is not as readily viewed as say, that in Colorado. So, the current effort to brainwash voters either will focus on COVID being Trump's fault, or the attempt to consolidate young voters behind the Divurger Effect absorbing of Antifa and Borealis Philanthropy's paid militias which collides with the Democratic Party. Why this failed in both 2020 and 2016 is due to the working class's identifying with the polarization of their law enforcement community, and the Republican absorption of the Divurger Effect defection vote. 

This process could easily be called, "The Ohio Effect", referring to when the working class is given a choice for president that favors neither party, so, the trend of choosing a right wing candidacy tends to provide their side of the issues more room to be secured.

In the case of Pennsylvania, mining is an industry still content with Trump's efforts to put that industry back to work. The ongoing war against American Industries is still treason, to the point of absurdity to the people either employed by this industry, directly, as well as the industries who manufacture and man the tools of transport, and who make their lunches.

This prediction I make extends to all 12 states, and states like Washington and Texas which are not seen as battleground states, but function as one in certain races, and under certain conditions. 

In fact, only North Carolina will be won by Biden. The rest were won by Trump, on November 3, 2020.

Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin are key battleground startes.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Why Is Social Media Racist?

Here is the video....or, part of it. Hydroxychloroquine is the generic name of the name brand medication, Quinine. Quinine is used for a variety of illnesses, and the talk about banning it should cause riots. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Absolute State of CNN

The Absolute State of CNN

by: Kevin Drummond 

It is patently ridiculous to keep trying to maintain a foothold, when you do not have it.
Jesus Christ Pose
Europe is not filled with Qanon believers.
Nobody on the right with any sense believes that tripe, any longer.
PizzaGate was real. We are watching the Fall of Epstein, and his secrets, preparing to take down wordless celebrities hiding their shame behind silence, and the absorption of baseless stories, like these. We are watching the man who may very well have been one of the chief suppliers of trafficked children to this ring rise from the grave, and lay a cold finger on the most despicable royal family in the last three centuries. 

But....CNN combines the real, and the imagined. All this needs is Rod Serlin, and by God: we will fully be in the Twilight Zone. 

The Jesus Christ pose of the newly fake central radical left, as being shoveled to the 5 corporations who control the media, is every bit of a self satisfying fart into the stuffy car of a bunch of pseudo aware, in the know, zoomer lefties. And shows itself, like a Statue of Stupid, to beckon the image of a 2016 avenging that is all but going to happen November 3, 2020.

It evokes righteousness as the destruction of history. It is eMarxism, and nothing more.

The election is actually much closer than these people are going to be willing to accept. 

Only God can alter the components of Democracy. Since eMarxists don't have one, I'd say the election, and the violence mandated to shut down forever this AOC-sponsored Manufactured Consent, are already going to be a victory for Trump.

Now: will he renegotiate JCPOA?
Exit Syria?
Force AIPAC to register as a foreign agency, as per the Constitution, and the law, broken until this problem in our media and government are rampant?
Ease the pressure against China?
Ease the pressure against Russia?
But, however I submit, I submit that all Marxists are never going to be tolerated in America.

The net has caught them, so!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

This Is My Best Advice About Polls

Any figure cited by any polling organization, either singularly, or, in concert with other (mainly media) organizations, is subject to a 93% margin of error.

(Source: 538.com, July, 2016)

The problem is that entirely too much attention is given to the figures, and almost zero attention given to the origins of those figures.


Cherry Picking Logical Fallacy: this is a defective argument made by either intentionally, or unintentionally eliminating counter examples that disprove a viewpoint from the conclusion. Ex: A. Some people wear red socks. B. I saw three people wearing red socks. C. (Conclusion) ALL people are wearing red socks. 

As a Political Scientist, and a Historian, I can assure you that there is every indication that these two elections, 2016, and 2020, will hold a "lesson making" place in History, for the presumption by so many people....twice....that everybody is online, and therefore, we can trust the results of thinking critically in this cherry picking logical fallacy's dividends: that Trump will lose both elections. 

The margin of error is impossible to calculate because the poll takers, themselves, have ignored the mathematics necessary to include the views of a huge percentage of eligible voters. And, in ignoring their voices, they also ignored the math. 

And the math, of course, is impossible to calculate, due to there being a complete deficit of given information. 

Thus, insufficient data is being passed off as "Biden is 15 points ahead!" But, that is a flawed conclusion. 

These elections shall supplant the legendary Truman shock-win in 1948, which was the archetypal  "you can't ever trust numbers." election return. 

Until 2059 or so, the epoll ratings dilemma will be repeated because of how unreliable the data is. It will take that long to erase the power of non online voters from having an effect on US elections.

Here is a link to a study published by Government Think Tank, Pew Research Center, in which the data indicates that a 72% likelihood of erroneous data impedes the accuracy of any exclusively internet-access poll. I think it lands on the extremely hopeful side. 

But, the analysis criteria are spot on as far as explaining the extreme disappointment which the media is setting the blacks up for, on election night. 
The dismal levels of faith placed into the mainstream media cannot be gaged until after the Trump victory. Then, the eMarxixsts and eMaoists will have no excuses. The lies get old for people who are above the age of thirty. That also should relate something....

Two of Three Americans Support Marxism:
With the Boomers taking to the street to confront the militant black organizations that presume to afflict us all with yet more Marxism, it is clear that 2/3 Americans do not support this. This figure, when considering that the entire polling audience is receiving a daily brainwashing of Manufactured Consent from the media, means nothing on election day.

In a recent CNN interview, outspoken R Trump opponent du jour, Fmr Cong Tom Hogan, from Arizona, refused to instill any credibility in them, whatsoever, reminding the anchor of the 1948 Truman debacle. 

And, overlooking the sheer rage of modern boomers, X-r's, (like myself), and right leaning zoomers, whom do not occupy a place even within the Gallup poll, what we see is the emergent failure of the digital world to transpose, in perfect condition, into the real one, with the information intact.

Thus: with 100 days to go, I am, without supporting either major party's candidacies, predicting it will be a less narrow margin for a Trump victory...
Remember: the polling data is all as real as Mario bros. Ever actually met them? Didn't think so.
There are three kinds of lies: lies, abominable lies, and statistics. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Covid: You Decide

 225,000 (.06)=12,500 Covid-19 deaths without another cause of death This thing is not confusing. The story, which "fact checkers"...